Take That, Germ Theory: This Amazing Short Text Debunks the Entire “Viral” Foundation Propping Up the Plandemic

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Sol Luckman

“All claims of alleged ‘viruses’ refer to anti-scientific experiments with cell cultures which are entirely meaningless since they lack proper controls and work under the unproven assumption that the samples they use contain a ‘virus.’” —John Blaid

Thanks and kudos to science researchers John Blaid and Tracey Northern for translating and sharing the hugely important article that basically demolishes the “scientific” underpinnings of germ theory and, by implication, the COVID plandemic itself.

I strongly encourage you to read in its entirety this short document debunking the origins of modern virology, but in case you’re one of those people, here are a few critical quotes:

In 1954, Enders & Peebles [1] reported the successful isolation of a virus-like agent from the blood and throat rinse fluid of patients with the disease entity called measles. The researchers believed that the suspected agent multiplied in kidney cell cultures of humans and simian monkeys because the cells underwent cytopathic changes in the experiment, that is, they fused together and consequently died. These cytopathically altered cells were able to recover in the presence of patient serum. From this they concluded that the Immune system had dealt with the suspected pathogen, it being the suspected cause of the disease “measles.” Viggo Bech and Preben von Magnus repeated [2] these experiments with monkey kidney cells in 1959. They confirmed the repeatability of the results from Enders & Peebles, but contradicted their conclusion that a “Measles virus” was detected or multiplied. The cells also died in the same way if nothing was done to them, i.e., no alleged infection was carried out.

Ultimately, the authors themselves admit that their technical article is no proof of the measles virus and that it is possible that their experiments in the test tube have nothing in common with measles in humans.

The studies have clearly shown that syncytia formation is not specific for measles infection. Thus, the forgotten observations of both Enders & Peebles as well as Bech & von Magnus have confirmed that Enders & Peebles and successors proving the existence of a virus with this technique was only assumption.

Now for the article itself:

Click to access Measles-Control-Experiment-told-by-the-head-of-an-independent-laboratory-in-Germany.pdf

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