2 Significant Pieces of Evidence That “White Hats” May Indeed Be Waging a Clandestine War against the Deep State Cabal

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Sol Luckman

As a critical thinker who has been closely monitoring la Résistance to the communist coup against America (and the world) that manifested in “Rubber Man” China Joebama Biden’s fraudulent “victory” and “inauguration,” I’ve compiled a vast Database of links suggesting that all is not as it seems—that humanitarian forces may, in fact, be at work behind the scenes of the absurdly staged flu d’état mainstream media has abetted through 24/7 gaslighting of the public.


And now, at long last, two significance pieces of evidence have emerged to support this optimistic minority perspective that I’m doubling down on today.

First, the Q code has finally been cracked in this astoundingly brilliant video.

I don’t care what you think about Q, or what you think you know about Q—until now nobody (to the best of my knowledge) has read the Q material the way it was intended to be read.

The maker of this video has discovered the proverbial hidden treasure chest along with the literal “X marks the spot” that is the key to decoding this multilayered document.

The result is a clear and unambiguous revelation of the planning behind what appears to be a complex sting operation to bait and trap the Deep State starting with an election and country stolen by way of foreign interference and theoretically continuing at some point in the future (sooner rather than later if we’re lucky) with military intervention and tribunals similar to what we’re now seeing in Myanmar.

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Secondly, and just as importantly, an explosive recent interview on mainstream Turkish news has outed an alleged Deep State plan to use advanced technology in tandem with the worldwide 5G wireless network to artificially enhance the appearance of climate change and “seal the deal” on the Great Reset and humanity’s depopulation and enslavement.

In this jaw-dropping interview, we learn about what might be called “Operation Evergreen” in which an international alliance of White Hats is said to have just seized and destroyed this dangerous globalist technology from the EVER GIVEN, which otherwise inexplicably wrecked in the Suez Canal only weeks ago.

Conspiracy theories about this incident have maintained that the ship was actively involved in child trafficking, and given what we know about this enormous black market’s operations, it may have been.

But the primary rationale behind sabotaging its passage and boarding it appears to have been to destroy the New World Order’s plan to follow up their plandemic with a global warming hoax of biblical proportions. So chalk one up for the good guys.

Assuming this information is true, this is excellence news indeed!

Taken together, the two pieces of evidence presented in this article may indicate that the time for the open military counter-coup and mass arrests is fast approaching. One can only hope.

To stay abreast of these stories and related ones, please follow my blog and check out my regularly updated news Database.

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