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Logan McCulloch

The following essay is a summary of some key conclusions derived after intense study of this topic over the past 10+ years. The study of history has been essential to my understanding of the topics covered below. Let me start with my key assertions.

  • Germ Theory is not just wrong, it was an intentional fraud from its inception (research the role of the Rockefeller family in creating a medical monopoly around allopathic, AKA chemical, medicine in the early 1900’s).
  • Virology is absurd (research its history and the “science” behind it and this assertion becomes self-evident).
  • Vaccines are equally absurd and are best described as conglomerate poisons (research the work of Edward Jenner going back to the late 1700’s).

As we move forward it is important to examine one of the most important yet little known distinctions between Germ theory and Terrain theory; and that is monomorphism versus pleomorphism.


Monomorphism – Germ theory claims that all microorganisms only maintain a single form (i.e., streptococcus bacteria is always only streptococcus bacteria), and that the majority of human microorganisms originate outside the human body. The claim that “90% of our cells are not us but are colonies of external organisms that cohabitate within us” is based on this belief.

Pleomorphism – Terrain theory deduces that the body itself creates all the microorganisms it needs based upon the current state of the terrain (the body in this case). Specific bacteria and other microorganisms are created when needed for both detoxification of poisons and regeneration (healing) of the body itself. In this model all microorganisms save certain parasites are native to our own body. Remember, parasites are an integral part of nature’s clean-up crew, and only thrive where there is an environment and food sources they require (i.e., dirty terrain polluted with heavy metals, pesticides, industrial chemicals, etc.). With pleomorphism the body is imbued with a detoxification and regeneration system, not an immune system.  There is no ongoing state of war with pleomorphism.

Finally, for any sincere and earnest researcher it is crucial to examine and assess sources of information. Disinformation and outright propaganda are rampant.

Sources of Information

In my quest for truth within the topic of medicine and its history I have found three basic categories that describe most sources of incorrect information.  These are not mutually exclusive in that a single person may fall into all three categories based on specific topics.

Innocently Ignorant – most of us spend a great deal of our lives in this category.  This is the “you don’t know what you don’t know” area. These are people who either sincerely feel that their beliefs are true, and/or they have never questioned the orthodox story they have been taught.

Willfully Ignorant – this category includes folks who unconsciously or consciously know that there is something wrong, lacking or contradictory about the information they believe. But through varying motivations they decline to examine their beliefs. This could be the loving parent who is afraid to find out that they have injected their children with a poison, or a physician whose very career and reputation would be jeopardized if they discovered contradictory information that threatened the orthodox establishment. So, both merely look away and embrace their known ignorance.

Conscious Liar – This is obviously a person who has intentionally chosen to deceive.  Motivations include personal gain, coercion and/or a personal philosophy or belief system such as eugenics/transhumanism. I would like to examine two specific types of conscious liars. I will explain why all Controlled Opposition Disinformation Agents are also Limited Hangout Disinformation Agents, but the opposite is not always the case.

  • Limited Hangout Disinformation Agent: this is a player who portrays his or herself as a champion of truth. Often these folks identify as alternative researchers and/or journalists who portray themselves as independent. Their primary MO is that what they share is typically 98% true. They establish their credibility over time by exposing topics and sharing information that can be verified. It’s the other 2% that is key here. There will be certain topics they assiduously avoid (lies by omission), and others that they use as a distraction. The later are the “red herring” topics that lead the audience down a path that leads nowhere or proposes theories and conclusions that are patently false. The classic Limited Hangout Disinfo Agent is Alex Jones. He exposes a good deal of real information, but in such a ridiculous manner that he brings into question the credibility of that information and anyone who believes it. A more insidious example is James Corbett. James focuses on lies by omission as well as distraction. He demonstrates another tell of Limited Hangout “researchers.” Many of them produce ridiculous amounts of research intensive and high quality audio, video, and written content. I say ridiculous because many of them (like James for many years) claim they are a one-man show.  James is by all accounts a meticulous and intelligent researcher. As such he’s spent a great amount of time researching the truth of 9/11. He certainly knows that there is no credible evidence physical evidence of a commercial airliner hitting the pentagon. Keep that in mind as you watch this two minute video: https://youtu.be/JT7YKAFq8PQ  If you’d like. Here is an example that pertains to our current topics of germ theory, virology and vaccines: https://odysee.com/@corbettreport:0/futurevaccines:6. Again, acknowledging James’ well demonstrated skills in research, I have no doubt he has read all the same historical resources I have. These clearly paint Edward Jenner as the poster child of quacks. His vaccines were complete failures and killed thousands. There were widespread revolts in England when whole towns resisted a national government mandate that everyone must take Jenner’s Smallpox vaccine (sound familiar?). In many of the towns which did not refuse, a massive Smallpox resurgence was documented in the aftermath of the forced vaccinations. Corbett knows all this. Yet pay attention for his one 60-second reference to Edward Jenner and his vaccine in the video linked above.
  • Controlled Opposition Disinformation Agent: I am going to use Dr. Robert Malone as my example here. A video I received recently was the inspiration for this essay (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iulvEmAmtcQ).  Remember, a controlled opposition agent is also a disinfo agent, the difference being this character also represents some type of movement and/or organization resisting some proposed injustice. Malone describes himself in the video as a “molecular virologist and vaccine expert.”  He is certainly not going to cover the absurdity of germ theory, virology, or vaccines. No, his role is to steer interest away from those topics and concentrate the moral outrage solely on “freedom.”  If you watch that video, every other participant is an establishment germ theory MD, PhD, or both. There are literally no other healthcare professionals represented (chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, etc.). Whether Malone is willfully ignorant or a conscious liar is up for debate. But knowing that the entire “science” of molecular biology along with genetics and DNA research can trace their origins back to The Rockefeller Institute and the cult of eugenics, I would vote for the latter.  I feel confident that he is certainly a disinfo (distraction) agent.

For most of my life I have been an innocently ignorant disinfo agent. I think most of us fall into that category at times. For example, I never questioned the established narrative of vaccines. Even when it came to injecting my child, I never read a single vaccine insert, nor did any research into the history or science of vaccines. And through my ignorance I strengthened the narrative I now know to be totally false. Vaccines are neither safe nor effective … never have been.

The cult-like adherence to germ theory is causing unimaginable levels of death and destruction for millions of people every day. That’s why when any prominent leader rails against mandates but also states “I am not anti-vaccine,” I am immediately suspicious. When I began to look more than 10 years ago at the subverted story of vaccines, the information itself was quite easy to find. It is far easier today … at least for the time being. So, when a learned person who is a willing public figure in this realm makes that statement, I lean more toward the assessment he or she is a conscious liar … or a consummate moron.

Here are some good resources for further study.  You can also visit trekfortruth.org.  It has many more research resources and articles.

Recommended Reading

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory – PASTEUR OR BECHAMP by Ethel Hume; THE CONTAGION MYTH by Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morrell; WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL? by Dawn Lester and David  Parker; Snooze to Awaken blog by Sol Luckman at https://snooze2awaken.com

Virology – BREAKING THE SPELL by Dr. Tom Cowan; ViroLIEgy blog by Mike Stone at https://viroliegy.com

Vaccines – DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS by Dr. Suzanne Humphries; MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustice Mullins

Copyright © Logan McCulloch. All Rights Reserved.

Learn more about Logan McCulloch at http://www.trekfortruth.org/logan-unitic-mcculloch.


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