MUST-READ about “COVID”: They Won’t Put Down the Idol

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Del Bigtree from The Highwire programme and his position has been on my mind on and off since it became obvious that he was holding a false or unfounded paradigm in place, securing the roots, with the aim of dismantling branches. I, with more hesitation, went to watch another recent show of his program only to be confronted again with the same principle.

He begins by trying to show solidarity with people all over the world whose politicians are declaring more and more tyranny. In the midst of this, he gave thanks for the constitution on his political system, the US CONstitution, grateful for the “rights” it had written in it, and compared the growing tyranny going on in the world to Nazi Germany. I shook my head again as I saw a repeat of the problem I had seen before.

Let me explain.

The world right now believes in something called “COVID-19.” The definition of that is a disease, a set of symptoms, caused by a virus, a nanoparticle invisible, called SARS-Cov-2.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Coronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A coronavirus identified in 2019, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19.

A virus is a strand of RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein shell. It is dead, inert, not alive, yet is said to somehow go from place to place by means of direct or indirect contact, enter a body, combine to the cells of animals and hijack the cells mechanisms to replicate itself. Remember, it is a dead and inert entity “doing” all of this. Ponder that. An inert entity doing actions. Think about a brick doing this. Here’s a useful quote. Again, think of the dead doing actions.

A virus is a small collection of genetic code, either DNA or RNA, surrounded by a protein coat. A virus cannot replicate alone. Viruses must infect cells and use components of the host cell to make copies of themselves …

In a useful article, although it claims there is debate, it also makes plain that there are fatal flaws to the idea of viruses being alive. Living things have cells. Viruses do not. Living things eat to survive. Viruses don’t. Living things respond to their environment. Viruses have no means of doing this. Living things have metabolic systems. Viruses do not. Living things reproduce. In a strict sense, viruses do not. I know, I know what is said, but think about it. Even unicellular bacteria are said to reproduce on their own asexually. Viruses are not said to do this. They are believed to float around, get with a cell, and then it is the cell that takes this dead info and uses that info to replicate it. If I get a bank note, and then make photocopies of it, does that make the bank note now a living thing? Of course not.

But a fatal flaw to even talking about this “virus,” this so-called infectious nanoparticle: it has never been proven to exist in reality or in nature and have never been proven to cause disease. See

I know people say that viruses and SARS-Cov-2 has been isolated, but the question is what is meant by “isolation.” It is not what you and I understand the word to mean, that the virus is on its own, in whole form, separated from all other substances. No, based on my reading, it is a process of using unpurified human fluid, putting it on inhuman cells in an artificial environment, subjecting that unpurified concoction to chemical treatments, getting extra-cellular debris from that concoction, and either claiming that to be the virus, or, nowadays, putting the fragments of RNA sequences into a computer which creates the configuration that is expected or desired. It is only be researching this subject that I’ve learned about the terms “in silico,” meaning made in a computer, and “de novo sequencing,” which means not knowing what an original entity is supposed to look like, but using computer programs and fragments to generate a structure that looks right. See

So when I see the internet thought police, the so-called “fact checkers,” saying that SARS-Cov-2 has been isolated many times, I know they’re talking bullshit. For example, I went to a Reuters fact checking site,, which said in bold, “Fact check: The virus that causes COVID-19 has been isolated, and is the basis for the vaccines currently in development“. In its most important paragraph, it stated

The virus was identified by Chinese authorities on Jan. 7, 2020 (, after which its genetic material (RNA) was sequenced (here [linked to

The latter link is dead and the former link which should supply the evidence doesn’t take you to an original paper but simply a summary with no evidence by the W.H.O.

Amazingly, the sites that actually go through the papers that claim isolation ( and the videos that go through the papers (—Dr.-Andrew-Kaufman,-M.D.:3) make it obvious that the process of “isolation” is far from good evidence of existence. To get broken pieces of debris, make a synthetic entity and then call that isolation without using it to cause disease is neither proof of isolation or pathogenicity.

And all that is speaking outside of my own experience. If I referred to my own life, it has never ever been proven or shown to me that germs and viruses cause disease. The belief has no basis in my experience. It may not count for much to you, the reader, but this is not about you. I’m relating my experience. That’s so that I can get to this conclusion: There is nothing objectively to say that a virus (pathogenic nanoparticle) or this virus, SARS-Cov-2, exists, and there’s nothing subjectively, in my own experience that says such things exist. I have no basis to say this entity is real.

Again, it should be seen that I’m not simply going by my experience but referencing hostile witnesses as well as others to prove that there is objectivity to my point.

OK, let me get back to where I was.

So Del Bigtree, he chooses to run after the branches, the legal cases, the mask mandates, the imposition of toxic injections, bringing in scientists to say that the “vaccines” don’t help the situation and that they help cause the variants, all the while keeping the fear of viruses alive. Someone else gave a good critique of his approach.

Covid 19 is a perfect example of occult forces using the creative power of the masses to bring into existence an entity with weight and mass and social-legal influence. The masses unwittingly sourced (sorcery) their own nemesis, and this includes all of the alt sources that would not focus singularly on the absence of proof of existence once that came to light. Any and all deviations from demand of proof of existence fed the covid fiction. It does not matter what the argument concerning covid might be, it fed the fiction by tacit agreement that the fiction was real.

For all the good Del Bigtree’s companies, The Highwire and ICAN, and its affiliates do—and they do help greatly—they continue to leave the main distraction in place and reinforce it, so that, should COVID come and go, as with all the other attempts at pandemics, the power players only need to bring a new scary virus into existence and the people will fall for it again. Added to that, Del’s efforts also keep COVID in place. He and his legal team that thwart the attempts of tyrants to impose mandates and he can warn people how to strengthen their immune system, but the threat of COVID, of the imaginary SARS-Cov-2, itself still remains.

When he brought up his comparison with Nazi Germany whilst praising the style of government or the purported core document of the USA government, by that he adopts the very same principle of holding a poisonous root idea in place whilst trying to complain against the branches.

Larken Rose in his video “What’s so bad about Nazis?” (found at does a good job of highlighting this habitual error of Del Bigtree. Think about it with me. Del’s revered constitution is only a piece of paper with written opinion on it. It has no inherent power. The writers had no authority over anyone else. There was no valid contract since there was no individual person called “The People” who had considered the terms to sign their name on it in a binding agreement that would have only been binding on the signees, if it were a contract, which it doesn’t claim to be. That document was the basis for centralised power in America by a group of people, called government, who crapped all over its contents from near the very beginning because it had no real power over anyone, and the contents of it were only manmade. The sedition act made a mockery of “freedom of speech” and the use of military force to drag the south back into the union in the Civil War destroyed any idea of a voluntary union of states. The document says that government robbery of the individual in the form of taxes is fine and that politicians can make debts that the people of the country have to pay back, making them, the people. both collateral and indentured slaves or serfs. Del says “I’m thankful that the constitutions gives us certain rights,” not realising that the same constitution both says that the government owns him by means of his tax dollars and faith in it puts in place the very same government oppressing him. He also doesn’t know that faith in the constitution traps him into the faulty belief that “rights” exist (unless he’s just using them as the rules of the game to confound tyrants).

In addition, what makes Nazism, socialism and communism the same sort of creature as a constitutional republic or any form of modern government is the belief that the needs of some majority or a collective is greater than what is right for an individual, i.e., collectivism. Again, the repeated lessons of history bare this out. The constitution itself was imposed upon all individuals in the territory when accounts seem to state that between one tenth to one six of the population was involved in the vote, apparently. The repeated democratic process of elected proffered candidates (offered by whom?) is only an exercise in might makes right. The text of the constitution implies that robbing an individual is right to protect the masses by means of the government and its services that the taxes pays for. In that constitution are the seeds and/or roots of the beast or historical political entity Del rails against.

When I use the term “idol” in the title, although I could have used other terms like “broken staff” or “thorny branch” implying that it stabs into your own hand as you hold it, I know what I mean by use of the term. Broken staff or thorny branch refers to things that can actually exist in reality. The same cannot be said for pathogenic viruses or authority in government. Yet these imagined entities are given form by the faith of the dullard cattle masses. And the world is sadder for it.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Copyright © Hesedyahu. All Rights Reserved.


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