HIPPOCRATIC HYPOCRISY: Stunning New Documentary & Health Freedom Action Plan

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Sol Luckman

Welcome to Part 2 of the Solutions Project here on Snooze 2 Awaken. In Part 1 I focused on the pioneering macroeconomic model called One Small Town developed by Michael Tellinger.

Today I’m returning to the field of health, and specifically virology, to propose a concerted strategy for exposing fraudulent science and freeing ourselves from the current medical model based entirely on lies that systemically and  systematically breaks its own oath by actually trying (it would seem) to do more harm than good.

And when I say more than harm than good, I mean that in the most extreme way. By even conservative estimates, iatrogenic (doctor-caused) factors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Some respected researchers claim that these statistics are fudged and that doctor-induced deaths are actually at the very top of the mortality totem pole.

Don’t believe me? Google this concept and see for yourself. The only honest response to this horrific truth should be along the lines of Vince Lombardi’s immortal words: “What the hell’s going on out here?!”

To cite author and journalist Jon Rappoport on this sobering subject:

Medical illiteracy in the population—the public health experts and the pharmaceutical titans feast on it. It allows them to get away with mass murder every day.

For those who think murder is too strong a word, I’ll close with this: it’s simple—when you’re in a profession that keeps killing and maiming people at a tragic and astonishing rate, and you know it and do nothing about it, you’re guilty. Period. No amount of evasion or excuse changes the fact.

Could there actually be a purposeful effort directed from the highest levels of the medical establishment (and perhaps even beyond) to suppress all forms of real medicine that fortify the body, mind, and spirit—while medicalizing expensive toxins and mutilations?

Are you aware that, before being turned on its head like everything else in our world, the word “quack” initially applied to allopathic doctors promoting the insane (by any humane and/or holistic standards) cut-remove-poison-and-kill model of medical warfare that is contrary to nature and antithetical to life?

Google that, too. And while you’re at it, look up something called Koch’s postulates and Rivers’ postulates. Specifically, see if you can uncover any proof, any whatsoever, that these postulates developed to prove the germ theory of disease have ever been fulfilled in the case of viruses or even bacteria.

Have a listen to what Dr. Thomas Cowan has to say on this subject in this recent interview that I highly recommend:

As Dr. Cowan indicates, you won’t find any proof of germ theory because there isn’t any. According to a plethora of researchers, including David Parker and Dawn Lester in their watershed review of medical literature, WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL?, not a shred of honest science has ever been advanced to support the false (but immensely profitable—just ask the vaccine industry) claim that viruses and bacteria are infectious and cause disease.

Below, I provide a host of links—in addition to an amazing new documentary—that prove my point abundantly and redundantly.

But before we get there, allow me to entertain a possible question in readers’ minds, who might be asking themselves, “So what?”

Here’s what:

Germ theory is emblematic of an inherently antagonist and oppressive worldview that sees others as threats. You can’t take away this mentality, by exposing and substituting for it a holistic, healthy, co-evolutionary outlook, without changing the world so thoroughly that our sociopathic and psychopathic controllers would be disempowered quickly and utterly.

The world is built from energy and consciousness. Going after the controllers exclusively is merely attacking an epiphenomenon without addressing the primary cause of our problems.

Thus what we really need to change, first and foremost, is our mindset. And this means being willing to correct—and if all else fails, reject—anyone still clinging to the warlike, either-or, us-versus-them model of human biology based on the fraudulent germ theory model that inevitably separates us from nature and each other.

And yes, this includes some ostensibly well-meaning voices in the health movement such as Drs. Judy Mikovits, Zach Bush, Rashid Buttar, VA Shiva and Dolores Cahill, who despite admitting some of the flaws in germ theory, still perniciously promote it even though it is 100% incorrect in all cases.

Mother Nature is never “infected” by “germs.” She allows bacteria to proliferate in certain areas of her “body” to detoxify it and/or recycle dead or dying “tissue.” Why on earth would the human body work any differently? Well, it doesn’t.

Specifically troubling relative to all of us trying to survive the current scamdemic is the persistent belief, even among otherwise enlightened scientists (Bruce Lipton comes to mind), that SARS-CoV-2 is a real virus, one that has been scientifically proved to exist (by being “isolated” or “purified”) and to cause a real illness christened with the scary name COVID-19.

But anyone, even a lay person, who has done the requisite looking into Koch’s postulates and Rivers’ postulates as applied to viruses, should know that no contagious virus has ever been isolated from a sick person and proved to be the cause of that person’s illness.

Here’s Dr. Andrew Kaufman in HIPPOCRATIC HYPOCRISY describing the sleight of hand used by today’s virologists who, unable to use logic and the scientific method to prove viral contagion for the simple reason that this isn’t how nature and the human body work, basically just make sh*t up:

Well, essentially, what they’re seeing under the microscope [and calling SARS-CoV-2] could very well be exosomes because they pretty much created a recipe to make exosomes because they’re usually using monkey kidney cells for this purpose and they’re mixing it with antibiotics. It’s well known that antibiotics induce exosomes … These cells are basically dying cells. They’re putting out all kinds of debris. Early on in the study of virology [i.e., using Koch’s postulates and then, when those proved impossible, Rivers’ watered-down but still unworkable version], they wrestled with this problem and pretty much gave up on trying to find a virus until this new technique that I described was invented. So we could very well be seeing exosomes in those pictures, but they could also be other kinds of cellular debris particles. The thing is, we don’t know because they’ve never taken those particles, purified them, and characterized exactly what they are. That’s never been done. The [PCR coronavirus] test is a little bit different [because] it doesn’t test for a virus at all. What that tests for is a sequence of RNA, which is genetic material. And the way they obtain [is] that they [also take an] impure sample—lung fluid [or a throat swab] in this case—from some people who are sick … and they amplify short little sequences … that they’re specifically looking for because they have this library of gene sequences of viruses … [T]hey’ve always characterized them this way. So they’ve never once had an intact virus particle, then sliced it open and taken the RNA out and done a sequence from end to end. That’s never been done. What they do, instead, is they take this impure sample and they look for a specific sequence that they’ve pre-identified as being viral in nature (from this database). And then, what they’re doing is amplifying these short little sequences—maybe 150-250 base pairs—and they’re splicing them together into this one long strand of 30,000, which they say is the viral genome. But it’s actually just this Frankenstein-type of assembly of all these little pieces that we don’t even have any proof [are] related. They could even come from different types of cells or different creatures. And when there’s gaps, they’re basically using sequences that they get from that database of other viruses that are also put together in this Frankenstein-type way. And they sew all those together and say that this is the genome sequence of this virus. And that’s the procedure. And they’re testing for something from that, but we don’t really know what it is—except it’s most likely our own sequences. So that’s why there are so many positive results, because they’re essentially testing our own genetic sequences. [emphasis added]

How I wish Mikovits et al. (to say nothing of their many enthusiastic, misled followers) would read this paragraph over and over while considering its far-reaching implications until the absurdity of virology’s so-called scientific methodology sinks in once and for all. Then, collectively, putting on our big boy and big girl pants, let’s do the right thing by taking the mental bowel movement known as virology and flushing it straight down the toilet where it belongs.

Until then, we can never move beyond the very thing—germ theory—that is being weaponized against humanity by forcing us into devastating lockdowns, impossible social distancing, hazardous masks, unconstitutional contact tracing, unsubstantiated (but widespread) paranoia that we’re under a contagious bioweapon attack (despite the fact that no viral contagion has even been demonstrated), and potentially deadly, DNA-altering vaccines that are likely to contain everything from hazardous nanoparticles to Orwellian microchips.

But the one thing we no for sure COVID-19 vaccines will NOT contain is SARS-CoV-2. Because it doesn’t exist. And even if it did, it’s not causing illness.

How do I know this? Well, for starters, as pointed out by Dr. Kaufman and others, if you look at the official all-cause mortality rates for the last three years, so far 2020 has been a banner year. Fewer people have died so far in 2020 than in the average of the same period during 2019, 2018, and 2017.

Then there’s this for your reading and viewing pleasure:

Nurse Blows apart COVID in 2 Minutes
Bodies Are Piling up: Let’s Make Choreographed Dance Videos
Undercover Video Shows CBS Faking COVID-19 Patients
CBS Admits to Staged COVID Testing in Hospital “Warzones”
Doctor: Why You Can’t Trust Any of the Statistics on the Number of Victims
98% of “COVID-19 Deaths” in Massachusetts Had Underlying Health Condition
Proof Death Certificates Are Being Falsified
Colorado Health Department Admits It Overcounted Coronavirus Deaths by 24%
Only 6 of San Diego County’s 200 COVID Deaths Are “Pure, Solely Coronavirus”
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German Scientist: All Alleged COVID-19 Deaths in Hamburg Involved Comorbidity
The Exponential Lie of COVID Fatality Rates
Tanzanian President Questions WHO’s Credibility in Major Testing Scandal
Downing Street Announces COVID Death Certificates Are Falsified
Proof It’s a Scam
Physician on How COVID-19 Death Certificates Are Being Manipulated
COVID: The Numbers Game, the Fraud & the Final Answer

The solution part of this article comes in here: you have to become part of it by doing your homework, sharing this information and standing your ground when the thoroughly brainwashed trot out—usually with the arrogant intonation of true scientism cult members—the familiar questions meant to make you look like a Covidiot:

If there’s no virus, how come so many people are dying?
How can so many people test positive for a virus that doesn’t exist?
If viruses don’t cause pandemics, what does?
Why do you say SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t been isolated when everybody knows it has been?

Of course, the real Covidiots are the lobotomized masses who have bought the lie of germ theory and accepted the heinous medical tyranny made possible by blind belief in germ theory.

But they don’t know they’re Covidiots. There’s the rub. It’s your mission—should you choose to accept it—to gently and tactfully show people the perilous error of their ways. Education in true health science is the key that can unlock the doors, not to a brave new world, but to a sane one.

You can start (or continue) your education by watching this powerful truth documentary:

[SL: Well, that was quick. YouTube already deleted Dr. Kaufman’s video. Guess there was just too much truth in it. Here’s a link to the video. I’ve embedded the trailer below.]

You might need to watch it a few times to process the implications and come to terms not just with the brazen lies we’ve been fed but with the murderous intent behind them. That’s okay. I’ve been there. You’ll get over it. And then, as the saying goes, what hasn’t killed you (like allopathic medicine) will make you stronger.

When you’re ready, I recommend that you begin making your way through these links taken from from my massive COVID Truth Database. This will take some time, so pace yourself. But you’ll be well on your way to the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in real biological science—and that’s pretty cool.

Historical Precedents for Coronavirus-like Science Fraud

Rethink All Viruses
Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t a Virus
HIV Does Not Exist
Why I Began Questioning HIV
Virus Mania
Coronavirus Déjà Vu
The Moth in the Iron Lung: A Biography of Polio

Fraudulent PCR Testing for SARS-CoV-2

10 Things You Should Know about COVID Testing
FDA Halts Bill Gates-backed COVID-19 Testing Program
Roundtable COVID Discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory (Downloadable PDF)
Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?

How SARS-CoV-2 Has Not Been Scientifically Proved to Exist

Coronavirus, Suppressed Medical Science & the Infectious Myth
A Critical Conversation between David Crowe & Dr. Andrew Kaufman
The Rooster in the River of Rats
The COVID-19 Theory That You Are Not Allowed to Hear
The Inconvenient Facts about the “Coronavirus Pandemic”

COVID-19 & Germ Theory

Dr. Barre Lando: There’s a Big Battle Happening
Dismantling the Viral Theory
Discussion with Dr. Andrew Kaufman & the Authors of WHAT MAKES YOU ILL?
Germs, the Terrain & Our Future
Questioning the Dominant Paradigm
Coronavirus Crisis Reopens 150-year-old Controversy
Viruses & Contagion, a Bioterrain Perspective
The Existence of Any “Virus”
Louis Pasteur & the Myth of Pasteurization
What Really Makes You Ill?
Goodbye Germ Theory
The Germ Theory: The New State Religion
Dr. Stefan Lanka: Pandemic Theater—History of the Infection Theory

Doctors & Researchers Claiming No Virus Is Involved in the Plandemic

A Lesson in Logic with Tom Cowan, MD
Doctor Blows Whistle on Medical System & Pandemic in Explosive Interview
A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures with Dr. Andrew Kaufman
$5K Reward for Proof of Diagnosis with Dr. Tim O’Shea
The Truth about a Virus Is Out with Dr. Thomas Cowan
Questioning COVID with Drs. Kaufman, Brogan & Lando
COVID 19—Is It Really about a Virus?
Evidence the COVID-19 Pandemic Is False

Finally, I invite you to check out my own articles on the COVID-19 hoax:

Massive COVID Truth Database
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21 Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative
Coronavirus Smoking Gun
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COVID-19: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
COVID-19: The Only Bigger Hoax Here is Germ Theory
The Most Important Article on COVID-19 You Will Ever Read
Freethinking the COVID-19 Plannedemic

Together, we can stand in the truth until enough people join us to disarm the primary weapon of today’s antihuman agenda: germ theory. Only when that day comes can we create a healthy, peaceful and prosperous planet for all.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a pioneering painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers and award-winning author whose books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its bestselling sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. His visionary novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction, is the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. Sol’s latest book, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, winner of the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor, reinvigorates satire to prove that—though we might not be able to change the world—we can at least have a good laugh at it. Then again, maybe laughter can transform the world! Learn more about Sol’s art and writing at www.CrowRising.com.


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