A Cornucopia of Categorized Links Exploring & Exposing COVID-19 Lies & the Liars Who Tell Them (Regularly Updated Database)

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[SL: As of May 28, 2021, I’m discontinuing updates to this database to focus on the publication and promotion of my new novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, a major subplot of which is the plandemic and genocidal vaccine agenda.]


Sol Luckman

“Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.” —Mark Twain

These days there are two types of liars responsible for the massive disinformation campaign being waged against the simple truth that the official COVID-19 narrative is—any way you slice it—a load of BS: liars who know they’re lying and those who don’t realize they’re not telling the truth.

The database of categorized links below, which I plan to update on a regular basis for now, is my humble attempt to set the record straight for anyone willing to face the decidedly inconvenient truth that COVID-19 is the biggest psyop in world history.

On this subject it’s worth recalling this famous quote by the infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, who would be proud to see world leaders and international mainstream media carrying on his tradition of deceit and control on such an epic scale:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Viewed in this light, the increasing censorship of truthtellers and whistleblowers across all major social media platforms can be seen for exactly what it is: fascism. In lockstep with this nefarious philosophy, nearly every single thing we’re being told about the COVID-19 plandemic by official sources is a fabrication. For example:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, arguably the most important voice in the COVID truth movement, has been viciously attacked by Deep State shills and science fraudsters for simply pointing out that SARS-CoV-2 (like all other alleged viruses) has never been truly scientifically purified/isolated and reinserted into a healthy individual who then develops the same infection. This is a basic and universally acknowledged scientific methodology that has not been followed by anyone claiming that so-called SARS-CoV-2 is actually a novel virus. On this subject please carefully read and digest this telling official letter:


Here’s Dr. Kaufman’s eminently logical response to his hysterical, irrational and often downright despicable critics (posted on his Facebook page):

Notice to all who are trying to debunk my assertion that viruses have not been proven to cause disease:

The burden of proof that viruses cause disease is on those who propose that theory. There is no burden of proof for me to defend my criticism of that theory. This is known as Hitchen’s Razor, which states, “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

Thus, if you would like to debunk me then provide the proof that viruses, especially the current one, have been purified and isolated from only sick individuals and when inserted in a healthy host cause the same disease. (Please don’t send the papers I have already shown not to provide this proof in my presentation on Koch’s Postulates, found at: https://youtu.be/fvcEIarencM)

The information below presents facts and leads to the truth.

Whether you want to know the truth is your decision. But know that your decision has major consequences for all of us.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the link to which it’s attached is of particular significance. If you find any incorrect or broken links, please notify me in the Comments. Also, if you find other materials online that promote the truth about coronavirus, you can let me know that, too. I’m not promising I’ll include all suggestions, but I’ll have a look at them. Thanks!

LINKS (Updates Ongoing—Latest Links Posted at the Top of Each Category)

Overview of the COVID-19 Scamdemic

$1.2M Reward Offered for Proof COVID-19 Virus Exists
Dr. Stefan Lanka’s Latest Experiments Debunk Viral Theory*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Refutes “Isolation” of SARS-CoV-2*
Irish Government Admits the COVID-19 Virus Doesn’t Exist
COVID: Overview by Bestselling Health Author Dawn Lester*
Real COVID Facts You’re Not Allowed to Know
The Vaccine Is Not for COVID, COVID Is for the Vaccine*
Freedom Talk with Drs. Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan & Stefan Lanka
Doctor Offers Huge Reward to Anyone Who Can Prove SARS-CoV-2 Exists*
What Pandemic? Ask Yourself These Questions
Research Summary & Debunk Re: Existence of “SARS-CoV-2” & “COVID-19”
Virus Isolation: SARS Variants, Spike Proteins, etc., All Rest on an Assumption
Statement of Virus Isolation—Please Read & Sign This Important Document!*
Project Immanuel Critically Examines the “Science” behind the Corona Crisis
Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Their Goal: To Cause Pain, Suffering & Death, by Design*
The Nonexistent Virus: It Undercuts All Other Stories
Have 400K Americans Actually Died from COVID-19?*
The 5 Key Elements in the Fake Pandemic*
David Icke on the Great COVID Awakening*
Official Year-to-year Death Rates Prove Prove Pandemic Is a Fraud*
100K Doctors & Medical Professionals Oppose COVID-19 Vaccine*
COVID-19—Evidence of Global Fraud*
There Is No Virus—When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows
Dr. Andrew Kaufman on the Significance of Chromosome 8*
The Pandemic Pattern—How the Illusion Is Built*
Coalition of German Doctors: “No Paper, No Proof” a PCR Positive Indicates a Virus*
An Inconvenient COVID Truth*
No One Has Died from the Coronavirus*
An Open Letter to Del Bigtree
Should You Take the COVID-19 Test?*
The Harsh Truth: Why So Many People Refuse to See It
COVID: Going to the Root of the Poisonous Tree
Rose/Icke III: 1,000,000 Fighting for Freedom

Articles by Sol Luckman Challenging the Mainstream COVID-19 Narrative

Operation WarpED Speed & Resources for Lucidity during Insanity
URGENTLY NEEDED: Truthers to Wake up Half-truthers to This Big COVID Truth*
COVID Shmovid*
What Part of “Masks Don’t Work” Don’t You Understand?
Put a Mask on It*
More Truth Pills to Cure the Germ Theory Blind Spot*
HIPPOCRATIC HYPOCRISY: Stunning New Film & Health Freedom Action Plan*
If COVID-19 Is a Hoax, Where’s the Proof?*
21 Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative*
Coronavirus Smoking Gun
COVID-19 & the Urgent Necessity to Rethink Our Medical Model
COVID-19: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
COVID-19: The Only Bigger Hoax Here is Germ Theory*
The Most Important Article on COVID-19 You Will Ever Read
Freethinking the COVID-19 Plannedemic

Proof that the Plandemic Really Was Planned in Advance

PLANNED: All of It
Proof the Plandemic Was Gameplanned by Bill Gates in 2017*
Millions of COVID Test Kits Sold in … 2017*
Vaccine Passport Plans Were in the Works Well before Pandemic*
2013 Rockefeller Paper Predicted Isolation & No Physical Contact
HUGE: Doctor Was Reviewing Moderna/Fauci Vaccine in DECEMBER 2019!*
Whistleblower: COVID-19 “Crisis” Is Following a Script*
2017 Johns Hopkins University Pandemic Exercise Scenario
100% Proof COVID-19 Was Planned in Advance*
Rockefeller Foundation 2010 Blueprint for Control (Downloadable PDF)*
Ultimate Proof: COVID-19 Was Planned to Usher in the New World Order*
Author of Dystopian Classics Predicted Face Masks to Enforce Conformity
Smoking-gun Proof Plandemic Really Was Planned in Advance*
COVID Vaccine Patent Warned of “Deliberate Coronavirus Release”*
V FOR VENDETTA: Was V’s 2005 “Sermon” Warning Us of COVID-19(84) Tyranny?
Bill Gates Negotiates Contact Tracing Deal 6 Months before Pandemic
Biden Joins Fauci as a Pandemic Prophet
EU Planning “Vaccination Passport” since 2018
On Viral Attacks by Benevolent Benefactors
Bizarre EU Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic, with Globalists as Saviors
Is Anthony Fauci a Prophet? Or Was He in on Planning the Plandemic in 2017?

Historical Precedents for Coronavirus-like Science Fraud

A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology
An Open Letter from 1988 to Dr. Anthony Fauci*
Jon Rappoport: My HIV/AIDS Investigation & the Parallels to the COVID Hoax*
Full Interview with Dr. Kary Mullis Exposing AIDS, HIV & Other Science Frauds*
CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Were Given Cancer Virus via Polio Shot
AIDS Terror Commercial from 1987*
HIV/COVID-19: The Coincidence Theory
FORBES: Why the WHO Faked a Pandemic*
Missing & Unproven Viruses: This Is Nothing New*
The Missing Coronavirus: Why I’m Not Surprised*
The 36-year Scam Revealed*
Rethink All Viruses
Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t a Virus*
Why I Began Questioning HIV
Virus Mania
Coronavirus Déjà Vu
The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio

Doctors & Scientists Speaking out against COVID-1984

Great Barrington Declaration Scientists with Ron DeSantis

Inflated Case Numbers of COVID-19

Death Certificate Clerk: Systemically Flawed Mortality Statistics*
It’s All a Lie*
Fraudulent Death Certificates for COVID Are Called “Upcoding”*
Whatever Happend to the Flu?
Fearmongering CDC Director Spewing Nonsense*
Busted: Peer-reviewed Study Claims CDC Skewed COVID Fatalities Upward*
“Never-before-seen Strange COVID Symptoms”? Try Using Logic*
Doctors: “Too Many Deaths Are Being Blamed on Coronavirus”
COVID: Predatory Test Labs Are Complicit in the Crime
Data Disaster: A Call for Investigation into the CDC’s Conduct during COVID-19*
The COVID Scamdemic: A Blatant & Obvious Fraud
COVID Death Rates Magically Plummet after Biden’s Inauguration
New Dance Video from Another COVID “Warzone”
What Happened to “Flu Season”?*
Legislators Demand Audit for Inflated Coronavirus Deaths*
Epidemiologist Says Flu Cases Being Counted as COVID-19
The Great 2020 Seasonal Flu Disappearing Act*
Are Vaccine Deaths Being Recorded as COVID-19 Mortalities?*
Lawmakers Say COVID-19 Numbers Inaccurate, Demand Nationawide Audit
CCD Keeps Dripping out the Truth
Coroner Outraged after Finding Gunshot Victims Included in COVID Death Toll
Willful Fraud: Politicians & Hospitals Calling Flu Deaths “COVID”
Johns Hopkins Researcher: No Excess Deaths from COVID-19*
Doctor: Increase in “COVID Deaths” Mirrored by Decreased Deaths Elsewhere*
There Is No “Second Wave” … The Pandemic Is Over
How Statistics Are Being Used to Create the Illusion of a Pandemic*
Has COVID Killed off the Flu?*
Thousands in North Carolina Incorrectly Told They Have COVID
CDC Quietly Reports Deaths Tremendously Exaggerated*
Top French Professor of Medicine Exposes the “Casedemic” Hysteria*
MUST-WATCH: Spanish Doctor Tells It Like It Is on National TV*
Bait & Switch: How They Changed the COVID Conversation
Does Wearing a Mask Cause False Positives for COVID-19?
Texas State Health Department Mistakenly Attributes 225 Deaths to COVID-19
Deaths Due to Gunshot to Head & Parkinson’s Disease Attributed to COVID-19
Tennessee Man Who Was Never Tested Informed He Tested Positive
Connecticut State Lab Finds 90 False Positives out of 144 Tests
US Senate Candidate Calls out the COVID Numbers
Florida Man Who Died in Motorcycle Wreck Labeled as COVID-19 Death
CDC No Longer to Control COVID-19 Data (Because of Corruption)
Now Even the COMMON COLD Is Counted as COVID-19*
Death by Killing Old People, Not COVID*
Houston Hospital Boss Shatters Media’s COVID Fearmongering
Coronavirus: “Major Spike” … or Major Propaganda?
Doctor: Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims
98% of “COVID-19 Deaths” in Massachusetts Had Underlying Health Condition
Proof Death Certificates Are Being Falsified
Colorado Health Department Admits It Overcounted Coronavirus Deaths by 24%
Only 6 of San Diego County’s 200 COVID Deaths Are “Pure, Solely Coronavirus”
The Day the Data Died
German Scientist: All Alleged COVID-19 Deaths in Hamburg Involved Comorbidity
The Exponential Lie of COVID Fatality Rates
Tanzanian President Questions WHO’s Credibility in Major Testing Scandal
Downing Street Announces COVID Death Certificates Are Falsified
Proof It’s a Scam
Physician on How COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated*
COVID: The Numbers Game, the Fraud & the Final Answer

Unscientific & Fraudulent Rationale for COVID-19 Lockdown

Zero Empirical Data Lockdowns Prevent COVID Mortality or Morbidity
Florida Governor Schools Harvard, Stanford & Oxford Lockdown Experts
More Evidence Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce COVID Deaths*
The Data Is in: Lockdowns Serve No Useful Purpose & Are Harmful to Society*
COVID Numbers Vindicate Ron DeSantis
Scientific Compendium Proves Lockdowns Actually Cost Lives*
Lockdowns Are Based on Fraud
LA County Admits No Science behind Outdoor Dining & COVID-19 Surge
Professor: Lockdowns Don’t Reduce Mortality, Cause “Economic Harakiri”*
“Criminal” Lockdowns Tied to Global “Great Reset” Plan
16K Doctors & Scientists Sign Anti-lockdown Declaration*
Government by Decree: Lord Sumption on COVID-19 & the British Constitution
Fauci Doing the CCP’s Dirty Work in Pushing Fraudulent Lockdown in America?*
What’s behind the WHO’s Lockdown Mixed-messaging?*
30,000+ Health Experts Sign Declaration against COVID-19 Lockdowns*
Victory? WHO Official Calls Lockdowns “Ghastly, Global Catastrophe”
Former FDA Chief: No Reason for More Lockdowns in US
NY POST: Lockdowns May Have Been a Huge Mistake
The Second Act Will Be Worse Than the First: Lockdowns Are Not the Answer
WHO Bizarrely Tells World Leaders to End Lockdowns
Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism*
Boris Johnson’s New Lockdown: Were Conspiracy Theorists Right All Along?
German Minister: Lockdown Will Kill More Than COVID-19*
UK Scientist Admits Lockdown a “Monumental Mistake on a Global Scale”*
Psychotherapist: Lockdown Zealots Are Behaving Like Cult Members
A Fraudulent Computer Model Touted by Drs. Fauci and Birx Led to Lockdown*

Media Censorship & Deplatforming of COVID-19 Truth

Scientism, Not Leftism, Underlies All Big Tech Censorship*
Google & YouTube Sued for Censorship
Down the Tube: Take a Stand with Fallen Patriot Accounts
Blatant Censorship: The Great YouTube Purge
YouTube Censors White House Health Advisor Scott Atlas*
Facebook Fact Checkers Bought & Paid for by Gates Foundation?*
Google Censorship Planned for Second Wave*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains the Truth about the Outbreak

Media Mind Control & Propaganda

Congress Gave a Billion Dollars to Boost Public’s Confidence in Covax*
Now the CIA IS the Media
Covax Crisis Actor Used 7 Times to Fake Jabs*
5 Desperate Ways They’re Trying to Trick You into Taking the Covid “Vaccine”*
The World Is Suffering from Mass Delusional Psychosis*
Government Pays Reality TV Stars to Lie about COVID
Psychiatrist on COVID-19: Snitching Americans Are in “Delusional Psychosis”*
Top Pathologist: COVID Is “Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated on … Public”*
Why Do People Believe the Mainstream Narrative?*
What THEY Don’t Want You to See: ShadowGate*
UN Unleashes Army of Trolls to Shut down Opposition*
Coronavirus: You’ve Been Brainwashed
This Is What Mind Control Looks Like
Out of Shadows*

COVID “Variants” as Just Another Part of the Psyop

Debunking COVID Variant Nonsense & Other Fearmongering*
Operation COVID-19 Variant & the Perpetual Pandemic Hoax

The COVID-19 Psyop as Mass Torture

Corona Crimes against Humanity: Development!
Is This Torture?
Your Body Is Their Weapon—We’re All Patients Now

Hand Sanitizing Is Unscientific & Dangerous

CDC: End the Hygiene Theater*

COVID Tests Are NOT What You Think They Are

COVID Swabs & Masks Appear to Contain Strange Inhalable Fibers
Testing the Test: How It Looks, What It Does to Your Body*
Video of Freaky Nanotech in COVID Test Kit under Microscope*
Confirmation: You Can Be Unknowingly Vaccinated with a PCR Test*
FEMA Whistleblower on Nasal Swabs
Bill Gates’ Foundation Funded “DNA Mining” Using COVID-19 Tests*
Crimes against Humanity: Nano Engines in COVID-19 Tests?
Nasal COVID Swabs with Nanoparticles Cause Brain Damage
CLAIM: PCR Test Swabs May Actually Be Microdevice Vaccines*
US Intelligence Officials Say Chinese Govt Is Collecting Americans’ DNA*
Egypt Used a Similar Nasal Jab to Punish Slaves

COVID-1984 Is Just Turning into a Dystopian Clown Show Now

Collateral Damage in the COVID-19 Fiasco

Saving Children from COVID Measures Abuses*
Mystery Surrounds Death of Tanzanian President Who Defied Lockdown*
Ron Paul: The Invisible Victims of the COVID Lockdowns
Lockdowns, Masks Destroying Mental Health of Children & Young People*
Scientists: COVID Lockdowns Will Cause over a Million “Excess Deaths”*
Study: Lockdowns Caused 15K Deaths of Despair among Men Aged 15-55*
CDC: Drug Overdose Accelerating During COVID-19 Pandemic
An Open Letter from a Medical Doctor on Lockdowns
CDC: Economy-crushing Lockdowns Contributed to 100K US Deaths*
Children’s Long-term Mental Health at Risk from COVID-19-related Stress
Coronavirus Disinfectants May Be Extremely Hazardous to Health*
German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as “a Global False Alarm”
Physicians: “Quarantine Causing Devastating Harm”
Killing Ourselves to Flatten the COVID Curve*
Suicides to Rise & Mental Health to Fall*

COVID-19 Doublespeak (Cognitive Dissonance Psyop)

Fauci: Still Not OK for Vaccinated to Dine Indoors*
Dictionary Redefines Meaning of “Vaccination”
This Information Could Destroy the COVID Hoax Forever*
Fauci Says Vaccine Will Only Prevent Symptoms, Not Bock Transmission*
WHO: “No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission”*

What Happened to Informed Consent with Vaccines?

Mandatory Vaccines Make a Mockery of Consent*
Damning Study on the Disappearance of Informed Consent with Covax*

The Danger & Illegality of Vaccine Passports

Wyoming Joins Other States in Banning Vaccine Passports*
No Tourists to Europe without Vaccine Passport
MAJOR: US Rules out Federal Vaccine Passports*
WHO: No Vaccine Passports, Even for International Travel*
Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever*
Missouri Will Not Permit Vaccine Passports
Ron Paul: Vaccine Passports Might Be What Wakes People up*
Florida Governor Signs EO Prohibiting Vaccine Passports
Petition against Vaccine Passports Goes Viral
DeSantis Says No to Vaccine Passports for Floridians*
WHO Will Not Encourage Vaccine Passports for “Ethical or Scientific” Reasons*
Vaccine Certification: An Ethical Minefield*

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination & Vaccine Conflicts of Interest

In India People Are Being Vaccinated against Their Will
Supreme Court: Big Tech May Own Your Vaccine-altered Genes*
Council of Europe Has Enacted Protections against Mandatory Covax*
Kenyan Doctors Reject Covax, Citing “Suspect” Motivation behind Jabs*
Rebuttal: The Real Agenda behind Bossche’s Concern over Mandatory Covax*
Moderna Now Dosing Children & Infants as Part of Covax “Study”*
31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine*
CDC in Collusion with Vaccine Manufacturers*
Leaked Footage: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Expresses Concern over COVID Vaccines
India Wants More Pfizer Testing, so Pfizer Leaves India
Independent Researchers: Vaccine Injury Reporting System “Utterly Inadequate”
CORRUPTION: Names of Republican Politicians Taking Money from Big Pharma
COVID Vaccines Are Not Vaccines but Medical Devices
The Suspicious Link between Population Control Advocates & COVID Vaccines
Focus on Fauci*
Fauci Appears to Be Vaccinated Only to Later Forget Which Arm Receive Shot
Ickonic Original Film: INFORMED CONSENT
Vin Gupta Says Vaccine Doesn’t Stop COVID Infections, so What’s the Point?
Doctor: Forcing Citizens to Take COVID-19 Vaccines “Entirely Unlawful”*
Forced COVID Vaccinations Violate Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights
COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even among Medical Professionals*
Brazilian President Won’t Take, Mandate COVID Vaccine*
Brazilians Protest São Paulo Governor’s Mandatory Vaccination Push
Operation Warp Speed Is Using CIA-linked Contractor to Hide COVID Vax Contracts
President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory*
Kamala Harris’ Husband Is Lawyer for Merck (Vaccine Manufacturer)
“Gross Violations” of Medical Ethics Involved in Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine
NIH Fires 54 Researchers with Links to Chinese Communist Party
Red Flags Soar as Big Pharma Exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine Liability*
BUSTED: NIH Owns Financial Stake in Gates-funded Coronavirus Vaccine
Guess Who Is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?
Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There’s More*
Bill Gates Admits He’s Making $20 Billion on His Vaccines
Former Merck Rep: Mandatory Vaccination Is for Profit, not Public Health
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—Mandatory Vaccinations, Big Pharma & Dr. Fauci
Coronavirus & WHO: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

Dangers of COVID Vaccines including Death, DNA Alteration & Microchips

COVID Jab & Genetic Thunder No One Is Listening to*
Girl Records Video from Bed after COVID Vaccine
Magnet Challenge (Stud Finder)
More on COVID Vaccines & Magnets
Magnets Are Sticking to Covax Injection Sites—Nanobots?
Doctor: COVID Vaccines Risk “Sterilizing an Entire Generation”*
Pfizer Covax May Cause Deadly Neurodegenerative Disease*
35 Reasons to Avoid the Jab Like the Plague
20K New Eye Disorders Have Resulted from Covax
Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC*
No Jab for Me Resource Center*
You ARE the Research
Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed to Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases*
Moderna Chief Admits mRNA Vaccines Alter DNA*
Drug Assessment Center Call for Removal of COVID Vaccines*
Horrifying Skin Reaction to AstraZeneca Covax
Two Men Collapse One Right after Another Following Covax
Doctor Concerned about Severe Covax Side Effects
States with Most Vaxxed & Masked Have Most Hospitalizations
Woman Details HORRIFIC J&J Covax Side Effects*
Sickness in NHS Staff “Unprecedented” after COVID Vaccination
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Paused after Adverse Reactions
Doctors & Scientists: Establishment Downplaying Covax Dangers
Vaccine Dangers Whistleblower Book from 1888
Man’s Skin Peels off after COVID Vaccine
20 Countries Suspend Covax: Does That Make You Hesitant?
PA School District Closed after 40 Staffers Called in with Vaccine Reactions
Urgent Open Letter from Doctors & Scientists on Covax Safety Concerns*
Report: Covax Adverse Reactions Multiply
Report: AstraZeneca Vaccine Linked to Blood Clots
Netherlands Reports 10 Cases of Possible Thrombosis after Covax
Apparently, mRNA Vaccines Can Promote Cancer*
Doctors & Scientists Warn of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers*
31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine*
Dr. Christiane Northrup Discuss Dangers of COVID Vaccines
Beware of RNA-based Vaccines
Big Pharma Whistleblower Reveals Dangers of mRNA Vaccine*
FACT: COVID Vaccines Are Causing Paralyzing Facial Condition
The COVID Vaccine on Trial: Many Experts Weigh in*
Dozens Develop Rare Blood Disorder after Taking Covax
Terrible mRNA Covax Reactions Caught on Video*
A Million COVID Vaccines Put on Hold after Failing Tests for Safety, Efficacy
Once Were the Living*
Moderna Admits Covax Injects Operating System into Your Body
Red Alert: It’s So Diabolical Even Merck Wants out
Dr. Mercola: Side Effects & Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine*
Nurse Whistleblower: Fellow Nurses out Sick after Taking COVID Vaccine
COVID Vaccines Are Unsafe for People with Allergies
Covax Adverse Reaction Avalanche Widely Reported on Social Media*
CA Healthcare Workers Suffer Severe Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine
13 Israelis Suffer Facial Paralysis after Pfizer COVID Jab*
List of Doctors Explaining Vaccines Aren’t Safe or Effective*
Scientist: “A Medical Certainty” Pfizer Vaccine Killed Florida Doctor
Convulsing Woman Warns against Moderna COVID Vaccine
Another Covax Horror Story
Moderna COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Rate Alarmingly High
Mounting Covax Injuries, Side Effects & Deaths
Borg-like mRNA Vax an “Operating System” to Program Human Biology
Rate of Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine 50X Higher Than Flu Shot*
2 Days after COVID Shot, Healthy Mother Dies in Portugal
4 Deaths in Elderly during Early Days of Vaccine Rollout
Doctors Worldwide Issue Warnings against COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “It’s a Killer Vaccination”*
Over Half of CA Healthcare Workers Refuse COVID Vaccine*
Physician in Mexico Seriously Injured by Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Virologist: “Vaccine” Is Actually “IRREVERSIBLE Genetic MODIFICATION”*
Swiss Patient Dies Shortly after Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System against Us
Study: Vaccinated Kids “Significantly Less Healthy” Than the Unvaccinated*
1918 Spanish Flu: Only the Vaccinated Died*
FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine*
Shocking Report on COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects
Recently Vaccinated Nurse Passes out on Live TV Just after Covax Jab*
When the Elderly & Frail Die after Receiving the COVID Vaccine
Toxicologist: COVID Vaccine Is a Genocide Bioweapon*
CNN Reveals Vaccinating Elderly for COVID-19 Could Kill Them*
87K Nurses in the Netherlands Are Refusing to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine*
Plant Where COVID-19 Vaccines to Be Made a “Biohazard Nightmare”
FDA Reveals Death + 21 Serious Conditions as Possible Covax Side Effects*
Doctor: “Bioweapon” Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Ruling against Nazi Cruelty*
Extremely Damning Evidence Regarding Experimental COVID Vaccines*
Pfizer Vaccine Warning to New & Expectant Mothers
FDA: Six People Died during Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial
The Transhumanist Covax Agenda Exposed with Dr. Carrie Madej*
Stop the Vaccine*
Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Pathogenic Priming in Seniors
Experts Warn mRNA Vaccines Could Cause Irreversible Genetic Damage
Switzerland Declines to Authorize COVID-19 Vaccine
Renowned Scientist: COVID Vaccine Will Send You “to Your Doom”*
Priest Dies after Participating in Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial*
Landmark Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study: Vaccines Damage Health—Case Closed*
Doctor & Health Official: COVID Vaccines “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction”*
Head of Pfizer Research: COVID Vaccine Is Female Sterilization*
Here’s Why You Should Skip the COVID Vaccine*
Insanity: COVID Vaccine Side Effects Are So Bad You Need to Be Jabbed Twice*
Damage from COVID mRNA Vaccine Is Irreversible*
The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr. Mikovits Thought
American Doctor: “Mandatory Vaccination Is Madness”
Doctor Speaks out on Micro Needle Bandage in New Vaccines
DARPA Biochip to “Save” Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA
Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Vaccines, Hydrogel & Secret Programs*
Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?*
AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Put on Hold over Serious Side Effect
Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Young Girls in India?
Bill Gates Smugly Shrugs off Side Effects of COVID Vaccine
The Vaccine Paradigm’s Shaky Assumptions
If You Think Vaccines Are Safe, Consider These Things
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Caused “Adverse Reactions” in Most Trial Subjects
Farrakhan Accuses Fauci & Gates of Trying to Depopulate Us with Vaccines
Vaccines Conclusively Shown to Cause Sickness, Autism in Children
Fact-checking the Fact Checkers on DNA-altering Vaccines*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds to Reuters “Fact Check” on GMO Vaccines*
Vaccine Whistleblower: New Vaccine Causes Sterility in 97% of Women!
Dangerous Nanoparticles Contaminating Many Vaccines: Study
The Injection Fraud—It’s Not a Vaccine
The Shocking Truth about the Dangers of the Coronavirus Vaccine
Who Pushes the Idea of an Epidemic; What Are Their Crimes?
VAXXED II (Full Documentary 2020)*
Modernas First Clinical Trials of COVID Vaccine Are an Unmitigated Disaster
Bill Gates: Covid Vaccine Will Use Experimental Tech & Permanently Alter DNA*
The Coronavirus Pandemic Is the Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on Humanity
Does Contact Tracing Lead to Vaccine Tracing?*
They Want to Genetically Modify Us with the COVID-19 Vaccine
Benjamin Netanyahu Calls for Children to Be Microchipped First
Passport to the Brave New World: The Vaccine
Bill Gates Funds Microchip Implant Vaccine Technology*
The COVID Vaccine: Simple Facts Staring Us in the Face
Truth Will Prevail: 1200 Studies That Refute Vaccine Claims (Downloadable PDF)*

Operation Warped Speed: Covax Eugenics & Genocide

Bombshell: Connecticut Publishes Deadly Covax Ingredients*
Mass Vaccination Triggers Sharp Spike in Cases & Deaths*
Scientific Proof of Covax Genocide*
CDC: Covax Death Toll Skyrocketing, Historically Speaking*
Dr. Yeadon: Covax Being “Used for Massive-scale Depopulation”*
Indian Health Minister Gets Vaxxed, Passes out, Dies
Woman Drops Dead (?) on Video from mRNA Vaccine
CDC Reports 2 More Infant Deaths from Experimental Covax
48-year-old Surgeon Dies from Covax after Mocking “Anti-vaxxers”
COVID Jabs May Have Killed 300K in 3 Months*
COVID Doctor Claims Gov’t Hiding Many Vaccine Deaths*
Doctor: COVID Shots Killing Large Numbers*
Operation Jab India: Slow Genocide*
Genocide in the US Continues
Microbiologist: COVID Vaccines to Decimate World Population*
Euro Data: 8K KILLED, 330K Injured by COVID-19 Jabs*
Admission: Covax Designed to “Euthanize,” Not “Immunize”*
2-year-old Dead 6 Days after 2nd Experimental Pfizer Shot
Israeli Committee: Report on the Lethal Impact of COVID Vaccines
Doctor: COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population”*
8 Ways mRNA COVID Vaccines Can Kill You*
21-year-old Premed Student Dies Day after Covax
Attorney Leah Dundass Stands up against Covax Genocide
SHOCKING: 28 Days of Covax Deaths*
Former Pfizer VP: The Government’s Lies Can Kill You*
CNN Legal Contributor Dies after Getting mRNA Vaccine
THE TELEGRAPH: Third Wave Deaths Will Be Driven by the Vaccinated*
Woman Who Died: “The Vaccine Is Killing Me!”
Italy: 2 More Teachers Dead after AstraZeneca COVID Shot
David Icke on Vaccine Depopulation*
Genocidal Covax Trials on Infants Have Begun*
Shock after Another Italian Professor Dies after COVID Jab
Vaccine Deaths Spike Dramatically in First Quarter of 2021*
31-year-old Schoolteacher Dies after Covax
Eurocide: Nearly 4K Dead, 163K Injured by Experimental Covid “Vaccines“*
Young People Are Now Dying after Covax*
Female Military Member Dies after COVID-19 Vaccine
Australian Health Minister in Critical Condition One Day after Covax
Italian City Seizes 400K COVID Vaccines & Opens Manslaughter Investigation*
European Countries Halt AstraZeneca Covax over Blood Clots & Deaths*
COVID Vaccines Are Deadly Experiments with Dangerous Consequences*
28-year-old Physical Therapist Dies Two Days after Covax
CDC Data: Reports of Deaths after Covax up 259 in a Week
Another Vaccine KO: Boxing Legend Marvin Hagler Dead at 66
Global Covax: A Psyop to Deceive Humanity into Transhumanism & Worse*
Doctor: Covid Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction & Would Wipe Us Out
Aussie Navy in Covax Coverup after Mass Adverse Reactions?
Utah Mom, 39, Dies after Receiving Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine
One Nurse Dead & Another Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca Covax*
Health Minister in Critical Condition Just One Day after COVID Vaccine
CDC: 1265 Deaths & 25K Injuries from Experimental mRNA “Vaccines”
Doctor: 10 Deady Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccines*
Whistleblower: Many Pregnancy Complications from Experimental Covax
Death Rates Skyrocker in Israel with Experimental Pfizer “Vaccines”*
Pfizer Covax Killed 40 Times More People Than the Virus Would Have
Bioethics & the New Eugenics
Doctor Mocks Anti-vaxxers While Receiving Covax, Dies Days Later
Floridians Report Hundreds of Covax Side Effects & Deaths*
Black Leaders Dare to Tell the Truth about Vaccine Genocide
Whistleblower: Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links
Hospitals SLOWING DOWN Covid Injections as Healthcare Workers Fall Ill in Droves
The Gene Code Injection: An Experiment on Humanity*
Update on RN Who Took the Covax: It’s NOT Good!
CDC: 929 Dead, 16K Injured by Experimental mRNA COVID Injections*
Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick after Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine
46 Spanish Nursing Home Residents Die after COVID-19 Vaccine*
2947 Americans Die in 7 Days from Pfizer mRNA Covax*
“Do Not Resuscitate” Notices for COVID Patients with Learning Disabilities
Elderly Man Perishes Shortly after COVID-19 Vaccine
“Something Isn’t Right”: Last Words of Grandmother Who Died Just after Jab
Bill Gates Admits Covax Will Adversely Affect & Maim 700K People*
Doctor Shares How Depopulation Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months*
Doctors & Nurses Giving Covax Will Be Tried as War Criminals*
58-year-old Woman Dies Hours after First Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Dose
Dr. Mercola: Seniors Dying after Covax Labeled as Dying from Natural Causes
It’s Not Just the Elderly: 19-year-old in ICU after Pfizer Jab
Dr. Mercola: How COVID-19 “Vaccines” May Destroy the Lives of Millions*
“Excited” X-ray Tech Dies after Second Dose of Pfizer Covax
Disappeared after Vaccination? Where Is Nurse Tiffany Dover?
329 Deaths & 9,845 Adverse Events from Pfizer & Moderna Shots
One Third of UK “Care” Home Residents Dead after Getting the Jab*
Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Dying Like Flies after COVID Jabs
The Biden/Globalist Agenda to Delete Humanity through Global Extermination
53 COVID Deaths in Tiny Gibraltar in Only 10 Days*
181 Dead in the US during 2-week Period from Experimental COVID Injections*
Florida Man Develops & Dies from Rare Autoimmune Disorder after COVID Jab
Healthcare Worker Dies 4 Days after Second Pfizer Vaccine
Hank Aaron Hammered to Death by Moderna’s COVID-19 Snake Oil
At Least 55 People Have Died in US after Receiving COVID Vaccines*
Criminal Correlations between Vaxxtermination Rollout & “COVID Deaths”
Covax Culling of the Herd Begins

Are mRNA Vaccines “Shedding” & Harming the Unvaccinated?

COVID: The Plot Thickens*
Dr. Tom Cowan Shares His Perspective
A Deeper Look at the So-called Shedding Phenomenon
Dawn Lester & David Parker Are Skeptical
Jon Rappoport Weighs in
Sayer Ji’s Thoughts
Doctor Refuses to Accept Vaccinated Patients

Mass Rejection of the COVID Injection

Half of NIH/CDC Staff Refuse the COVID Vaccine*
57 Top Scientists & Doctors: Stop All COVID Vaccinations*
US COVID Vaccination Sites Closing Due to Lack of Demand*
98% of French Teachers Say “Non” to AstraZeneca*
COVID Vaccine Reluctance Remains Strong in Red States*
93 Israeli Doctors: Do Not Use Covax on Children*
Thousands of Doses Sitting Idle as Public Shuns Covax*
J&J Covax Suspended at Georgia Site after Adverse Reactions
Majority of Sicilians Refusing AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
Almost 40% of US Marines Have Refused COVID Jab*
Egg-faced Canada Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine
Many Brits Are Failing to Show up for Covax Appointments
David Icke: How You KNOW You Should Not Get Vaccinated*
AstraZeneca Vaccine Halted in Ireland*
Iran Bans Import of COVID of “Completely Untrustworthy” COVID Vaccines*
The French Are Rejecting the Covax en Masse*
Australian Open Crowds Boo Vaccine Rollout Comment
Bulgaria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
Anti-vaccine Protestors Temporarily Shut down LA Covax Site
Why You Shouldn’t Believe the COVID Vaccine Is Effective*
Poll Finds 83% of People Will Not Be Taking COVID Vaccine*
“Too Much Mistrust”: Hospital Workers Turn down COVID Vaccine*
Black Pastors Refuse to Push Covax, Turn Congregants into “Guinea Pigs”
Congressman More Worried about COVID Vaccine than COVID

COVID Vaccines Are So Safe People Are Being Bribed to Get Them

Get a Jab, Get a Joint
Mayor de Blasio: Is the Sickest Politician You’ve Ever Seen?

COVID Vaccines Don’t Work Anyway

BS: “Breakthrough” COVID Infections in Fully Vaxxed Expected*
246 Vaccinated Michiganders Test Positive for COVID, with 3 Dead
COVID Vaccine Nonsense*
More and More Vaccinated People Are Testing COVID Positive
Minnesota Reports 89 COVID Cases in Vaccinated Individuals*
Merck Pulls Plug on COVID Vaccine Program after Disappointing Trial Data*

Concepts for Avoiding & Mitigating Mandatory COVID Vaccination

European Employers Can’t Require Covax*
How to Decline the Vaccine
Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)*
Council of Europe Has Enacted Protections against Mandatory Covax*
Forced to Get COVID Vaccine? ICAN May Be Able to Help*
Concerned about Mandatory Vaccination? Get Informed Here*
Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Abandoned after Public Protests*
Ways to Fight Mandatory Vaccines
Why a COVID-19 Vaccine Likely Won’t Happen Anytime Soon
Evolving Your Life with DNA Activation*
The Best States States to Live in & Move to
Poll: Only 42% Say They Will Submit to Coronavirus Vaccine
Citizens in Charge*
“Immunize” Yourself against Vaccine Injury with the Regenetics Method*
Don’t Relinquish Civil Liberties for False Sense of Security
Overview of the World System (Downloadable PDF)*
How to Decline a Vaccine
How to Legally Avoid Immunizations of All Kinds
Millions against Medical Mandates
Mandatory Vaccinations: Get Ready to Say “No!”

The Sinister Role of “Philanthropist” Bill Gates in the COVID-19 Hoax

Italian MP Wants to Charge Bill Gates with Crimes against Humanity
WHO Insider Blows Whistle on Gates & GAVI Global Health Dictatorship*
Deleted Video on Bill Gates’ Antihuman Agenda*
The Depopulation Agenda of Bill Gates
Bill Gates Admits COVID Vaccine Changes DNA*
PhD: There Was No Autism in Vietnam before Bill Gates Brought His Vaccines
US9443061B2: Devices & Methods for Recording Information on a Subject’s Body
The Gates of Hell: Remove the Gatekeeper & Seal the Doors*
Italian Politician Demands Bill Gates Arrest for Crimes against Humanity
A Roundup of the 9 Most Damning Articles & Videos*
Bill Gates Slip of the Tongue: “Producing Childhood Death”
Bill Gates’ Implantable Microneedle Vaccine Hinges on the Luciferase Enzyme
Bill Gates Partners with DARPA & DOD on New DNA Nanotech COVID-19 Vaccine

Melinda Gates Is No Saint Either

Exposing the Gates Agenda in Africa

Spotlight on “Dr.” Anthony Fauci’s Lies & Obfuscations

Fauci Slips & Admits Masks Are a Virtue Signal*
30 Years Ago Dr. Robert Willner Accused Fauci of Genocide*
Fauci Spent 400K on “Nazi” Experiments with Aborted Fetuses*
Psychopath Fauci Targets Children with New Mask “Guidance”
Fauci Preaching Total World Control Is Necessary*
Another Fauci Prediction Blows up

Exploring Possible Connections between COVID-19 & 5G

Interview with Sally Fallon Morell: Audio & Transcript
Dr. Tom Cowan & Sally Fallon Morell on COVID-19*
Cover-up: NIH Removes 5G-Coronavirus Study from Website
Arthur Firstenberg: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation
Does 5G Actually Cause COVID?
5G Technology & Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells*
Dr. Robert O. Young on COVID-19 & 5G
The Story of Influenza: An Important Tale to Tell Your Friends
Is Coronavirus Contagious?*
The Invisible Rainbow*
Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties
Doctor Unknowingly Describes Effects of 60GHz on Patients
COVID & a 5G Connection?

All Part of the Plandemic: Links between COVID-19 & Race Riots

Rose/Icke IV: David Icke Connects the Dots
COVID-19 & Riots: The Operational Connections

COVID-19 as a Cover for US Presidential Election Theft

Did White Hats Allow COVID-enabled Election Theft as Part of a Sting Operation?*
How They (Thought They) Stole America!*
CDC Exposed: Inflated Covid Deaths Inflated to Assist with Election Fraud
The Hidden Agenda behind the Democrats’ Attempted Election Coup*
Election Fraud Lawsuits Filed in Michigan & Georgia
The Deep State Planned an Election Coup & Got Caught*
Attorney Lin Wood Weighs in

The New Medical Surveillance Police State

It Begins: COVID Passport Trials on United Airlines*
Norway Suspends Contact Tracing over Privacy Concerns
Certified Contact Tracer Tells All
States Deploy National Guard for Contact Tracing
HR 6666: $100 Billion Contact Tracing Bill about Controlling YOU
Contact Tracers of the Future? DARPA Funded Robot Enforcing Social Distancing
Beware the Contact Tracers*

Empty Hospitals in COVID-19 “Warzones”

Empty COVID Units in Brazil
Is There Some Sort of Pandemic Going on?
ER Doctor: “We’re Being Deceived & Manipulated”
No, There Was No “Whole Ward of Children” with Coronavirus in London*
Colorado Sees 97% Fewer Flu Hospitalizations This Year*
Lavishly Funded UK Hospital Has Admitted NO PATIENTS in 8 Months
UK Nurse Speaks out on Empty Beds, No Coronavirus Cases in Devon Hospitals
News That Hospitals Are Overflowing Is a Complete Lie
Bombshell Disclosure from a Consultant at a Major Hospital*
More Media-hyped Hysteria
What’s Happening in the US Is Also Happening in Brazil
Nurse Blows apart COVID in 2 Minutes
Bodies Are Piling up: Let’s Make Choreographed Dance Videos*
Undercover Video Shows CBS Faking COVID-19 Patients
CBS Admits to Staged COVID Testing in Hospital “Warzones”

Fraudulent PCR Testing for SARS-CoV-2

Austrian Court Just Confirmed that the PCR Test Is Garbage
Doctor Has Huge Concerns with PCR Test*
Plandemic Exposed: Historic Portuguese Appeals Court Ruling on PCR Test*
Yes, the NY TIMES Exposed the PCR Test
An Hour after Biden Inauguration, WHO Changes COVID Testing Criteria
The Criminal WHO Blows Its Own Cover: Fake PCR Test*
Coca Cola Tests Positive for COVID-19 Infection in front of Lawmakers
PCR Test Don’t Diagnose COVID-19 but Do Deprive Personal Liberties
Kiwi Fruit Tests Positive for Coronavirus
COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens*
The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Test Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2
WHO Finally Admits COVID-19 PCR Test Has a “Problem”*
Court Rules COVID-19 Test Worthless, Media Rejects Science
Yes, They Can Vaccinate Through Nasal Test Swabs & Target the Brain*
FDA & CDC Now Admit Coronavirus Tests Are Faulty*
External Peer Review of PCR Test Reveals 10 Fatal Scientific Flaws*
The Only Thing COVID Tests Are Good for Is Collecting & Surveilling Human DNA
Landmark Legal Ruling: COVID Tests Not Fit for Purpose*
Major German Lawsuit Challenges Legitimacy of COVID Tests*
The PCR Test Is Not a Valid Diagnostic Tool
The Truth about PCR Test Kit from the Inventor & Other Experts
What Kary Mullis Had to Say about His PCR Technology & Viruses*
We Are Being Lied to! Here’s How*
The Shocking Truth about COVID Tests*
COVID-19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless*
Ohio Governor Tests Negative Hours after Testing Positive
Investigation: COVID Positive Results for People Who Were Never Tested?
Yet Another Fraudulent Testing Fiasco Separates Mother from Child
10 Things You Should Know about COVID Testing
FDA Halts Bill Gates-backed COVID-19 Testing Program
Roundtable COVID Discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory (Downloadable PDF)*
Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?*

The COVID-19 “Casedemic”

The Cult(ure) of Scientific Misdirection*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman on PCR Testing False Positives
The “Test Everybody” Has NO Scientific Validity Whatsoever

How SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Scientifically Proved to Exist

New Roundtable Interview Featuring Dr. Andrew Kaufman*
Irrefutable Scientific Proof: COVID-19 Does Not Exist!
UK Government Admits Virus Doesn’t Exist
The Virus That Isn’t There & the Sales-job
CDC Admits “Virus” Is Computer-generated & Couldn’t Infect Human Cells*
The Inconsistencies of the Coronavirus Story*
If the Virus Isn’t There … Why Do They Believe It Is?
The CDC Says Coronavirus Isn’t “Available”*
Why SARS-CoV-2 Has NOT Been Isolated*
Does the 2019 Coronavirus Exist?*
Coronavirus, Suppressed Medical Science & the Infectious Myth
A Critical Conversation between David Crowe & Dr. Andrew Kaufman*
The Rooster in the River of Rats*
The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed to Hear
The Inconvenient Facts about the “Coronavirus Pandemic”

COVID-19 & Germ Theory

New Interview with Author Dawn Lester on Germ Theory
Death of the Germ Theory 2021*
Dr. Tom Cowan & Sally Fallon Morrell Expose Mike Adams’ Germ Theory Blinders*
Pseudoscience: Rockefeller Funded Pasteur Germ Theory (Part 1)
Pseudoscience: Rockefeller Funded Pasteur Germ Theory (Part 2)
More Truth Torpedoes into the Sinking Ship Called Germ Theory*
Antibodies & Immunity*
Transmuting Germ Theory
Virus Mania: Medicine Presents a Distorted Picture of Microbes*
Interview with the Authors of Groundbreaking Book Debunking Germ Theory
How to Brew up the Flu
The Germ Theory: A Deadly Fallacy*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman with Adam & Josh Bigelsen on Terrain Theory
The Deception of Virology
Dr. Barre Lando: There’s a Big Battle Happening
Dismantling the Viral Theory*
Discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman & the Authors of WHAT MAKES YOU ILL?*
Germs, the Terrain & Our Future*
Questioning the Dominant Paradigm
Coronavirus Crisis Reopens 150-year-old Controversy
Viruses & Contagion, a Bioterrain Perspective
The Existence of Any “Virus”
Louis Pasteur & the Myth of Pasteurization
What Really Makes You Ill?*
Goodbye Germ Theory
The Germ Theory: The New State Religion
Dr. Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater—History of the Infection Theory

Doctors & Researchers Claiming No Virus Is Involved in the Plandemic

COVID Hoax: An Enlightening Chat between a Chemist and an MD
Doctors Shine Light on Viral Theory*
Dr. Sam Bailey: Has SARS-CoV-2 Been Isolated?
Chief Chinese Epidemiologist: “They Didn’t Isolate the Virus”*
Clinical Lab Scientist: COVID-19 Is Fake, Wake up, America*
Phantom Virus: In Search of SARS-CoV-2*
SARS-CoV-2 & the Rise of Medical Technocracy
Response to Judy Mikovits with Tom Cowan & Andrew Kaufman*
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Destroys Dr. Judy Mikovits*
Dr. Amandha Vollmer Interviewed by Dawn Lester & David Parker
COVID: If There Is No Virus, Why Are People Dying?*
Rethinking Biology with Dr. Stefan Lanka, David Parker & Dawn Lester*
More Evidence That COVID Doesn’t Exist*
Irish Government Agency Admits COVID-19 Does Not Exist*
COVID Virus Invented out of Sheer Nonsense*
Only Poisoned Monkey Kidney Cells “Grew” the “Virus”*
Dr. Robert O. Young: COVID-19 Is a Scam*
World Doctors Alliance: Better Normal, Not New Normal*
Danish Reporter Shares Inconvenient Truth with Those Perpetrating COVID Hoax
The Contagion Myth with Dr. Thomas Cowan*
Bombshell: COVID RNA Base Pairs Are Identical to Human Chromosome 8*
Mask Mandates: You’re Still Exempt*
Jon Rappoport on the Scamdemic Known as COVID-19
Dr. Mohammed Iqbal: COVID Is an Exosome, Not a Virus
Investigative Journalist: I Don’t Believe Corona is “Real” at All
A Former FORBES Editor Weighs in
COVID-19 & the Infectious Myth with David Crowe & Dr. Barre Lando
Dr. Tom Cowan: COVID-19 Is Just Smoke & Mirrors
A Lesson in Logic with Tom Cowan, MD*
Doctor Blows Whistle on Medical System & Pandemic in Explosive Interview
A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures with Dr. Andrew Kaufman*
$5K Reward for Proof of Diagnosis with Dr. Tim O’Shea
The Truth about a Virus Is Out with Dr. Thomas Cowan
Questioning COVID with Drs. Kaufman, Brogan & Lando*
COVID 19—Is It Really about a Virus?
Evidence the COVID-19 Pandemic Is False

The Alleged SARS-CoV-2 Virus Is Not a Bioweapon

China Admits the Biggest Lie: No One Ever Isolated the Virus*
The Fruits of Stupefaction*
Doctor: False Claims That SARS-CoV-2 Is a Bioweapon Endanger Our Freedom

Scandals That Reveal Bad Actors Relative to COVID-19

Medical Journals Are Corrupt to the Core*
Trump Publicly Excoriates Fauci & Birx*
Chris Cuomo Collapsing under Weight of New Bombshell COVID Scandal
Pfizer CEO Not Taking His Own COVID Vaccine*
Climate Czar John Kerry Caught on Flight without a Mask
Schools Everywhere Forced to Close Because of Adverse Covax Reactions
Dems (!) Want to Strip Cuomo of Powers Following COVID Coverup*
China’s “Easy Access” to CA Governor Helps Him Score $1B Mask Contract*
Boris Johnson Caught Cycling Miles from Downing Street during Lockdown
Bill de Blasio’s Private Lockdown Gym
The Lastest NOVID-19 Scandal Involving Hypocrite of the House Pelosi
Dr. Birx Caught Breaking Her Own COVID Guidelines*
World’s Largest Vaccine Maker Suing Man Claiming Covax Inured Him
Oregon Secretary of State Caught Hosting Party in Defiance of COVID Orders
PCR Inventor Said Fauci Was a Liar Who Abused Test Data for an Agenda*
Austin Mayor in Cabo While Saying “Residents Need to Stay Home”
Louisiana Governor Socializing Maskless Just before Enacting Stricter Lockdowns
Major COVID Hypocrisy over Thanksgiving in California
Gavin Newsom Caught up in Massive Chinese Mask Money Laundering Scheme*
Despotic CA Governor Attended Party That Didn’t Follow COVID-19 Guidelines
Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor: Nobody Should Live Past 75*
Boo Hoo. The Moonbats Stole Our Election. Now What?*
CDC, FDA Investigated to See Whether “Scientific Integrity” Is Compromised
Coronavirus Fraud Scandal—The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun*
LA County’s Public Health Director Admits Real Reason for Lockdowns*
What Pelosi’s Scandal Says about the “Lockdown Elite”*
Gym Owners Furious after Learning Govt. Gyms Have Been Open for Months*
BUSTED: Minion “Dr.” Birx Lets the Cat out of the Bag
Lockdown Creator Professor Ferguson Resigns after Breaking Lockdown Rules*
Bill Gates Accused of Bribing Foreign Government to Pass Compulsory Vax Bill

Celebrities Criticizing the Official Response to COVID-19

Suffering Severe Covax Side Effects, Eric Clapton Speaks out
Russell Brand on the Dangers of Vaccine Passports*
Gold Medalist “Would Rather Miss the Olympics Than Take the Vaccine”*
Clapton Called a “White Supremacist” for Collabing on Anti-Lockdown Song
QB Aaron Rodgers Blast Shutdown as “House Arrest to Find Cure”

Lawsuits Challenging COVID-19 Tyranny

Lawyers & Doctors Start Nuremberg Trials 2.0
First Supreme Court Accepts Case for Crimes against Humanity*
The New Nuremberg Trials 2021*
Family of French Man Who Died after Covax to Press Charges
Second Nuremberg Tribunal Has Been Prepared*
First Court Case against Mandatory Vaccination*
Class Action with Reiner Fuellmich & Other German Lawyers*
Lawsuit Update: This Will Make Your Day!
“Catastrophically Wrong”: German Court Declares Lockdown Unconstitutional*
The Lawsuit That Could End COVID-1984*

COVID Tyranny Sanctuary Cities, States & Countries

Montana Governor Prohibits Vaccine Passports
Idaho Joins Other States in Banning Vaccine Passports
Nicaragua Never Required Masks or Lockdowns
Florida Governor Takes Major Stand against Vaccine Passports*
Court Rules Belgium Must Lift All COVID Restrictions*
Finland Is Withdrawing Lockdown Restrictions*
Better Late Than Never: AZ Governor Lifts Remaining State COVID Mandates
Texas AG Sues Cities for Continuing Mask Mandate Despite Governor’s Order*
Texas Ends Mask Mandate, Lifts Virus Restrictions, Allows Businesses to Reopen
16 States Are Now Following the Science
Carlsbad, CA Says No More to Lockdowns—May It Be a National Model!*
Washington Town Passes Ordinance Allowing Businesses to Stay Open

Traveling with Dignity in the Age of COVID

Turkey Set to Become First Country to Ditch COVID Requirements for Tourists
How to Travel Freely: No Masks, No Tests, No Quarantining!*
Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance*

The Importance of Standing up against Medical Tyranny

You Have the Right to Remain Silent Free*
This is How It Is Done: Uniting against Tyranny*
MUST-WATCH: Pastor Stand up against Police*
Inspiring: Peaceful Protesters Push back Riot Police in Germany
Insane Travel Restrictions: Major COVID Fascism in the UK
Burn Your Masks: Massive Anti-lockdown Protests Rage Worldwide*
Veterans & Health Workers Protect Lockdown Demonstrators in the Netherlands
French Actress Strips Naked at Awards Ceremony to Protest Lockdowns
The Government Needs a Lobotomy & Humanity Needs to Grow Some Balls*
The Nurse Who Refused a COVID Test & Quarantine
Texas Lockdown Lifted: Tyranny Is Contagious, but So Is Liberty*
Belgium Rejects Lockdown*
NJ Gym Owner Kyle Newell: Open for Business!
North Dakota House Passes Bill Banning Mandatory Mask Mandates Statewide*
Grocery Store Owner Announces Movement to Reopen America
Freedom to Breathe: An Agency of the People
The Dominoes Begin to Fall: Montana Governor Lifts Mask Mandate*
More Signs of Sanity: Iowa Governor Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate*
FL Gov DeSantis to Biden over COVID Threats: “Go F*ck Yourself*
All States Need to Immediately Enact a Vaccine Bill of Rights*
Over 50K Restaurants in Italy Defy Lockdown Measures*
Some Chinese Are Resisting COVID Tyranny More Than Many Americans
Police Join the Freedom Wave in Spain
Woman Beats Deputy with Own Baton after Being Ordered to Wear Mask
Viral Video: Woman Defends Right Not to Wear a Mask*
Restaurant Owner Blockades Health Inspector’s Car in Protest
Honest Experts Are Trying to Warn You: Vaccines, Masks, Lockdowns & More*
Oregon Doctor’s License Revoked for Speaking the Truth & Using Logic
Australia: Another Police Officer Stands up & Condemns COVID Tyranny
Every Sheriff in LA Region Refusing to Enforce Governor’s COVID Curfew*
Buffalo Business Owners Stand up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders
CV-19 Perpetrators to Be Sued from Crimes against Humanity & Child Abuse
Doctor: Civil Disobedience Is the Solution for This COVID-19 Madness*
Lisbon Court: Authorities Have no “Power to Deprive Anyone of Their Freedom”
Sheriff Will Not Enforce Unconstitutional COVID-19 Curfew in California
Gestapo 2.0: Armed German Police Raid Home of Lockdown Skeptic Doctor*
Will You Be Compliant or Not?*
Trump COVID Advisor: “The Only Way This Stops Is If People Rise up”*
Michigan Governor Whitmer Goes Full Orwell
Judge Rules CA Governor Overstepped His Authority with COVID Order*
NC Citizens Defy Proposed Mandatory Mask Law*
Huge Lawsuits Coming against COVID Totalitarians & Con Artists*
Canadian Politician Leaks COVID Lockdown Plan & “Great Reset” Dictatorship*
Nazism, COVID-19 & the Destruction of Modern Medicine*
Covid & the Escalation of Medical Tyranny
Defying Lockdown: Thousands Protest in Tel Aviv
Michigan Attorney Who Won Case against Governor Says “Burn Your Masks”*
Medical Doctors & Lawyers Allied against Global Malfeasance
Freedom Victory: Michigan Supreme Court Rules against Whitmer’s Executive Powers*
The Lunacy of the UK’s Operation Moonshot*
Take the Jab or Lose Your Job
Governors Can’t Use Coronavirus to Indefinitely Declare a State of Emergency*
GOOD NEWS from Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Pam Popper & Peggy Hall*
Thousands Rally in London to Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown
Aggressive Arrests in US & Australia for “Crime” of Not Wearing Masks*
Interview with Brilliant, Patriotic Attorney Suing Ohio Governor
Ohio Mom Tased & Arrested for Not Wearing Mask at Outdoor Football Game*
Australians Chant “Freedom!” as Market Is Shut down by COVID Riot Cops
PA Governor’s COVID-19 Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional*
100K People March in Montreal March against Draconian Lockdown
Spanish Citizens Stop Police from Arresting Woman for Not Wearing a Mask
Huge Lawsuit against Ohio Dictator Governor
David Icke’s Historic Freedom Speech from Trafalgar Square*
New British Song: “You Can Stick Your Poison Vaccines up Your Arse”
PDF of Major Canadian Lawsuit (a Great Template for Other Lawsuits)*
LIBERTY LOCKDOWN: A Film by Jeff Roldan
World Rising up against the Lockdowns as Protests Mount*
Idaho Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency Effective Immediately*
Pastor Defies Governor Orders & Holds Church Services
Massive COVID Protests in Ireland*
Major Lockdown Protest in Dublin, Ireland
Trudeau & Canadian Government Sued over COVID Measures*
V FOR VENDETTA: Was V’s 2005 “Sermon” Warning Us of COVID-19(84) Tyranny?
This Is Happening Worldwide
Rose/Icke V: The Answer*
Thousands Turn out for Anti-lockdown Protest in Germany
Wal-Mart, Home Depot Walk Back Hardline Mask Requirements after Backlash*
Trump, Is Your Army Nothing More Than Heavy Tweets?
Brave People Standing up & Speaking up
Ohio Sheriff: “I Am Not the Mask Police”
Is This Torture?
Let’s Get Real before Real Gets Us
Your Wake-up Call
The Hypocrisy Is Unbelievable (Memorable Rant Full of Truth)
Enraged Italians Abandon Masks, Denounce Pandemic as Scam
CA Skaters Defy Order, Remove Sand from Skatepark with Stellar Teamwork
German Doctor Exposes the Health Care System
Roger Daltry: “F*ck off” to Those Telling Him to Stay inside”
Coronavirus: Irish Guy Deals Deals with Covid Cops Like a Boss
Baker County Judge Overturns Governor’s Coronavirus Executive Orders
The Solution Has Always Been YOU*
Sherrif Mack Calls on Sheriffs*
Central California Town Declares Itself a “Sanctuary City” from Lockdown*
CovidTV Ad They Rejected
Authoritarians Using Coronavirus Fear to Destroy America
Notice of Non-consent to Fascistic & Satanic Contact Tracing Bill (HR 6666)
Pennsylvania Sheriffs Won’t Enforce Business Shutdown
Tyranny, Not COVID-19, Is America’s Most Dangerous Virus
Executive Orders Are Not Laws
Hundreds Rally in Olympia against Inslee’s Stay-home Order
Dr. Jeffrey Barke Speaks out
Child Taken from Mother for Refusing Lockdown
Victory: Washington State Citizen Legally Ends Ban on Religious Gatherings
Wisconsin Sheriff Emphasizes Importance of Constitutional Rights
COVID 19: The Projection of a Mass Illusion*
California Police Stand down after Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity
Sheriffs Begin Resisting Tyrannical Government
MSM & Governments Are Losing Control of the People
Laguna Beach California Lockdown Protest

The Science Is Settled: Masks Don’t Work

New Study Highlights Mask Problems with Safety & Efficacy
Masks Don’t Work, Deteriorate Health & Can Cause Early Death*
Why Surgeons Actually Wear Masks
Texas Cases Drop to Record Low after End of Mask Mandates
These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Did Nothing to Stop COVID
New CDC Report DESTROYS the Case for Mask Mandates*
New Study: Mask Mandates Had ZERO Effect in Florida or Nationwide*
Danish Study Is Beautiful*
MAJOR New Study: Your Face Mask Is NOT Protecting You from COVID-19*

Dangers of Masks

Mask Worms Are REAL
Why Face Masks Matter*
It’s Official: Your Mask Can Harm You*
Could Wearing a Face Mask Trigger Lung Disease?*
STUDY: Long-term Mask Use Contributes to Lung Cancer*
That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer*
German Study: Masks Are Extremely Harmful to Childrens’ Health*

Contaminated Face Masks

Creepy Video on Contaminated Masks*
Science Find Evidence of Toxic Chemicals in Some Masks*

The Great COVID-19 “Unmasking”

Trader Joe’s Customers No Longer Have to Wear Masks*
Citizen Journalist Owns Two-faced Talking Head over Masks
Masks Are Not Welcome Here
Masks Are Submission, a Symbol for Your Hidden Masters*
Maskless Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested AFTER Mandate Lifted
Biden Waffles on Mask Promise, Now Basically Says Masks Are FOREVER
Doctors Playing into Delusional Fear: COVID & Masks*
Wisconsin State Assembly Ends Bogus State of Emergency & Mask Mandates
CO2 Levels in a Mask
Celebrity Dermatologist Warns against “Maskitis”
WHO: You Do NOT Need to Wear a Mask*
Study: Mask Mandates Actually Make COVID Infection Rates Climb*
Maryland Despot Governor Says “No Constitutional Right” to Go Maskless
Scientist: “Stop Using Masks. I Have.”
Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good
How to Sue Costco & Other Stores That Violate the Law*
Vulnerable People MORE Likely to Get Sick If People around Them Wear Masks
The Healthy American: What An MD Has to Say about Masks
Studies Show Masks Cause Higher Rates of Infections & Disease
Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relative to COVID-19 Social Policy*
Why Won’t Top Medical Journals Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study?
The Importance of the Face*
Make Restaurants Great Again!
MD/PhD: Brain Damage from Masks CANNOT BE REVERSED*
New CDC Study Shows Masks May Actually Contribute to Causing COVID-19*
Duties & Rights of Businesses on Masking under COVID
Help with Nursing Homes & Schools
Important Court Case with Doctors Challenging Mask “Science” & Mandates*
Mask-free Success Stories
The Truth about Masks Exposed
It’s Illegal to Conceal Your Identity
Many Credible Medical Studies Prove Face Masks Do Not Work Even in Hospitals
Masks Are Illegal Here*
Masks Don’t Work: Dr. Ted Noel
Trump Slams Maskhole Biden for “Playing Politics with the Virus”
Face-mask-induced 02 Depletion & CO2 Enrichment Are for Mind Control*
Dentists Say “Mask Mouth” Can Cause Serious Health Complications
WHO Admits: NO Direct Evidence Masks Prevent Viral Infection*
Masks Don’t Work—It Says So Right on the Box
Europe’s Top Health Officials Agree That Masks Don’t Do Anything
Effectiveness (Rather, Lack Thereof) of Masks in Healthcare Workers*
California Tyrant Governor Admits He Can’t Mandate Law
Mask Facts*
“Masks Make Us Slaves”: Massive Protests in Germany over COVID Lockdown*
Netherlands: “There Is No Proven Effectiveness” of Mask Mandates*
No Country for Face Masks: Nordics Brush off Mouth Covers
NIH Studies Find Negative Health Effects of Wearing a Mask
The Mask Science Is Clear
New CDC & WHO Study Proves “No Evidence” Face Masks Prevent Virus*
Lawyers Offer to Represent Those Arrested or Cited for Going Maskless*
Destroying the Mask Narrative*
Fighting Back: This Will Give You Hope*
Dr. Joseph Mercola: Conclusive Proof—Masks Do Not Inhibit Viral Spread
Mask-free Shopping, Anyone? Join This Important Movement*
The Absolute Science behind Masks & Proof That They Don’t Work
Masks Mandated by UK Specifically Say They Don’t Protect against COVID-19
Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold’s Bridle, or Brank
Doing the Right Thing: Georgia Governor Bans Face Mask Mandates*
Why Face Masks DON’T Work, according to SCIENCE
The Science Is Finally Settled: Masks Are Bogus*
This Live Mask Test Shocks Viewers*
Masks: Have You Been Captured by This Psyop?
I See Mask People
Mandatory Masks Endanger Your Health & Liberties
The Truth about Masks Straight from the CDC
Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to the Healthy
Best Rant of the Plandemic: Red Pills for Deep State Puppets
ABC News: You May Be Exempt from Mask Requirements
The ADA & Face Mask Policies
Science: Masks Are Hazardous to Your Health*
Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relative to COVID-19 Social Policy*
Pro-maskers Are the New Pro-vaxxers
Wearing a Mask Goes against OSHA’s Workspace Oxygen Requirements
New Scientific Study Proves Masks Don’t Provide Protection*
Biden Says He Would Force Americans to Wear Masks in Public if Elected*
Where’s the Emergency?
Is Wearing a Mask the Law?*
Reasons Why They Want You to Wear a Mask
No Governor Can Order You to Wear a Mask*
Your Mask Protects Me?*
Masks Don’t Work & Violate OSHA Oxygen Levels*
Mask Wearers Are Whacko Conspiracy Theorists*
Masks Represent “Silence, Slavery & Social Death”
More on Masks & Other COVID Madness
Mask Media (Caught on Camera)
When the Masks Went on, Their Masks Came off*

Social Distancing Has No Basis in Science

New Report: Social Distancing Based on Outdated Science
FDA Commissioner: “Costly” Social Distancing “Wasn’t Based on Clear Science”
Oxford Experts: There Is No Scientific Evidence

Through the Plexiglass

Tear Down This Plexiglass!

The COVID-19 Apocalypse from a Christian Perspective

Christian Leaders: Vaccine Passport Letter
The Vaccine Is a Religious Ceremony Christians Have a Right to Reject*
Priest on COVID Vaccine: “The Risks Far Outweigh the Benefits”
The Biggest Global Hoax in History
The Big Lie*

Optimism for a Positive COVID-19 Outcome Where Humanity Is Concerned

Hope over Hopium*
Good News: Fauci’s out & Common Sense Might Be Returning
Narrative Is Crumbling
House of Mirrors
Why We Stay Asleep When Covid-19 Is Trying to Wake Us up*
Citizen Journalists Usher in a Changing of the Old Guard
Why the Current Moment Is an Opportunity*

Music with Insight Relative to COVID-19

Born to Be Free (Van Morrison)*
Culture of Fear
The Gasman Cometh
Why Buy the Lie

COVID-19 Humor

Are You a Transvaxxite?
Definitely Not a Cult
How the Deep State Stole Christmas
Hero: Man Stranded on Desert Island Still Obediently Hearing His Mask
Have You Drunk Your Diet Woke™ Today?
Coronavirus Is Now Space-borne, Can Reinfect Individuals Infinitely*
Hitler Learns That Sweden Is Doing Fine without Lockdowns
If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied to Everything
Surgical Mask on Her Face
We Will Mock You*
Attack of the Corona Karens*
The Monster Covid Mask Mash
Why I Wear My Mask*
Bible Experts Determine Goliath Died of COVID-19
Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer
TIME Names Karen Person of the Year
Say What You Truly Meme: Juicy JPEGs for Counteracting the New Normal*
Blue Pill People
Trump Derangement vs. Trump Enablement
Enough! (Stop Saying “We’re All in This Together”)
OK, Karen!
I Wear My Covidiota Mask in My Car When I Drive*
An Open Letter to the Mafias of the World Asking for Help*
NOVID-19 & the Urgent Necessity to Rethink Our Medical Model
21 Facts that Demolish the Official NOVID-19 Narrative*

Happy learning!

And please, make this … viral!

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Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its bestselling sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His visionary novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.


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