The Challenges Related to RNA Extraction for Genome Sequencing

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Check out this trenchant article on the fraud of virology by Mike Stone, who’s fast becoming a major voice of truth exposing and debunking the lies of so-called biological science.


RNA purification is not the same as the initial steps that are supposed to be used when purifying and isolating “viruses” in order to prove their existence and pathogenicity. As defined by Science Direct, total RNA isolation is the method that helps to separate pure RNA from tissues and the mixtures of DNA or proteins. Essentially they are breaking down everything in the sample chemically into RNA so that it can be used for various genomic applications. Whole “virus” particles are not obtained in this process. The resulting “pure” RNA is a mixture from many sources. However, it is clear that the methods used for the extraction of RNA either from cell culture or straight from clinical samples are fraught with potential problems regarding contamination and RNA degradation. Any errors in this first crucial step will affect the following steps in the sequencing process and lead to problems with the reliability and accuracy of sequencing a genome. This means that the puzzle pieces used to create the picture will be inaccurate. If the pieces of the puzzle are incorrect, what does that say about the puzzle?


The critical first step to generate a genome after the cell culturing process is to extract the RNA from the mixture. The purpose of this is to break down and isolate RNA from any other cellular components and impurities that are within the culture supernatant. It is important to understand that through this process, they are not separating whole “viral” particles from everything else. They are breaking down the RNA within the sample in order to establish a DNA library for genome sequencing. Many get confused when reading virology papers as they believe that when researchers state that they purified RNA, that this means that the “virus” was properly purified and isolated. Do not get confused with the use of the word purification as they are only speaking in terms of purifying free-floating RNA from various sources, not whole “viral” particles. The RNA is a mixture of many sources, not…

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