A Pair of Powerful & Empowering Reviews of the Regenetics Method

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[SL: The following two reviews by Natalie Jones of my books on the Regenetics Method, described by NEXUS Magazine as “revolutionary healing science that’s expanding the boundaries of being,” provide an excellent introduction to this powerful and empowering form of self-healing. On the subject of Regenetics in the current hysterical climate surrounding the “virus” and the coming wave of COVID-19 vaccines that could be mandatory, readers might be interested in this recent article: “Immunize” Yourself against Vaccine Injury with the Regenetics Method.]

Natalie Jones, Lionheart Alchemy


I like reading books that challenge me to think about something completely differently. POTENTIATE YOUR DNA did just that with Luckman’s beautiful and sophisticated writing style.

As someone who has been (energy) healing for several years, this book made me understand why the healing I previously engaged in didn’t seem to “work” as much as I would have liked.

Luckman’s contention is that sound is the most effective and powerful way to heal and create transformation in one’s life. In reality, most healing modalities use light (versus sound) and this is why they aren’t as effective. His book serves as a strong and convincing argument as to why one should utilize sound in transformative healing.

Moreover, Luckman describes the very nature of reality in a fascinating way, as he describes the role of sound in regards to creation and therefore effective healing.

I’m looking forward to reading the first book, CONSCIOUS HEALING, as Luckman’s second book, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, brought to light many incredible truths.

This modality came into my life at the perfect time, and I feel it saved my life in many respects.

Currently, approximately 5 months after Potentiation, and a few days following Articulation, I see very strongly how much of an energetic liability I was prior to engaging with this incredible modality. Moreover, I see how previously my energy and life direction could have been described as “dust in the wind,” with no clear direction. In many ways, I was going against myself, and feel that Potentiation helped propel me forward in many respects.

I’ve noticed remarkable shifts since receiving the first two activations, including more clarity, release of indecision, greater alignment with myself and my truth, metabolism increase, increase in physical health, greater flexibility, and more clarity regarding life purpose.

As time goes by, this process, and therefore transformation unfolds on greater levels, and I look forward to continue observing these remarkable shifts.

Moreover, Luckman’s work has inspired me to become a vibrational medicine healer. I look forward to becoming trained and certified in this powerful modality and bring my clients the level of transformation this modality has given (and continues to give) me.

I recommend this book with flying colors to anyone who would like to achieve (greater) transformation, achieve new levels of personal mastery, and learn more about sound healing/vibrational medicine.


I read the 2nd book of The Regenetics Method first (POTENTIATE YOUR DNA) and while I loved that book, I think I actually liked CONSCIOUS HEALING even better!

CONSCIOUS HEALING explains the Regenetics Method from many different angles: sound healing, DNA/molecular biology, and relates it on an even bigger level: the ascension journey that the entire world is experiencing right now.

Approximately nine months ago, I received the first activation in the Regenetics Method, Potentiation. Since then, my life has changed remarkably. The first thing I noticed was having a deeper understanding of myself and an undeniable sense of clarity regarding myself and my journey. In fact, I distinctly remember re-modeling and re-organizing my website in the first few weeks in a way that felt more “me.” Before Potentiation, I didn’t know what felt like me.

At the five month mark, I received the second activation, Articulation, which also changed my life profoundly. I have noticed deeper and more enhanced creativity as well as sharper mental faculties. In fact, most of the “brain fog” that I once experienced has now disappeared.

Last week, I received the 3rd activation in the series, Elucidation. This activation has felt the strongest so far, and I am liking what I see. Most notably, I feel “other worldly” and in touch with my heart-space. I also feel like I am easily and effortlessly “infusing” love into everything I say and do, whereas before it felt like it required effort and thought process.

I can’t speak highly enough about Luckman’s work with Regenetics. In fact, I wake up every single day saying “thank you” to the Universe for bringing it to me! I know, I sound like I’m on a Regenetics commercial, but it is genuinely how I feel, and cannot recommend it enough.

If you love yourself and feel the need to be more in touch with yourself, the Universe, and life in general, and if you are ready to create some profound change, then Regenetics just might be for you! Reading CONSCIOUS HEALING is a wonderful way to understand this method whether you are just getting stared with Regenetics, are thinking about it, or have been on this journey for some time.

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