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Sol Luckman

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“The best is yet to come.” —Donald J. Trump

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I get it if you’re a little down in the mouth after yesterday’s nauseating fake inauguration of the illegitimate President Select, China Joe Biden.

I’m not even a Republican (and I won’t ever be after that party’s craven betrayal in solidarity with the Democrats of We the People)—yet as someone who values even imperfect freedom over a communist takeover of the United States via an obviously, provably stolen presidential election, I’ve definitely stared down my own existential (literally) crisis.

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The way I see it, we have one of two options: surrender to a fully tyrannical onslaught by a pretend government that will make Orwell’s 1984 look like a romantic walk in the park—or nonviolently oppose that same government, its bogus policies and its fraudulent executive orders and so-called laws with every fiber of our being through individual and collective civil disobedience.

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Me, I’m choosing the latter, which is why today I’m starting a new political database to complement my wildly popular (if I can be excused for using this term for something that, in a sane world, shouldn’t even have to exist) COVID Truth Database.

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Upon consideration, despite appearances to the contrary created by the onslaught of absurdly fake news from the MSM and wildly unconstitutional censorship by social media, I actually believe there are still many rational reasons for optimism that the United States will reemerge from this dark night of the soul that started with the COVID-19 plandemic and seemingly culminated with Beijing Biden’s ascension to the role of Commander-in-thief.

And fortunately, I’m far from alone in this belief. Many other researchers have reached similar conclusions. It is their work—often ridiculed, marginalized and hated on—that I will present in this regularly updated database for genuine truthers and patriots willing to turn away from our manufactured despair and embrace an alternative viewpoint of where things might be headed in the near future.

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If you’re one of the many fair-weather freedom fighters out there and want to hate on me for sharing what you’ll undoubtedly dismiss as hopium, just realize that hate is like a boomerang and will eventually wrap around your own neck. And for what it’s worth, anyone hating strongly enough to give a rat’s ass what I have to say on this subject clearly suffers from negativity-impaired cognitive function.

To all others, I encourage you to check back often to see the new updates that provide real hope for solutions and practical suggestions for helping bring them about. We may not all be in this together—but those of us who are still fighting the good fight definitely need to stick together.

On the lighter side of red-pilling, I also encourage you to download this free excerpt of my multi-award-winning political humor book, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY. In its five-star review of this knee-slapping “tour de farce,” Readers’ Favorite had this high praise: “Irreverent in its honesty and take-no-prisoners approach, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU is an honest appraisal of words in terms of today’s sensibilities. Sol Luckman has picked up where writers like Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce left off over a century ago, identifying new associations for words and phrases to match what they really represent today […] They say many a true word is spoken in jest, and perhaps Luckman’s humor is a well-timed wake-up call to be heeded while we still have time to ask important questions.”


To freedom—and the emergence of a brand-new Land of the Free … here and abroad!

And please, share genuine hope by sharing this resource!


Friday, February 26, 2021

Stillness in the Storm: Trust, Clearing House, Understanding Advanced Economies
X22 Report A: People Can See the Rigged System Now
X22 Report B: Deep State Failed, Insurance Policy in Play
Mel K & Mark Attwood Weekly Laugh & Scoff
India & Australia Crack down on Big Tech as Secession Fever Grows in Oregon
Bob Kudla: A New Currency Is Challenging the System & Empowering People
Patriot Streetfighter: Alliance Moves on Deep State Financial System
Grocery Store Owner Announces Movement to Reopen America
Plandemic Exposed: Historic Portuguese Appeals Court Ruling on PCR Test
Santa Surfing: Fedwire down!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mike Adams: Is FAKE Prez. Biden about to Be Exposed & Removed?
Cuomo Collapsing as He’s Now Accused of Sexual Harassment
Simon Parkes: Current News Update
X22 Report A: The Fed System Goes down, the People Are Pushing back
X22 Report B: Narrative Begins, Football Tracked, 25th Amendment Being Pushed
Constitutional Sheriffs Uniting as Last Line of Defense against Rogue Governments
North Dakota House Passes Bill Banning Mandatory Mask Mandates Statewide
Federal Judge Permanently Blocks Biden’s Deportation Ban
Mel K on Upcoming New Film Exposing Child Sex Trafficking, SOUND OF FREEDOM
Santa Surfing: Resignations, US Marshall & DOD Tweets, Cuomo, Comms

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Patriot Streetfighter: Bridging the Gap, How the Plan Looks Now
X22 Report A: The Economic Puppet Masters Have Made Their First Move
X22 Report B: No Such Agency, Trump’s Great Awakening, Stage Being Set
Mel K & Catherine Edwards Weekly Tea across the Pond
What Happened in Vegas Won’t Stay in Vegas: Mel Is Back!
Santa Surfing #1: From Dynasties to Dinosaurs! Crowd Support Helps White Hats!
Santa Surfing #2: Q Post Confirms GESARA!
Jordan Sather: The War Is Real, the News Is Fakes, Optics Are Important
Marine Le Pen Surges in the Polls as France Turns Populist!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sidney Powell: “Irrefutable Proof Is Coming Soon—We Are NOT Done”
Dr. Steve Turley: Biden Voters Suffer Meltdown with Buyer’s Remorse
Understanding & Embracing the Role of the 21st-century American Dissident
Mel K & Rob Really Share Thoughts on SOUND OF FREEDOM
Mel K Joins the Truth Warriors on the Union of the Unwanted
NRA Sues over 2 Washington State Gun Control Laws & WINS
X22 Report A: Central Bank Is Doomed, People Are Seeing the Rigged System
X22 Report B: Green Light to Look at the Other Side’s Real Crimes
SGT Report: USA Situation Update with Mel K (Part Two)
Generals Tell Trump, “We Got Your Back!”

Monday, February 22, 2021

URGENTLY NEEDED: COVID Truthers to Wake up Half-truthers
For Any & All White Hats: The Importance of Courage—Masculinity Discussion
SGT Report: USA Situation Update with Mel K (Part One)
Tyrannical Governors Cuomo & Newsom Now Face Removal from Office
More Signs of Sanity: Sarasota, Florida, Ends Mask Mandate
Pentagon: UFO Wreckage Test Findings Could “Change Our Lives Forever”
X22 Report A: Why Mess with Banksters in the Process of Ending Themselves?
X22 Report B: How to Break up Something Big, Define Trap

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Statement of Virus Isolation—Please Read & Sign This Important Document!
State Lawmakers Push Forward 2nd Amendment Protections
Dustin Nemos: World Laughs at China Joe, India Bans Vax, Election Integrity Push
Sky News Australia Reports on Biden’s Dementia
Patriot Streetfighter: Exposing the Swamp
Smoking Gun: Biden Dept. of Energy Screwed over Texas before Winter Storm

Saturday, February 20, 2021

X22 Report A: Knowledge of the Central Bank Playbook Creates Advantages
X22 Report B: Comms Sent, Touchdown Confirmed, Mission Just Beginning
Doug Billings Interviews Simon Parkes
Dr. Steve Turley: Cancel Culture Is Awakening a Conservative Parallel Society
Dr. Steve Turley: Poland Rejects Big Tech in Global Revolt against Censorship
Peggy Hall: Better Than Normal
Lin Wood: Fireside Chat
Santa Surfing: The Movie Gets Spicy!

Friday, February 19, 2021

Montana Governor Signs Permitless Carry Legislation into Law
Robert David Steele Interviewed by Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay
Santa Surfing: Cuomo in Trouble! Warped Speed!
Dr. Steve Turley: Russia Calls Trump’s Impeachment Trial a FARCE

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Simon Parkes: Current News Update
BREAKING: FBI Investigating Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal
Join This Brilliant Nationwide Class Action Election Fraud Lawsuit
X22 Report A: Patriots Pushing Central Bank to Edge of Extinction
X22 Report B: The Pandemic Was the Cover
Santa Surfing: CNN/ABC Paid Rioter Sullivan $35! Fake News Meltdowns!
Gene Decode Interviewed by Linda Paris
Laura Loomer’s Lawsuit against Big Tech Censorship Goes to SCOTUS
Dr. Steve Turley: The Colossal FALL of the Cuomo Brothers

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Hopeful Interview with General Flynn
Riding the Waves with Grace
X22 Report A: Deep State Panicking, Rise of Digital Currency Is upon Us
X22 Report B: Deep State Wants Durham Gone, Fear Sets in
Stillness in the Storm: Trump’s New Campaign against the Deep State
Stillness in the Storm: 7 Stories That Show Patriots Are Winning
Dr. Steve Turley: #GretaGate Trends as Thunberg Sparks Outrage
Tom Numbers & Simon Parkes
Santa Surfing: Silver Squeezed, Russia & Myanmar Break from Central Bank
Mel K Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
Patriot Streetfighter with Nicholas Veniamin
Mel K & Rob Really Sift through Mountains of Red Pulls

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Florida Governor Drops a NUKE on Colluding Teachers Unions
X22 Report A: The People Are Coming for the Central Banks
X22 Report B: The People Are Taking down the Global Power Structure
Santa Surfing: Trump’s Power Move
Dr. Steve Turley: 3 Democrat Leaders COLLAPSE as Trump Wins Again
Utah Govern Signs Bill Allowing Concealed Carry without Permit

Monday, February 15, 2021

Stillness in the Storm: Everything Is Going According to Plan, Don’t Give up
Digging Deeper with Mel K & Charlie Ward
Mel K & Rob Really: Winning Hearts & Minds
Patriot Streetfighter Interviewed by Ann Vandersteel
X22 Report A: Trump Led the Central Banks down Path to Destruction
X22 Report B: Trump Disappearing Act Part of the Art of War
Senate Majority Leader Caught on Camera Telling Truth about January 6th
Utah House Passes Bill to Limit Warantless Collection of Electronic Data

Sunday, February 14, 2021

READ: Donald Trump’s Full Statement on Impeachment Trial Acquittal
Dustin Nemos: Impeachment Fails Big
It’s Official: California Governor Recalled, Election to Be Held This Summer
Taking Our Country Back One Tyrant at a Time
Putin Says “Not So Fast” to Great Reset
TEXIT: Head of the Texas Nationalist Movement Explains Secession Benefits
Georgia Election Board Refers 35 Voter Fraud Cases for Prosecution
GAME ON: Lin Wood Agrees to Defend Sidney Powell against Dominion
Dems (!) Want to Strip Cuomo of Powers Following COVID Coverup
The Dominoes Begin to Fall: Montana Governor Lifts Mask Mandate
Juan O Savin Update with Robert David Steele

Saturday, February 13, 2021

BREAKING: Impeachment Trial over, Trump Acquittal Imminent
X22 Report A: Are Putin & Xi Working with Trump against the Central Banks?
X22 Report B: The Deep State/MSM Lies Have Been Exposed
Bitcoin Ben: The People Are Taking Back Economic Power
More Signs of Sanity: Iowa Governor Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate
JC Kay, Mel K & Alpa Soni: Amidst the Chaos
Santa Surfing: Impeachment Script Makes Dem Look Like Losers
Dr. Steve Turley: Senators Admit “No Chance” Trump Gets Convicted
Lawyer Reveals How Communities Can Stand up against 5G
Patriot Streetfighter: The Cabal Can No Longer Hide

Friday, February 12, 2021

Amazing Polly: Election “Fortified” by SECRET CABAL!
FL Gov DeSantis to Biden over COVID Threats: “Go F*ck Yourself”
Dr. Steve Turley: France Denounces American Woke Leftism as Cuban Caves
X22 Report: Patriots Will Not Telegraph Moves, but Will Smoke out Enemies
Nicholas Veniamin & Charlie Ward on Disinfo, Gitmo, Impeachment & COVID
Santa Surfing: AnonUp Is Suspending Anons! Dem’s Imploding Impeachment!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dems CAUGHT Pushing FAKE Evidence as Impeachment Case IMPLODES
X22 Report: DS Is Projecting Their Crimes onto Trump, Boomerang Coming
Santa Surfing: How & When Will the Movie End/Play out?
David Scarlett Interviews Scott McKay

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Juan O Savin with Pryme Minister & Jennifer Eason : The Return of Trump
Brand-new Interview with Lin Woods
Doug Billings Interviews Mel K
Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes Chat with Tom Numbers
Mel K Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
X22 Report: Deep State Opening the Front Door, Floodgates Will Open
X22 Report: Are Patriots Putting Pressure on the Central Banks’ Fiat System?
SGT Report: The 100% Truth About the Election Coup
Dr. Steve Turley: Worldwide Backlash against Big Tech by Nationalists
Santa Surfing: What Do the Dirty Congress & Billionaires Fear Most?
Santa Surfing: More Booms from @XAnon

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Michael Tellinger on the Banks, Money, One Small Town Project & Energy
Don’t Freak, Trust the Plan
His Glory TV with David Scarlett & Charlie Ward
Entrepreneur Launches New Free Speech Internet Browser
Mike Adams: The Globalist Controllers Have Already LOST the Endgame
The Mel K Show: America Will Never Be a Communist Country
X22 Report: The Deep State Will Cease to Exist Once It’s All Exposed
UNCONSTITUTIONAL: SD Bill Seeks to Nullify Biden Executive Orders
Media Shocked as 2nd Impeachment Strengthens Trump!
Gene Decode Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast #1
Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast #2

Monday, February 8, 2021

Mike Adams: SOLUTIONS—A Philosophical Framework for Human Freedom
Are We Winning? Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G
Apparently, Trump IS Still Legally in Control of the Military
Simon Parkes News Update
Mel K & Charlie Ward Have Their Monday Chat
Mathematician: Biden Election Win a Statistical Impossibility
X22 Report: Deep State Revealed How They Rigged the Election
Simon Parkes Discusses Doug Billings’ Interview with General Michael Flynn

Sunday, February 7, 2021

USA Situational Report with Mel K & Maryam Henein
Trump Is Winning Election Lawsuits, in Case You Haven’t Heard
Damning Digital Evidence of Ballot Fraud Means 2020 Election Is NOT Over
Santa Surfing: Big Arrests Revealed

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Mike Lindell: Absolute Proof Exposing Election Fraud & Theft of America
TIME Admits in Great Detail How 2020 Election Was Rigged against Trump
X22 Report: Game Theory, Takedown Will Be on Patriots’ Timetable
Simon Parkes: Update on Current News
Patriot Streetfighter: Future Belongs Not to Globalists but Patriots
Chat with Juan O Savin, Charlie Ward, David Rodriguez & Ann Vandersteel
Mel K, Jason Q & Alpa Soni Connect the Dots

Friday, February 5, 2021

Charlie Ward: Biden Arrested? Media Censorship? Today Is the Day?
Dr. Steve Pieczenik Triples down, Claims Trump Is Still President
Patriot Streetfighter: Big Corp Titans Exiting, What’s Coming?
New Doug Billings Interview with Simon Parkes
X22 Report: The Deep State Just Opened the Door, Warlike Posture Activated
Taking down the Deep State: Great Awakening with 4 Movies, 4 Websites
Populist Uprising in CA! Newsom Polls PLUNGE as Recall Effort SURGES!
Santa Surfing Booms (Shocking Clip of Biden’s “White House” at End of Video)

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Juan O Savin Update: It’s about the Military
X22 Report: Space Force Critical to Mission, Military the Only Way Forward
Mel K Interview with Doug Billings
Patriot Streetfighter: List of Deep State Deaths Growing
FREXIT! France May Be Next to Leave EU as Scotland Independence SURGES!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Four Amigos on What Could Happen in February
Dr. Jason Dean Interviews Robert David Steele
Dave Hodges: Coup in DC?
Has Trump Surrendered to or Actually Trumped the New World Order?
Florida Governor DeSantis to Penalize Big Tech for Unlawful Practices
Mel K Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
Dr. Steve Turley: Impeachment BACKFIRES as Trump COMEBACK Begins
Patriot Streetfighter with Dustin Nemos on the Silver Situation
Mike Cernovich to Challenge Gavin Newsom to Force Debate on “War Crimes”
X22 Report: Impeachment Countered by Constitution, Deep State Warned
Mike Adams: America to Split into Free & “Slave” States

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Mel K & Alpa Soni: Curing the Full Moon Hangover
Bitcoin Ben: Stock Market System Breaking?
Patriot Streetfighter: Burma Military Takedown of Cabal Puppets
RedPill78: Burmese Military Coup—Foreshadowing?
X22 Report: Now the People See How the Economic System Is Rigged
Bix Weir on SGT Report: The Global Insurrection Has Begun
Mike Adams: The Silver MIRACLE Explained

Monday, February 1, 2021

Mike Adams: Financial Uprising May Destroy the Entire Rigged System!
TEXIT Backed by Texas Nationalist Movement
Mel K & Charlie Ward with David Nino Rodriguez
Mel K Joins Ania K for a Positive Perspective Session
Bitcoin Ben:  Get Your Friends & Family Ready for the Next 3 Weeks
It’s Happening: Global Insurrection against Banker Occupation!
X22 Report: Slings & Arrows, You Have Not Been Abandoned

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mel K on the Constitution & the Biden EO Dictatorial Circus
Washington DC Crime Scene
A Fascinating Conversation between Juan O Savin & Sean Stone
BardsFM: Corp Wars vs. We the People

Saturday, January 30, 2021

TEXIT! Why Texas SECESSION Is Inevitable
X22 Report: The Elite’s System Is in the Process of Being Exposed
Ann Vandersteel & Cristen W Discuss New Taiwanese Intel

Friday, January 29, 2021

Charlie Ward Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
X22 Report: The World Is Watching, Trump: “We Haven’t Finished Yet”
Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay Interviews Cirsten W
Hedge Fund Billionaires Running Scared

Thursday, January 28, 2021

DEM NIGHTMARE! Impeachment Circus Backfiring
Bob Kudla: The Election Infection Is Coming to an End, Biden Won’t Last
The Military Is in Charge, Joe
Trump: We’re Not Finished Yet (& More)
David Wilcock Lays out Where Were Are in the Plan
X22 Report: Think Football, the Super Bowl Will Look Like a Puppy Show
Lin Wood Goes for the Jugular by Exposing the Pedocracy
Putin Calls out Power & Control Agenda of Big Tech

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dr. Steve Turley: Texas Rep Files TEXAS INDEPENDENCE ACT
Santa Surfing: Secret Anon Dropping Bombs!
Lin Wood: Trump to Be President of Restored Republic
Jordan Sather: A Joe Biden “Presidency” Is Making America Wake the Hell up
Juan O Savin Has a Secret: The Endgame
Jim Willie: We Are Now a Republic
X22 Report: The Decision on Timing Was Left to Trump
Mel K & Rob Really Point out Some of the Not So Obvious
Mel K Joins Nicholas Veniamin Again for Positive Booms & More

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jim Willie on US Corporation, Q, Anna Von Reitz & America First
Mike Adams: Trump Prepares Parallel Presidency, Biden Agenda Blockaded
Donald J. Trump & the Insurrection Act
X22 Report: We Won’t Know the Date We’ll Attack Our Enemies, Attack We Will
Mel K & Charlie Ward Speak Truth
Jon Voight: A Message of Hope (Short Video)
Jim Willie: We Are Now a Republic; the Corporation Is Closed?

Monday, January 25, 2021

Enlightening Roundtable Discussion on Current Events
Mike Adams: The Trigger for the Military to Move against Biden
Simon Parkes Update
Eye-opening Conversation between Sacha Stone & Charlie Ward
“Q Is a Psy-op to Make You Passive, Look at Operation Trust”—WRONG

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Hopeful Twitter Thread by David Wilcock
Intelligent & Timely Remarks by Robert David Steele
X22 Report: The Great Awakening, How Do You Inject Legal Evidence?
SGT Report: US Military Blocks Insurrection?
Wayne Jett: GREAT NEWS! Military Blocks Insurgency
The Steel Report: Ann Vandersteel Interviews Juan O Savin

Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Truly Encouraging, Educated Perspective from Mel K
Gene Decode Discusses Latest Updates with Nicholas Veniamin
Two Presidents? Maryam Henein on the CORPORATION of the United States
X22 Report: Memo Is Just the Beginning, How to Set the Stage, Public Opinion
The MAGA Counterpunch Is Quo Warranto in DC District Court
Continuity of Government under Trump Insurrection Act in Effect?
Military in DC with Ann Vandersteel & Charlie Ward
Mel K with Rob Really: Renewed Conviction on the Winning Patriot Path

Friday, January 22, 2021

Trump’s First Words Since Leaving Office: “We’ll Do Something, but Not Just Yet”
Monkey Werx Overwatch: Encouraging Info on Pro-patriot Flight Patterns
DC Troop Count May Actually Be INCREASING!
Jeffrey Prather: Retreat Not Surrender
Nicholas Veniamin & Charlie Ward Talk Facts
Simon Parkes Interviewed on The Right Side by Doug Billings
Uprising in GOP! RINOs Getting Purges as PATRIOT PARTY Begins to Rise!
Mel K & Ann Vandersteel on the Current Situation
Martin Geddes on the Future of the Internet—Web 3.0 & Human Web
The Most Important Legal Pathway for Trump to Reclaim the Presidency
X22 Report: Sometimes You Have to Sacrifice Yourself for the Greater Good
Fox News Ratings CRASH as Trust in Mainstream Media IMPLODES
Pentagon Blocking Biden Admin from Current Operational Intelligence
GOP Lawmaker Introduces Articles of Impeachment on Joe Biden

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Situation Update: The Astonishing Case for Optimism & Faith (Audio)
The Astonishing Case for Optimism & Faith (Article)
X22 Report: Military Control, 11.3 Verifies 1st Marker
Simon Parkes: Current News
Amazing Polly: You Gotta Have Heart!
Roundtable Discussion with Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, David Rodriguez & Tiana
Military Now in Control?
Nicholas Veniamin & Robert David Steele on USA Presidential Transition
Catherine Edwards & Charlie Ward: The Only Way Is the Military

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Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its bestselling sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His visionary novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.


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