The Case against “Viral” Genomes

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Enjoy another trenchant article by Mike Stone exposing the virology fraud that is controlling our planet—and NOT to the benefit of We the People.


There is no area of the genome sequencing process that is untouched by serious problems which affect the end result. This laundry list of common and unavoidable pitfalls should make anyone question the overall outcome of any genome sequenced, especially ones that do not come from physical particles ever free from contamination/foreign material nor separated from everything else being sequenced. The particles said to be “viruses” are only ASSUMED to be there. The “viral” RNA is only ASSUMED to be ‘viral” based on sequences from reference genomes previously created without purified/isolated “viruses” using older technology with even more technological issues and limitations.

Next time you hear about a more dangerous variant, just remember the numerous issues outlined above as well as the fact that the WHO admits that the initial cell culturing step leads to mutations and variants in genomes and should be avoided …



I’ve come across quite a few people who seem to believe that the existence of “viral” genomes and “viral’ RNA sequences somehow proves the existence of “viruses.” One person even believed that the genome was a representation of purified/isolated “viruses.” Disregarding the fact that random A,C,T,G’s that exist only inside a computer database is at best INDIRECT evidence (does not prove; only allows for inference), there is no DIRECT evidence of a PHYSICAL entity called a “virus.” The genomes said to belong to “viruses” are never sequenced from purified/isolated particles taken from the samples directly from a sick person. They are either sequenced from unpurified bodily fluids containing many sources of host and other “non-viral” microorganisms or they are taken from unpurified cell cultures which contain numerous sources of foreign contaminants.

Purification and isolation are two criteria that must be satisfied first before any particles claimed as a “virus” can…

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