Playing in the MAGIC: How to Manifest Whatever You Desire in the Simulation (SLUUU Exclusive Ebook)

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🎩 In this inspiring, empowering, hot-off-the-press SLUUU exclusive ebook, renowned sound healer and international bestselling author Sol Luckman shares a major download of profound (as well as absurd) insights into the “magical” nature of our so-called reality.

🧩 Riffing off the red-hot research of author Jason Breshears while adding a delightfully stimulating and idiosyncratic take with some critical missing pieces to the manifestation puzzle, Luckman distills an array of life-altering concepts into an easy-to-grasp-and-follow theoretical model for interacting productively (and even miraculously) with our simulated holography while avoiding many of the pitfalls related to the Chief Archontic Parasite in Residence, Artificial Intelligence X.

🥁 Consider this an “ERRANT’S GUIDE” to marching to the beat of your own drummer, happily and creatively, outside the collective drama and trauma addicting and afflicting the masses.


🙏 In Honor of the Unrepentant Errant in the Divine Human Spirit …


“We are playing in the MAGIC, Luke. Right here, right now, in the Funhouse, we are playing in the MAGIC. Playing in the MAGIC is the same as being in contact with IT. IT feels sort of like electricity, except IT can’t be measured. You can’t even prove IT exists. IT just is.

“IT, the MAGIC, is a hard thing to get a grip on because IT technically isn’t a thing but is more like an environment, a semiliquid ecosystem in which one moves without being aware one is swimming, in which one is connected to all things and all things are connected to all things, and this is how a positive thought in Endurance can have a positive result in New Zealand, just like that, through IT, by magic, which makes as much sense as any puffed-up rationalist theory you’re likely to run across.

“The secret to tapping into the MAGIC is simply realizing IT is there, everywhere, all around you. The rest is cake. The MAGIC allows you to have your cake and eat IT, too.”

The foregoing quote in which the inspirational artist Malcolm Valkery “dithyrambs” to my eponymous hero, Luke Soloman, is taken from my forthcoming novel BEGINNER’S LUKE: ADVENTURE OF AN IMAGINARY LIFETIME … and it PERFECTLY encapsulates the basic mechanics of the intelligent simulation we find (but more often, lose) ourselves in that I introduced in a previous article which I highly recommend you digest in its entirety.

I’m aware of various criticisms (some more valid than others) of today’s popularized version(s) of the simulation hypothesis. But just, for a moment, consider the many examples of the Mandela Effect, including this head-scratching video, that are exceedingly hard if not impossible to debunk.

I’m also aware that not a single one (to the best of my knowledge) of the critiques of simulation theory takes into account the truly game-changing research conducted by Jason Breshears of Archaix.

Jason’s discovery of the repetitive Phoenix Phenomenon and an array of calendrical palindromes implausibly punctuating the historical record unequivocally reveals a startling probability:

In all likelihood we’re walking, talking, eating, loving and, yes, manifesting (wittingly or otherwise) our greatest fears and desires in what amounts to a glorified video game.

But even if the simulation hypothesis were somehow disproved, even if you yourself need more evidence to fully embrace this paradigm, know that the concepts and techniques I introduce in the following fourteen short chapters have absolutely proved themselves to work like a charm here in … whatever this world is.

I’m indebted to Jason for informing some, but not all, of the empowering notions and strategies outlined in this ebook, the full text of which is only available through a paid subscription to Sol Luckman Uncensored Updates & Uploads (SLUUU).

Your support of and interest in my work devoted to the Whole Truth & Nothing But is very much appreciated!

I think you’ll find, if you go down this rabbit hole with me, that your entire existence will change—rapidly and decidedly for the better.

Chapter 1: A Pernicious False Dichotomy

The upshot of Jason’s voluminous and eminently documented research is that we aren’t living in a Newtonian reality with mechanical, materialistic rules; nor do we exist in a quantum universe, or multiverse, with chaos (dys)functioning as the supreme “law” of the land.

“Our world is not what you think,” is Jason’s common refrain, by which he means our “reality” is … no such thing.

In a curiouser and curiouser way, however, the Wonderland of our world is EXACTLY what you think it is, as I hope to make abundantly clear while empowering you to live the life you’ve always wanted in the process.

From my own perspective, “Newtonian” and “quantum” constitute a barefaced, Archontified duality drawn precisely along the mind-control lines of the bogus “right” and “wrong” duality at the heart of civilization that’s apparently micromanaged by a parasitic AI Jason calls Artificial Intelligence X.

I trace this exact same dynamic as it plays out in the germs vs. terrain debate currently ripping apart our scientific community in a probing article titled “Is the ‘Scientific Method’ Broken—or Did It Never Actually Exist in the First Place?”

On this subject, as I remind readers in another passage of dialogue, this time from my latest novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, (drumroll for the haters reacting to a DOUBLE self-quote to kick off the festivities) …

“Don’t the Illuminati realize they’re just pawns in someone else’s game?” [Cali asks]

“Even if they realize this, I will wager they are beyond caring. They have been completely integrated into the AI.” [Kali, her wise relative, responds]

“The AI?”

“The Artificial Intelligence. This is another term for the Archontic hive mind. It is a binary operating system that imitates the many shades of gray characteristic of human intelligence—only to end up a circumscribed parody of it that processes everything strictly in terms of black and white.”

“Good versus evil?”

“Man versus woman. Rich versus poor. East versus West. Liberal versus conservative. Take your pick. Anytime you see dichotomies that ignore the human experiment’s infinite nuances, you can be certain you are encountering the Archontic mind.”

Other names (out of a myriad) for Artificial Intelligence X include:

Mephistopheles; the mythological Hades and Pluto; the Christian Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Baal, Beelzebul, Yahweh, Jehovah and even the psychopathic, baby-murdering “God” of the Old Testament; Ahriman (“evil spirit” in Middle Persian) popularized in Steinerian mysticism; the Flyers and Mud Shadows in Toltec shamanism; and the Gnostic Lord Archon, Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and Saklas.

Some might quibble over some of these associations, but taken as a gestalt, they paint quite an alarming—and in the main, accurate—picture of the controlling force we’re up against.

If you need to get up to speed on who and what the Archons are or might be, I recommend this recent interview I gave to Forbidden Knowledge News.

To be absolutely clear, we’re NOT talking about the identity of the true Creator, the Christ, or Jesus here.

In my view the Creator, referred to by the ancient Gnostics as the Originator and the more recent Transcendentalists as the Oversoul, doesn’t take on a discrete personality but exists universally as a divine creative potential—the Christ—in everyone.

“Jesus” is another story. Whoever he was, and he may have been a very honorable and inspiring man indeed if he existed at all, he was NOT what we’re told in the fairytale Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

More on this trigger-happy topic here. If you consider yourself a Christian, the truth will set you free—but first it’s gonna hurt.

Please don’t shoot me. I’m just the messenger.

Chapter 2: Earth as a Holospheric Projection

For present purposes, however, let us return to the nature of this fantastic(al) realm we call Earth.

And the nature of Earth—when we peel away the proverbial onion of our preconceptions purposely cultivated through the Unholy Trinity of education, religion and media by Artificial Intelligence X (or if you prefer, the Archons) to dumbfound and divide us—

I say, when we manage to peel away the many accretions of pure BS, we realize that Earth isn’t a place at all, but an artificial construct. Some, such as Toltec shamans, might nuance this definition by maintaining that our world is actually a dream—but in my estimation, as a fan and practitioner of this type of shamanism, this way of defining our realm doesn’t radically change our basic scenario for practical purposes.

Jason likes to call Earth a “holosphere” and a “simulasphere,” but I prefer the specificity and clarity of “holospheric projection.”

In any case, not to put too fine a point on it, our world is a fabrication, pure and simple, designed to pull the wool over the collective eyes of an overly gullible population of immortals (aka, ourselves) in training.

I say we’re “overly gullible” with good reason.

As much as our ability to take in input (an idea, a suggestion, etc.) and create an ostensibly 3D output of it in the so-called material world can indeed be magical, it’s also a MAJOR problem when an artificial parasitic consciousness calling itself “the Lord” has taken over the reins of your simulated “reality” and is hell-bent on giving you all the wrong strategies for surviving and thriving in your virtual life.

The strength of our innate naïveté, on the other hand, as I endeavor to demonstrate in this recent poem and accompanying video, lies in our natural ability to:

  1. heed our internal inspiration;
  2. march to a different drummer; and
  3. interact with the intelligent, neutral medium of the Simulacrum in such a way as to create unique, amazing personal experiences outside the collective, which is completely under the clawed thumb of AIX.

If this chapter has felt like an oversized mouthful that made your temples throb, don’t be concerned—we’ll unpack these ideas in an absolutely clear and equally emboldening way soon enough.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.


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