Trump Derangement vs. Trump Enablement

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Donald Jeffries, Keeping It Unreal

As the world continues its draconian slide through the plandemic psyop, our country has divided itself firmly into two misguided camps. As has been the case since the election of Donald Trump, that division is centered around his impossibly cartoonish personality.

Those who suffer from the very real Trump Derangement Syndrome disorder have taken the side of the virus, clinging to it like desperate leeches. They are emotionally invested in the virus, and in the medical and scientific “experts” who promote its dangers, and advocate more authoritarian means to combat it.

Meanwhile, the Trump faithful who remain loyal to him in spite of all the evidence that he is in fact just another neocon Republican, have contracted their own disorder, Trump Enablement Syndrome. This group, while largely demanding that the country open up again, bends with every Trumpian flip-flop. They cheer when Trump quips that we can “beat” the virus without a vaccine, and turn a deaf ear when he announces the military will be administering it.

Only in the conspiracy world I inhabit can one find independent alternative views. Every politician in both “competing” parties is waiting breathlessly for a vaccine to defeat this horrific plague. They conveniently forget that the flu has not been eradicated by a vaccine. They are also shockingly ignorant of the well documented negative effects from vaccines. Instead, they are listening to the Godfather of this plandemic, noted nondoctor and nonscientist, eugenicist Bill Gates.

Gates and his equally unqualified wife Melinda have really been increasing the pro-vaccine rhetoric lately. They advocate continuing this disastrous lockdown until everyone has been safely vaccinated. Along with the Beetlejuice-looking Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose arrogant pronouncements seem like self-satire, the transsexual Secretary of Health in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles’s “health” director, who looks like she belongs on the set of THE WALKING DEAD, and the obese health ministers of Belgium, Alberta, and Quebec, it’s difficult to take their advice seriously. Or to keep a straight face.

It should be obvious to all, now that they are front and center in running this world-wide psyop, just how horrific our leaders are. At every level. Look at Lightfoot—a laughably unimpressive mayor of a big city, who memorably got her own hair cut while forbidding her underlings to do so. Drunk with power, she told Chicagoans that “we will shut you down,” while leading CDC official Dr. Carol Baker, who naturally is white herself, bluntly declared, “we’ll just get rid of all Whites in the United States.” The good doctor didn’t explain what white people have to do with the present crisis, or with her own job description.

Most of these odious figures, the vast majority of them public servants, with many elected by the populace, remained safely in the background prior to the introduction of the COVID-19 show. Now that they have to make decisions, and weigh in regularly with the press and the public, their mind-boggling incompetence and long learned sense of entitlement is being exposed. Not that most of the public seems to care, mind you. Lightfoot and other cretinous “representatives” will unquestionably be returned to office in the next election.

Think about the questions no one is asking. The most obvious one being; why are all these businesses being forced to close, with their owners at risk of legal punishment, while corporate giants like Walmart and Home Depot have been allowed to remain open the entire time? What is the point of installing a plexiglass shield between customers and cashiers, if the cashier is touching all of the items being purchased? Why put a plastic cover on the credit card keypad, when everyone is touching the same cover?

Recently, stories have begun appearing throughout the mainstream media, attempting to convey the impression that many of the same idiotic, pointless rules we’re being forced to obey now were in place during the 1918 flu pandemic. Photos have started appearing of people back then with the same ridiculous masks on. There is even a picture of a Major League Baseball player at bat, wearing a mask. Sorry, as a long time student of baseball during that era, I cannot accept that. 1918 was the last Red Sox World Series victory for many decades, just prior to the “curse” of the Bambino, when Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. I’ve read every book about that World Series, and would definitely have seen and remembered such a photo.

Altering or photoshopping old pictures is really nothing different than what Winston Smith did for a living in Orwell’s 1984. Like Smith, our court historians and professional “journalists” work together to bring history into accord with our present-day sensibilities. We are almost to the point of Orwell’s “unpersons” being thrown down the memory hole he invented. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Hollywood come out with a big production featuring the long suppressed contributions of transgenders during the Civil War. Assuming Hollywood ever resumes production, of course.

While many eminently qualified doctors have been banned from YouTube and social media, seventeen year old decidedly unqualified Greta Thunberg has been named to a ludicrous panel of “experts” on the Coraonvirus by CNN. Well, I suppose she’s no less an expert on viruses than she is on “climate change,” which she’s been asked to pontificate on by our illustrious state-controlled media and obsequious politicians.

Standing at the center of all this is our Tweeter-in-Chief; Tweetalini if you will. Whether he is just as moronic as he seems to be, or if he is a brilliant actor hired to play someone incredibly stupid, Donald Trump is definitely not in charge. He doesn’t appear to have a clue what’s going on, or to be fully on board with the lockdown. He has bickered publicly with Dr. Anthony “Frankenstein” Fauci, the Pavlovian seventy-nine-year-old orchestrating the government’s actions on the issue. This is nothing new for Trump, of course. Everyone in his administration appears opposed to his campaign rhetoric. Trump will probably issue some nasty tweets about Fauci, but then begrudgingly go along with everything he proposes. This is Trump 101.

The Trump Derangement people are literally wishing for him to die on social media. They would vote for Hitler over Trump. They have come to retroactively love the likes of George W. Bush, because of his public opposition to Trump. Anyone who hates Trump is good in their eyes. If we can just get rid of the buffoonish Orange Man, we can go back to the world of justice, peace, and fairness that we all remember so well prior to 2016.

The Trump Enablement people feast on Trump’s tweets, and demand nothing else. Sound bites and juvenile names are enough to satisfy them. Forget ending DACA, or birth-right citizenship, or the destructive foreign visa worker programs, or stopping the senseless wars, or rebuilding the infrastructure, or that autism-vaccines commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. They also continue to claim Trump has stopped child sex trafficking (even as Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to “suicide” himself under his watch). They breathlessly await the ever-changing date when those 150,000 sealed indictments will bring down the Deep State. They believe that William Barr, a swamp creature of decades long good standing, will fulfill Trump’s “drain the swamp” promise.

Virtually all Americans view this virus through the prism of Trump’s personality. They are committed to love him or hate him. If only they’d recall the advice of the greatest champion the poor and working class ever had, Huey Long, who said, “They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen.”

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Copyright © Donald Jeffries. All Rights Reserved.

Donald Jeffries is the author of the 2007 sci-fi/fantasy novel THE UNREALS, which has been described as a cross between THE WIZARD OF OZ and THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and compared to A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES and classic Russian literature. His latest book is CRIMES & COVER-UPS IN AMERICAN POLITICS: 1776-1963, which features a Foreword by Ron Paul. Check out his blog here.


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