“The Most Merciful Thing a Large Family Can Do to One of Its Infant Members Is to Kill It”—Why Face Masks Matter

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Allan Stevo, LewRockwell.com

“Everything the government is doing right now is designed to make you fat, weak, stupid, depressed, lazy, and reliant on crumbs they wipe off their plates. Health replaced by pharmaceuticals. Education replaced by programming. Hard work replaced by handouts. These people hate you.” —Ian Smith, New Jersey Gym Owner Who Refused to Close down

I want to remind you who you are dealing with.

They may be a childhood friend, they may have raised you, they may share your blood, they may be your neighbor, they may be your softball teammate, they may share a pew with you at church on Sunday.

Whoever they are, their worldview has really gained an upper hand in the mainstream propaganda outlets since the Ides of March 2020.

They tend to be abortion supporters.

They tend to be technocrats with a passion for tinkering and central planning that looks an awful lot like eugenics when it nears the topic of health or medicine.

They tend to be anti-white racists (many of them white themselves).

They tend to have spent so much time in school that “indoctrinated” is as fitting a word for their thought pattern as can be imagined.

Their campaigns since the Ides of March 2020 have taken on a moralistic tone. Imagine that: abortionists and eugenicists taking on a moralistic tone? Anti-white racists and anti-family sociopaths taking on a moralistic tone?

It should not be surprising to anyone that people like that will say whatever they need to in order to accomplish the next incremental victory.


It should also not be surprising that many people are prone to following bad advice from some pretty bad dudes. Discernment is not everyone’s forte.

Bad people and bad ideas exist in every era. Some average folks follow those bad ideas. This is even more common when a leadership vacuum exists. None of this can be surprising. It is the norm of every single era throughout human history.

What should be surprising, however, is that people like you and me believe them, and furthermore that people like you and I do virtually everything the bad dudes tell them to do, especially when accompanied by a good enough reason.

That’s not normal. It’s not a constant throughout all of human history. It ebbs and flows. Accordingly, the direction of society ebbs and flows as the upright leaders of a society rise to the occasion or shirk from responsibility. The leaders are not those in positions of governmental authority. To the contrary such offices are often devoid of leaders. Leaders are those who live appropriately and inspire others with their example.

So many people who get what’s going on have been so very compliant during the corona communism that was implemented after the Ides of March 2020.

Art Prints

Around the turn of the last century, a woman named Maria Montessori emerged. It is impossible to read Montessori’s work without seeing her Roman Catholicism shine through, without seeing a foundational tenant of Christianity and Western culture shine through: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

She doesn’t stop there though. She doesn’t just say man is created in the likeness of God. She says child is created in the likeness of God.

As the industrial revolution surged and modernity was being used to eclipse Christianity in philosophical attacks against the dignity of man, Montessori was witnessing the educational system firsthand. As the educational system was turning into 1.) A way for manufacturers to train children as laborers to obediently follow orders, 2.) A way for governments to indoctrinate, 3.) A way for the professional class and the proto-technocrats to professionalize the home life and open up the home as a treasure chest for professional teachers and other industries, 4.) A way for progressives to shatter the home, 5.) A way for East Coast American elites, British elites, and their counterparts to impose their twisted views of the world on the youth, 6.) A way for the mind of a child to be controlled and trained rather than liberated and empowered—as all that was happening, Montessori was providing a response to what it meant to be a human child, to be made in the likeness of God.

Her schools exist globally to this day. Her work and the work of her disciples is a true testament to what a school can be like if a child absolutely must leave the home for schooling.

A steward is one who takes care of the property of another. Montessori’s loving stewardship of God’s gift of a child is some of the most powerful stewardship in all educational literature.


At about the same time, around the turn of the last century, another person came about, and witnessed all the same changes.

Instead of stewarding what the Lord put on this earth, this person took a different approach. She sought to make it her decision who lives and who dies. She sought to make it her decision who wins and who loses. She sought to make it her decisions who grows and who shrinks.

And not just her decision but the decision of others. Not just her decision but the decision of elites. Not just her decision but the decision of anyone who wanted a say on who could and who could not have a baby.

The technology for having abortions had long existed, going back into classicism, a moral issue so significant that abortion is forbidden even in the Hippocratic Oath. Abortion was not this person’s impactful innovation, nor was genocide or eugenics her impactful innovation. Margaret Sanger is credited with building the infrastructure that brought this topic mainstream in the United States and across the globe.

Through her efforts in the United States and globally, Sanger set in place the greatest genocides of all human history.

Sanger wrote about this:

“The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

She wrote many more awful things that were just as ugly in her day as they are today. It is shrugged off by her supporters as a symptom of her times. That’s inaccurate though and dishonest and conveniently avoids an important conversation. Sanger was not a sign of her times. To a whole lot of people the spoken and written words of Sanger were as demonic and sociopathic then as they are today.

This does not stop her from having an army of disciples.

The disciples of Sanger are very bad people who want to disguise the most ugly sacrifice of infants as a most beautiful thing.

Incrementally they chip away at human dignity. They chip away at the likeness of God.


When you wear your mask, you join them in their treachery, as they chip away at the human dignity of anyone who would place such a thing on their face.

It doesn’t matter what the masses do. It doesn’t matter what the sheep do. It really doesn’t matter what the most evil people do. It matters what the lions do. It matters what the Remnant does. It matters what the moral backstop of society does.

Do you hear me? They don’t matter. YOU matter.

Twain wrote that a brave man can stand up to a lynch mob of 10,000 and get them to back down.

Don’t compare yourself to the sheep. Compare yourself to other lions. A lion is worth 10,000 sheep, if he will come into his own as a lion, if he will show courage, if he will do what’s right.

My friend, wear the mask, close your business, honor the lockdown, and you pave the way for the sickest future and enable the sickest of humans, each and every time you do it.

It doesn’t matter what reason you give yourself. It doesn’t matter what justification you have prepared. You do really bad things for the world each time you follow such prescriptions.

Stop it.

Stop it now.

The hour is late. And here you are, enabling evil, as if your every act has no consequence.

This article, discovered here, is republished under a creative commons license.

Author Allan Stevo [send him mail] writes about international politics and culture from a free market perspective at 52 Weeks in Slovakia (www.52inSk.com). His new book, an individualized approach to health, medicine, and face masks, is now available.

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