Biolabs Are NOT Important

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CGI’s Mike, Rumor Mill News

Every country with a few extra bucks has got at least one tucked away somewhere.

It is not the bio-weapons that you need to worry about. It’s the MARTIANS!!!

Over the decades, the Martians have re-engineered themselves to be very small. Trillions of them will fit on a fingertip. And they are fluffy. They can ride easily on water vapor. No longer do they need huge walking machines to get around.

They have learned to attack the most vulnerable human weaknesses. The ear is their favored beachhead, with the eye following closely.

The main method of bio-disruption is the appropriation of maiming and death from other diseases, conditions, accidents, murders, etc. which they attribute to themselves. This saves them a lot of work and makes them look big and bad even though you can’t see them. They’re smart.

What makes the Martians so infective is the propensity of the various human races to simply accept Orso-Wellian Authoritative Declaration, both heard and read, without discernment. The Martians can engineer themselves any way they wish to, and be infective, if they present through convincing authority. In the past, this was known simply as voodoo. Orso-Wellian Authoritative Declaration has a much more modern and scientific ring. It is scarcely influenced by religions, philosophies, common sense, intellectualism and other such stuff, and it sells very well.

The point is that Martians will need to be redesigned to be new scary because the old scary has worn off. !!!BIO-LABS!!!

But seriously, Who needs bio-labs when Orso-Wellian Authoritative Declaration has been perfected? And it’s dirt cheap. And it’s fun for the authorities. It’s also safe. Government officials and important people and rioters don’t have to worry about getting sick. It’s all good.

Martians do not exist. Martians have not killed anyone.

And more and more and more …

Ivermectin has been around for a long time, and it is very popular. Don’t you think that pet owners, vets and livestock owners would have noticed if it had any real effect on respiratory disease?

This leaves ivermectin as a placebo. The sugar pill works because Orso-Wellian Authoritative Declaration says that it works. (More voodoo.) Declaration can be made from either side of the game effectively. What better way to confuse than have both sides declaring that Martians are real and each side having “proof” of infection or cure?

This informal comment posted at Rumor Mill News is shared here in the spirit of fair use.

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