Operation WarpED Speed & Essential Resources for Lucidity during Insanity

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Sol Luckman

“Let’s get those shots in arms, folks!”

As someone who nearly died from vaccine injury myself and (making my living ever since my self-directed recovery in alternative healing) has worked with literally thousands of vaccine-injured individuals over the years, this oft-repeated unthinking sentiment (or a mindless facsimile thereof) gives me the heebie-jeebies every time I hear it—whether it’s coming from our creepy Maskhole-in-chief or a rising star across the political aisle in otherwise sane-acting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of lockdown-lifting fame.

Even former (?) POTUS Donald Trump has stayed on the unscientific, unethical experimental covax bandwagon (the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics be damned) after coining the cringe-worthy phrase “Operation Warp Speed” and leaving office (supposedly, see here)—strongly encouraging Americans to get their health-destroying, DNA-altering  and often just plain deadly jabs as recently as a week ago during his CPAC speech.

Trump’s support of the Deep State’s genocidal vaccine agenda has been perhaps the most perplexing behavior I’ve observed among our so-called leaders. I mean, one expects Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci to be cheerleaders for vaccine depopulation because, well, they massively profit from it and, well, they’re not human.

But Trump, who prior to becoming president was basically anti-vaxx and certainly willing to entertain the well-established (though now, thanks to fake science in bed with fake news, officially denied) connection between vaccines and autism? What the hell’s up with that?!

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The cynic in me thinks Orange Man Bad is just being politically expedient by allowing his opponents—those social wrecking balls known as leftists, progressives, socialists, communists, the woke, etc., all hopelessly brainwashed by the official COVID narrative and mainstream medical ideology rooted in pseudoscientific fraud and vaccine cultism—to do what they do best and destroy THEMSELVES this time.

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That would certainly be one way to save America while making it great again—without firing a shot. So to speak.Otherwise, I find Trump’s antihuman, and even transhuman, stance on vaccines unexplainable and unforgivable. If he’s not secretly going to bat for the bad guys and their Luciferian agenda to cull the human herd, what’s going on? And if he is, well, I guess we’re f*cked.

But enough wallowing in victimhood to the madmen who would lord it over us. In my own humble attempt to help make America, if not great, at least free again, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a plethora of categorized links from my encyclopedic COVID Truth Database that show how jaw-droppingly unscientific, unethical and psychotic the entire vaccine agenda is relative to the COVID-1984 plandemic/scamdemic.

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Even if you yourself are aware of this information, there may be those who could benefit from your sharing it. There may also be those who absolutely refuse to see the truth and will die (or  continue being zombified undead) defending boldfaced lies. These are the people we definitely want to be vaccinated, so please, withhold this information from such individuals just in case so that our gene pool will be sure to be elevated for future generations. Just kidding. Sort of.


COVID-19 Vaccine Doublespeak (Vaccine Cognitive Dissonance Psyop)

Fauci Says Vaccine Will Only Prevent Symptoms, Not Bock Transmission
WHO: “No Evidence COVID Vaccine Prevents Viral Transmission”

What Happened to Informed Consent with Vaccines?

Mandatory Vaccines Make a Mockery of Consent
Damning Study on the Disappearance of Informed Consent with Covax

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination & Vaccine Conflicts of Interest

31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine
CDC in Collusion with Vaccine Manufacturers
Leaked: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Expresses Concern over COVID Vaccines
India Wants More Pfizer Testing, so Pfizer Leaves India
Independent Researchers: Vaccine Injury Reporting System “Utterly Inadequate”
CORRUPTION: Names of Republican Politicians Taking Money from Big Pharma
COVID Vaccines Are Not Vaccines but Medical Devices
The Suspicious Link between Population Control Advocates & COVID Vaccines
Focus on Fauci
Fauci Appears to Be Vaccinated Only to Later Forget Which Arm Receive Shot
Ickonic Original Film: INFORMED CONSENT
Vin Gupta Says Vaccine Doesn’t Stop COVID Infections, so What’s the Point?
Doctor: Forcing Citizens to Take COVID-19 Vaccines “Entirely Unlawful”
Forced COVID Vaccinations Violate Declaration on Bioethics & Human Rights
COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even among Medical Professionals
Brazilian President Won’t Take, Mandate COVID Vaccine
Brazilians Protest São Paulo Governor’s Mandatory Vaccination Push
Operation Warp Speed Using CIA-linked Contractor to Hide COVID Vax Contracts
President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory
Kamala Harris’ Husband Is Lawyer for Merck (Vaccine Manufacturer)
“Gross Violations” of Medical Ethics Involved in Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine
NIH Fires 54 Researchers with Links to Chinese Communist Party
Red Flags Soar as Big Pharma Exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine Liability
BUSTED: NIH Owns Financial Stake in Gates-funded Coronavirus Vaccine
Guess Who Is Calling the Shots on Human Experimentation?
Mandatory Vaccines? The Supreme Court Said Yes! But Wait, There’s More
Bill Gates Admits He’s Making $20 Billion on His Vaccines
Former Merck Rep: Mandatory Vaccination Is for Profit, not Public Health
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—Mandatory Vaccinations, Big Pharma & Dr. Fauci
Coronavirus & WHO: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

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Dangers of COVID Vaccines including Death, DNA Alteration & Microchips

31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine
Dr. Christiane Northrup Discuss Dangers of COVID Vaccines
Beware of RNA-based Vaccines
Big Pharma Whistleblower Reveals Dangers of mRNA Vaccine
FACT: COVID Vaccines Are Causing Paralyzing Facial Condition
The COVID Vaccine on Trial: Many Experts Weigh in
Dozens Develop Rare Blood Disorder after Taking Covax
Terrible mRNA Covax Reactions Caught on Video
A Million COVID Vaccines Put on Hold after Failing Tests for Safety, Efficacy
Once Were the Living
Moderna Admits Covax Injects Operating System into Your Body
Red Alert: It’s So Diabolical Even Merck Wants out
Dr. Mercola: Side Effects & Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine
Nurse Whistleblower: Fellow Nurses out Sick after Taking COVID Vaccine
COVID Vaccines Are Unsafe for People with Allergies
Covax Adverse Reaction Avalanche Widely Reported on Social Media
CA Healthcare Workers Suffer Severe Allergic Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccine
13 Israelis Suffer Facial Paralysis after Pfizer COVID Jab
List of Doctors Explaining Vaccines Aren’t Safe or Effective
Scientist: “A Medical Certainty” Pfizer Vaccine Killed Florida Doctor
Convulsing Woman Warns against Moderna COVID Vaccine
Another Covax Horror Story
Moderna COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Rate Alarmingly High
Mounting Covax Injuries, Side Effects & Deaths
Borg-like mRNA Vax an “Operating System” to Program Human Biology
Rate of Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccine 50X Higher Than Flu Shot
2 Days after COVID Shot, Healthy Mother Dies in Portugal
4 Deaths in Elderly during Early Days of Vaccine Rollout
Doctors Worldwide Issue Warnings against COVID-19 Vaccine
Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “It’s a Killer Vaccination”
Over Half of CA Healthcare Workers Refuse COVID Vaccine
Physician in Mexico Seriously Injured by Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Virologist: “Vaccine” Is Actually “IRREVERSIBLE Genetic MODIFICATION”
Swiss Patient Dies Shortly after Receiving Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System against Us
Study: Vaccinated Kids “Significantly Less Healthy” Than the Unvaccinated
1918 Spanish Flu: Only the Vaccinated Died
FDA Investigates Allergic Reactions to Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Shocking Report on COVID Vaccine Adverse Effects
Recently Vaccinated Nurse Passes out on Live TV Just after Covax Jab
When the Elderly & Frail Die after Receiving the COVID Vaccine
Toxicologist: COVID Vaccine Is a Genocide Bioweapon
CNN Reveals Vaccinating Elderly for COVID-19 Could Kill Them
87K Nurses in the Netherlands Are Refusing to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine
Plant Where COVID-19 Vaccines to Be Made a “Biohazard Nightmare”
FDA Reveals Death + 21 Serious Conditions as Possible Covax Side Effects
Doctor: “Bioweapon” Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Ruling against Nazi Cruelty
Extremely Damning Evidence Regarding Experimental COVID Vaccines
Pfizer Vaccine Warning to New & Expectant Mothers
FDA: Six People Died during Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial
The Transhumanist Covax Agenda Exposed with Dr. Carrie Madej
Stop the Vaccine
Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Shows Alarming Pathogenic Priming in Seniors
Experts Warn mRNA Vaccines Could Cause Irreversible Genetic Damage
Switzerland Declines to Authorize COVID-19 Vaccine
Renowned Scientist: COVID Vaccine Will Send You “to Your Doom”
Priest Dies after Participating in Moderna COVID Vaccine Trial
Landmark Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed Study: Vaccines Damage Health—Case Closed
Doctor/Health Official: COVID Vaccines “Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction”
Head of Pfizer Research: COVID Vaccine Is Female Sterilization
Here’s Why You Should Skip the COVID Vaccine
Insanity: COVID Vaccine Side Effects Are So Bad You Need to Be Jabbed Twice
Damage from COVID mRNA Vaccine Is Irreversible
The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr. Mikovits Thought
American Doctor: “Mandatory Vaccination Is Madness”
Doctor Speaks out on Micro Needle Bandage in New Vaccines
DARPA Biochip to “Save” Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA
Dr. Carrie Madej with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Covax, Hydrogel & Secret Programs
Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?
AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Put on Hold over Serious Side Effect
Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Young Girls in India?
Bill Gates Smugly Shrugs off Side Effects of COVID Vaccine
The Vaccine Paradigm’s Shaky Assumptions
If You Think Vaccines Are Safe, Consider These Things
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Caused “Adverse Reactions” in Most Trial Subjects
Farrakhan Accuses Fauci & Gates of Trying to Depopulate Us with Vaccines
Vaccines Conclusively Shown to Cause Sickness, Autism in Children
Fact-checking the Fact Checkers on DNA-altering Vaccines
Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds to Reuters “Fact Check” on GMO Vaccines
Vaccine Whistleblower: New Vaccine Causes Sterility in 97% of Women!
Dangerous Nanoparticles Contaminating Many Vaccines: Study
The Injection Fraud—It’s Not a Vaccine
The Shocking Truth about the Dangers of the Coronavirus Vaccine
Who Pushes the Idea of an Epidemic; What Are Their Crimes?
VAXXED II (Full Documentary 2020)
Modernas First Clinical Trials of COVID Vaccine Are an Unmitigated Disaster
Bill Gates: Covid Vaccine Will Use Experimental Tech & Permanently Alter DNA
The Coronavirus Pandemic Is the Biggest Scam Ever Perpetrated on Humanity
Does Contact Tracing Lead to Vaccine Tracing?
They Want to Genetically Modify Us with the COVID-19 Vaccine
Benjamin Netanyahu Calls for Children to Be Microchipped First
Passport to the Brave New World: The Vaccine
Bill Gates Funds Microchip Implant Vaccine Technology
The COVID Vaccine: Simple Facts Staring Us in the Face
Truth Will Prevail: 1200 Studies That Refute Vaccine Claims (Downloadable PDF)

Operation Warped Speed: Covax Eugenics & Genocide

COVID Vaccines Are Deadly Experiments with Dangerous Consequences
28-year-old Physical Therapist Dies Two Days after Covax
CDC Data: Reports of Deaths after Covax up 259 in a Week
Another Vaccine KO: Boxing Legend Marvin Hagler Dead at 66
Global Covax: A Psyop to Deceive Humanity into Transhumanism & Worse
Doctor: Covid Vaccines Are Weapons of Mass Destruction & Would Wipe Us Out
Utah Mom, 39, Dies after Receiving Second Dose of Moderna Vaccine
One Nurse Dead & Another Injured as Austria Suspends AstraZeneca Covax
Health Minister in Critical Condition Just One Day after COVID Vaccine
CDC: 1265 Deaths & 25K Injuries from Experimental mRNA “Vaccines”
Doctor: 10 Deady Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccines
Whistleblower: Many Pregnancy Complications from Experimental Covax
Death Rates Skyrocker in Israel with Experimental Pfizer “Vaccines”
Pfizer Covax Killed 40 Times More People Than the Virus Would Have
Bioethics & the New Eugenics
Doctor Mocks Anti-vaxxers While Receiving Covax, Dies Days Later
Floridians Report Hundreds of Covax Side Effects & Deaths
Black Leaders Dare to Tell the Truth about Vaccine Genocide
Whistleblower: Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links
Hospitals SLOWING DOWN Covid Jabs as Healthcare Workers Fall Ill in Droves
The Gene Code Injection: An Experiment on Humanity
Update on RN Who Took the Covax: It’s NOT Good!
CDC: 929 Dead, 16K Injured by Experimental mRNA COVID Injections
Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick after Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine
46 Spanish Nursing Home Residents Die after COVID-19 Vaccine
2947 Americans Die in 7 Days from Pfizer mRNA Covax
“Do Not Resuscitate” Notices for COVID Patients with Learning Disabilities
Elderly Man Perishes Shortly after COVID-19 Vaccine
“Something Isn’t Right”: Last Words of Grandmother Who Died Just after Jab
Bill Gates Admits Covax Will Adversely Affect & Maim 700K People
Doctor Shares How Depopulation Vaccines Will Start Working in 3-6 Months
Doctors & Nurses Giving Covax Will Be Tried as War Criminals
58-year-old Woman Dies Hours after First Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Dose
Dr. Mercola: Seniors Dying after Covax Labeled as Dying from Natural Causes
It’s Not Just the Elderly: 19-year-old in ICU after Pfizer Jab
Dr. Mercola: How COVID-19 “Vaccines” May Destroy the Lives of Millions
“Excited” X-ray Tech Dies after Second Dose of Pfizer Covax
Disappeared after Vaccination? Where Is Nurse Tiffany Dover?
329 Deaths & 9,845 Adverse Events from Pfizer & Moderna Shots
One Third of UK “Care” Home Residents Dead after Getting the Jab
Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Dying Like Flies after COVID Jabs
The Biden/Globalist Agenda to Delete Humanity through Global Extermination
53 COVID Deaths in Tiny Gibraltar in Only 10 Days
181 Dead in the US during 2-week Period from Experimental COVID Injections
Florida Man Develops & Dies from Rare Autoimmune Disorder after COVID Jab
Healthcare Worker Dies 4 Days after Second Pfizer Vaccine
Hank Aaron Hammered to Death by Moderna’s COVID-19 Snake Oil
At Least 55 People Have Died in US after Receiving COVID Vaccines
Criminal Correlations between Vaxxtermination Rollout & “COVID Deaths”
Covax Culling of the Herd Begins

Mass Rejection of the COVID Injection

David Icke: How You KNOW You Should Not Get Vaccinated
AstraZeneca Vaccine Halted in Ireland
Iran Bans Import of COVID of “Completely Untrustworthy” COVID Vaccines
Bulgaria Suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine
The French Are Rejecting the Covax en Masse
Australian Open Crowds Boo Vaccine Rollout Comment
Anti-vaccine Protestors Temporarily Shut down LA Covax Site
Why You Shouldn’t Believe the COVID Vaccine Is Effective
Poll Finds 83% of People Will Not Be Taking COVID Vaccine
“Too Much Mistrust”: Hospital Workers Turn down COVID Vaccine
Black Pastors Refuse to Push Covax, Turn Congregants into “Guinea Pigs”
Congressman More Worried about COVID Vaccine than COVID

Concepts for Avoiding & Mitigating Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Forced to Get COVID Vaccine? ICAN May Be Able to Help
Concerned about Mandatory Vaccination? Get Informed Here
Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Abandoned after Public Protests
Ways to Fight Mandatory Vaccines
Evolving Your Life with DNA Activation
The Best States States to Live in & Move to
Poll: Only 42% Say They Will Submit to Coronavirus Vaccine
Citizens in Charge
“Immunize” Yourself against Vaccine Injury with the Regenetics Method
Don’t Relinquish Civil Liberties for False Sense of Security
Overview of the World System (Downloadable PDF)
How to Decline a Vaccine
How to Legally Avoid Immunizations of All Kinds
Millions against Medical Mandates
Mandatory Vaccinations: Get Ready to Say “No!”

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its bestselling sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His visionary novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.



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