COVID-19: The Only Bigger Hoax Here Is Germ Theory

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Sol Luckman

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“The terrain is everything.” —Louis Pasteur

Allow me to start this latest article on the COVID-19 scamdemic with a simple question:

If the cornerstone of modern medicine, germ theory, is true, why have its proponents—i.e., the allopathic medical establishment—been unable to cure the vast majority illnesses after well over a century of lavishly funded research?

This question should invite us to consider that germ theory is seriously flawed and that its use as a basis for explaining any pandemic, the latest one included, should be viewed with a healthy degree of skepticism.

The well-documented correlation between introduction of new electrical technologies and pandemics (see chart below) further strongly suggests that there might not be any contagious virus behind the COVID-19 “outbreak.”

On this subject Dr. Thomas Cowan, one of the world’s leading holistic physicians, writes that in

Arthur Firstenberg’s brilliant book THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW, he traces the timing of each of the six major flu pandemics in the past 150 years to a dramatic change in the electrification of the earth.

Whether it was the introduction of electrical power lines, radar, radio signals or other wireless devices, each pandemic occurred within six months of the introduction of one of these technologies.

Furthermore, in many cases, the epidemiology of the outbreaks suggested that a contagious cause was impossible. For example, in 1918 the Spanish flu pandemic happened simultaneously worldwide, spreading faster than any possible physical contact between these disparate people.

In investigating the cause of this outbreak, the Boston Health Department tried to deliberately infect people by exposing them to the mucus or secretions from people who were suffering from the flu. They were unable to transmit the disease and concluded there was no contagious agent involved.

Given this information, the possibility that COVID-19 was kicked off and is being sustained by the rollout of 5G (as opposed to a contagious agent) must be entertained. Jon Rappoport has written about this in a recent article. I also recommend the following video featuring Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, as food for thought …

Legendary whistleblower David Icke just gave what has been described as an “explosive” interview with London Real in which he discussed the connection between the so-called coronavirus pandemic and 5G. According to BBC News, this led to YouTube’s banning of any video drawing similar conclusions. To which I say: to have triggered such knee-jerk censorship, Icke must be on to something!

As if David Icke weren’t enough, actor Woody Harrelson just chimed in on a similar wavelength (pun intended). So you KNOW something’s up.

In all seriousness the assertion that there is no virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic is something I unpack in a very important article based on the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

Some people are dying, yes, though not in the numbers reported owing to massive inflation of COVID-19 cases and mortality rates. And even those who are dying aren’t doing so for the reasons being put forth. Thus the whole thing can be called a hoax, defined by Wikipedia as “falsehood deliberately fabricated to masquerade as the truth.”

Highly educated with a wealth of experience and expertise as a physician, Dr. Kaufman masterfully lays out his basic argument in the video below.

Following the recording of this video, which is the only phenomenon that should be described as “viral” in this context, Dr. Kaufman went on to respond to the avalanche of questions he received from his ballooning fanbase in another recorded discussion with Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL?: WHY EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT DISEASE IS WRONG.

Below is that video in which Dr. Kaufman, Dawn and David chat about COVID-19 and its official explanation based on that terribly shaky (as in, wholly unproven) ground known as germ theory.

If you can listen to this discussion and not experience it as a direct download of truth, perhaps you should get tested to see if your brain has been infected by Allopathicus propagandicus.

Please share this important information with anyone and everyone with ears to hear!

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