Google Censorship Planned for Covid Second Wave

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Brendan D. Murphy

Tech Giants Cement Status as Pack of Tyrannical Dunces

It’s no secret that the tech giants Google, Fedbook—oops, I mean Facebook—and Twitter are openly anti-free speech and very much in favor of the liberal use of rabid censorship in order to push one particular version of reality.

You already know this (unless you’ve made a concerted effort to shield yourself from reality over the last few years).

I can speak to that fact firsthand after being censored by Farce-book in June of 2018 when they conducted their first full-scale censorship blitz in deleting over 100 pages that offer perspectives that go beyond the bounds of accepted Establishment (Deep State) doctrine.

We simply woke up one morning to find the page had been deleted without a reason—as did dozens of other page admins.

Somehow the primary outlets of state propaganda—CNN, NBC, and their ilk—survived unscathed, despite being notorious for bogus reporting and fabricated stories. (Shock!)

A second wave of censorship followed not long after in which at least 800 more pages were removed end masse.

Google Censorship to Ramp up the Plandemic

In late July this year, insiders at Google tipped off alternative news personality Richie Allen—also intimately familiar with being censored. They confirmed that the Deep-State-aligned tech behemoth with totalitarian tendencies has more censorship in store for us—and will execute its crackdown on alternative news channels in collaboration with bedfellows’ Fascist-book and Twitter.

Allen posted the following on his Fed book page “The Richie Allen Show” (July 23, 2020):

Howya friends. Little bit of news. I’ve a couple of mates who work for Google. They both must remain anonymous of course. They drip feed me bits of information from time to time. Around four years ago, one of them told me that the demonetisation of alternative news channels would become standard.

He was right as I learned when my original YouTube channel, which had nearly 100,000 subscribers, was deleted for no reason, three years ago.

I heard from him this morning. He told me two things. He said that when the covid vaccine is ready, or shortly before then, Google/YouTube is planning to take down thousands of channels that have traditionally hosted open discussion around vaccine safety. They will do this he said, in tandem with Facebook and Twitter.

According to him, discussions between all three have already taken place. He reckons it’ll be the biggest culling to date, of content creators and independent vloggers/commentators.

While this may be unsurprising, it is important news and I trust him implicitly. He also said that it is his belief (and I’ve said as much myself) that Russian interference claims are nothing but a smokescreen for mass censorship. They (the royal they), know damn well that the Russians are not responsible for spreading anti-vaccine information online, pro-Brexit propaganda or information about 5G.

They KNOW he said, that these initiatives are grassroots organisations, set up by genuinely concerned citizens, but that the easiest way to legislate for them and ultimately to censor them, is to blame Russia. Problem Reaction Solution. He’s right. Again, I have said as much many times.

Last year, Professor Julian Petley, one of the UK’s finest journalists and teachers, told me before an interview that he was worried about me. He’d been attending journalist conferences and one or two conferences on fake news. Julian is an unswerving proponent of free speech.

He said my name was coming up a lot and that there may be some movement against me or the show. When I told him that I wasn’t working for anyone and was broadcasting from a home studio rather than a radio station, he was somewhat relieved, but nonetheless told me to watch my back.

This morning, my Google mate said that The RA Show is on a shortlist of programmes to not only be removed from YouTube (which I don’t care about at all), but also to be removed from Google search results too. He said the RA show replacement channel, which has 31,000 subs, has in reality many more, but they’re not being counted.

Worse still he said, the viewing numbers are fixed so that less than one in ten views are shown. The point of this he went on, is to dissuade people from watching, people apparently being more inclined to watch content that’s showing hundreds of thousands of views.

Now I couldn’t give a fiddler about YT viewing figures or subscribers as you well know. The bulk of my audience listens live as it is a live radio show, or they grab the podcast from iTunes, Spotify, Podomatic etc. And viewing/listening numbers say nothing about the quality of a show in any case, but it’s important to note this, cos they ain’t just doing it to me.

Asked if there’s any concern among his fellow employees about what is happening, my mate said no. Or at least nobody has said anything. Maybe they are like him, worried about the prospect of losing a tech job, being labelled a troublemaker and struggling to get another one.

Share this widely as your favourite Youtubers need to know that this mass cull is coming to coincide with the arrival of the covid-vaccine, so that they can back up their videos, something which they should be doing, but many don’t. Anyhow, thanks for reading. I’m on air at 5. Loads to do. Speak later.

Google Censorship to Manufacture the “Second Wave” Consensus

Confirming the Google insider’s leak, Del Bigtree’s Youtube channel was deleted several days ago—preceded by Max Igan’s shortly before that. Both men have been significant voices in questioning mass-media-government-pharma narratives in recent years.

It’s crucial to grasp that the Silicon Valley tech giants work in concert with the biotech and pharmaceutical industries—that has been known for some time now. Some of the most aggressively targeted accounts on socials in recent years have been any that critique, question, or correct dubious information emanating from Big Pharma and its spokespeople. (And right on cue, there goes Bigtree’s Youtube channel.)

Hence the plan to silence these pages before the (unnecessary) covid vaccine is launched. By the way, quinine—of which hydroxychloroquine (HCL) is derivedis a cheap and effective remedy you can make yourself at home for next to nothing using citrus rind—look it up—and it will help with any “covid”/flu-like symptoms, as confirmed by an increasing number of clinical practitioners, much to Tony Fauci’s and Bill Gates’ chagrin, no doubt.

(HCQ is a zinc ionophore and alkalyzer, hence its medicinal benefits.)

I’m still shocked at the number of people using Gmail (seriously?) and other mainstream unprotected email services. Google has access to ALL of your mail at any time they please—why use it?

Switch to Protonmail or some other service that has end-to-end encryption—and some respect for freedom of speech (and medical choice).

If we continue using the tech giants’ products—relying on them even—then we continue to support and empower their attack on our most basic freedoms: freedom of thought and freedom of speech—as well as freedom of medical choice and the right to decide whether or not we receive a medical intervention that we don’t necessarily want (such as the utterly unnecessary covid vaccine).

Alternatives to Digital Tyranny

I will continue to take a stand for freedom over tyranny—and critical thinking over sheep-like compliance and credulity. If that defiance speaks to you, then you are most definitely welcome at our Fedbook alternative social platform—where free speech lives.

We created it after our Global Freedom Movement page was deleted.

You can keep up with me on just about any social by searching my name (Brendan D. Murphy) or my handle BrendanDMurphyOfficial. I recently joined Parler as a free speech alternative to Twitter. (Yes, I’m on Twitter too, for what it’s worth).

The podcast for hardcore truth-seekers who want to go deeper: My hard-hitting, no-bullshit podcast is at—and you can find the video versions on BitChute (and Youtube, while I’m still there—ha!).

You’ll notice that the first few episodes constitute a ground-up dismantling of the Establishment’s rubbish plandemic fairy tale that many people have learned a lot from.

THIS is the podcast THEY don’t want you hearing/watching. I will go where most won’t.

Check it out (I recommend starting with the interview I did with the late David Crowe—I’m grateful I got to do that before he died on July 12).

If you’re still hanging in there on Fedbook, feel free to join me in the Truthiverse group too.

Freedom or Facism: The Choice

It’s not about us agreeing with 100% of each other’s views—it’s about having the right to self-determine our views, our behaviors, and our medical choices without coercion, suppression, or violence by the state (or any neo-fascist entities who disagree—I’m talking to you, self-appointed medical/depop overlords).

That’s what being an adult is all about.

It’s high time we “de-ranked” Google and their ilk and stopped enabling their attacks on information and free speech—truth and freedom in other words.

Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

(And masks don’t work, so I wouldn’t bother—unless you’re doing open-heart surgery or something like that. Don’t breathe your respiratory waste for no good reason—THAT’S not healthy.)

Copyright © Brendan D. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading Australian author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed nonfiction epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY is regarded as essential reading by many students of the physical and metaphysical sciences. Visit his website here.


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