More Truth Torpedoes into the Sinking Ship Called Germ Theory

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John Blaid

What they call “viruses” are simply fragments of former cells that have never been proven to cause anything. —Dr. Stephen Lanka

If people are interested in questioning the germ theory and the existence of “viruses,” then this is what you should look into.

There are three books that people can read that tackles this question and idea that “viruses” exist and cause anything:

What Really Makes You Ill, Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong

If that is not enough, then I have five documents with a “virologist” called Dr Stefan Lanka who doesn’t want to be called a “virologist” anymore since he no longer believe in the existence of “viruses.”

He also proved in the supreme court in Germany 2016 that the measles “virus” does not exist and that has challenged the entire scientific community when it comes to the existence of “viruses.”

“The Virus Misconception Part 1—Measles as an Example”—by Dr Stefan Lanka

“The Virus Misconception Part 2—The Beginning & End of the Corona Crisis”—by Dr Stefan Lanka
Dr Stefan Lanka Interview July 2020—“Virologist” & Molecular & Marine Biologist. All claims of “virus” existence refuted.
“No Panic—Dr Stefan Lanka on Bird Flu, AIDS and the Corruption of Medicine”

Last but not least, the video material. I know there are a lot of people who prefer watching videos rather than reading books; I am one of those people. So to make it easier for people I have uploaded what I consider the best videos out there at the moment to my bitchute channel:

I would also like to state that in an age of information ignorance is a choice BUT ignorance is also the cause of suffering, so choose wisely.

This article, republished with permission, was originally posted on Facebook.

Copyright © John Blaid. All Rights Reserved.

John Blaid is a truth seeker and researcher into the fraudulent nature of germ theory. Follow him on Facebook here.


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