The Real Reasons Why So Many People Are Acting Like Sheeple: Dr. Kelly Brogan en Fuego!

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Sol Luckman

“Germ theory is the ultimate victim consciousness in expression.” —Dr. Kelly Brogan

At a time when the list of “half-truthers”—“alternative” media influencers supposedly interested in facts about COVID-19 and germ theory but who, for one reason or another, simply refuse to admit that germ theory is a hoax and SARS-CoV-2 has never even been proved to exist—seems to be growing longer by the day, Dr. Kelly Brogan is like a light shining out of the darkness of denial.

I hope you enjoy her powerful presentation [SL: link only below as of late October following predicted deletion by YouTube] from this past weekend’s True Healing Conference as much as I did. Besides her insightful thoughts on germ theory, her perspective is extremely enlightening where today’s mass psychology of blind compliance is concerned.

[SL in late January, 2022: Unfortunately, Dr. Kelly’s talk is no longer free. You can, however, for a fee, still access it through the above link. You might also enjoy my subsequent publicly available interview with her that addressed similar topics.]

Here are more resources for understanding the greatest hoax of all time, aka COVID-1984:

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It’s worth considering that humanity’s very survival may depend on breaking the spell of germ theory and taking off our blinders as to the fictitious (but no less dangerous where life and liberty are concerned) nature of all “viruses” and viral “bioweapons.”

In this healing and transformational process, inevitably, we will, as Dr. Brogan suggests, grow up—not just individually, but as a species. And that, my friends, has the power to change the world like nothing else.

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  1. Hi Sol, Love your work, thank you so much for all you do…just wanted to mention that BOTH links, the you tube AND the odyssee have been taken down for the Dr. Rogan you are trying to share here. Is there any new one? Would love to view it! Wow, must REALLY be good if they took down both! ha ha

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