NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! Hard-hitting COVID-19 Myths Webinar with Drs. Andrew Kaufman & Tom Cowan

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Sol Luckman

As you’re about to learn, should you be willing to digest the inconvenient truths presented below, germ theory is no longer unproven; it has now been irrefutably, scientifically disproved.

Moving forward, anyone spreading the false narrative that a contagious virus called SARS-CoV-2 occurred naturally or was created in a Wuhan lab is guilty of perpetuating humanity’s enslavement to a scientific absurdity.

There’s simply no middle ground anymore. You can either embrace the truth that no such thing as a contagious virus exists, with all its mind-boggling implications, or you can be like Mike Adams, Del Bigtree, and so many others stubbornly clinging to a scientific fiction: half-truthers unwittingly or otherwise perpetuating the Deep State’s population control mechanism (double entendre intended) known as germ theory.

In light of all the wildly unscientific claims relative to “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19” that have been made—by both mainstream and alternative sources—since the start of the so-called pandemic, I cannot recommend this lucid presentation by Drs. Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan more highly.

Referencing a recent breakthrough study by virologist Stefan Lanka in addition to reams of supporting material, Dr. Andy and Dr. Tom present new perspectives proving once and for all that:

* There’s no such as thing as a SARS-CoV-2 virus;

* There are, therefore, no “variants” of this imaginary virus;

* Viruses don’t cause disease and aren’t infectious;

* COVID-19 “vaccines” thus have nothing to do with providing immunity or promoting health;

* Lockdowns, social distancing and masks are utterly inane; and

* “Pathogenic priming” is another fiction that promotes belief in the fraudulent germ theory, which threatens to keep us all subjugated to medical fascism indefinitely.

Here’s the link to the page where you can watch the COVID-19 Myths webinar, listen to an audio-only version, download Dr. Kaufman’s presentation slides, and download a PDF of Dr. Tom’s scientific research papers:

As a major BONUS, I encourage you to check out Dr. Tom’s recent video New Findings on the Spike Protein Toxin, which cracks the code on what exactly was being done by Fauci and other genocidal monsters in Wuhan and elsewhere.

Dr. Tom compellingly argues that what was being carried out in these labs wasn’t the creation of a virus; it was the engineering of a powerful toxin that has been called the spike protein. The nonexistent virus was simply the cover story for the introduction of the population-maiming and -reducing toxin.

Finally, the following links supporting the assertions made by Drs. Tom and Andy are taken from my massive COVID Truth Database. May they prove helpful in your own pursuit of truth in an age of scientific deception.

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