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Sol Luckman

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been on news overwhelm ever since the start of the plandemic/scamdemic at the beginning of this year.

Since that time, in addition to compiling a massive and regularly updated COVID Truth Database, I’ve written a series of articles philosophically and scientifically outlining my perspective on COVID-19 and the fictitious SARS-CoV-2 virus alleged to cause this imaginary condition:

What Part of “Masks Don’t Work” Don’t You Understand?
Put a Mask on It
More Truth Pills to Cure the Germ Theory Blind Spot
HIPPOCRATIC HYPOCRISY: Stunning New Film & Health Freedom Action Plan
If COVID-19 Is a Hoax, Where’s the Proof?
21 Facts That Demolish the Official COVID-19 Narrative
Coronavirus Smoking Gun
COVID-19 & the Urgent Necessity to Rethink Our Medical Model
COVID-19: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
COVID-19: The Only Bigger Hoax Here is Germ Theory
The Most Important Article on COVID-19 You Will Ever Read
Freethinking the COVID-19 Plannedemic

I haven’t once backed down on my position because, quite simply, I haven’t had to. Not a single scientist has produced a shred of credible evidence that SARS-CoV-2 even exists, much less causes a highly contagious illness so deadly it required the illegal shutdown of the entire global economy.

Fortunately, more and more researchers are joining me in summoning the onions to acknowledge the truth: we’ve all been had. It might hurt our little egos to admit it. But if we don’t, we’re all well and truly screwed because, as things stand, we’re becoming a worthless culture of Karens snitching and bitching over … NOTHING.

And yes, this means that masks, even if they protected anyone from something as microscopic as “viruses” (which they don’t), are an absurdity. And yes, this means that social distancing is a crock. And yes, this means that lockdowns are exactly what they sound like: something you do to prisoners, not healthy people, and certainly not for a fake disease.

Rather than beat a dead horse by writing more articles establishing the nonexistence of SARS-CoV-2 specifically and contagious viruses in general while exposing the mainstream narrative as a psyop to enslave humanity carried out by the monsters in our public and private institutions, I’ve switched gears and started a newsletter here on Snooze 2 Awaken for sharing—on an irregular but recurring basis—the juiciest news, blogs, articles and videos I come across in my virtual travels.

I decided to call my newsletter Awakenews (as distinguishable from fake news) because, well, this is, after all, Snooze 2 Awaken. I’ve also spent a lot of time writing on the subject of the Awakening going on right now, so maybe, just maybe, I have a little insight into the subject.

* So now, without further ado, let’s get to the latest Awakenews! *

Ohio Governor Sued Big-time over COVID “Emergency”

The much-anticipated wave of anti-tyranny lawsuits is now upon us in a major way with this new federal lawsuit that is likely to become the Roe vs. Wade of the COVID-19 scamdemic. Attorney Thomas Renz takes aim at the weak spot in the fascist dragon’s armor: the bogus state of “emergency” being used to usher Americans into a dystopian present. Here’s an excellent recent update on this groundbreaking lawsuit that I found to be a breath of fresh air in a world of maskholes. On a related note, see this hard-hitting article in which another brilliant lawyer concludes: “The current widespread and indefinite ‘emergency rule’ is doing violence to our system of self-government and to the separation of powers—which is the real defense that preserves our rights. It is high time to end the tyranny of the executives.”

Florida Lifts Restrictions on Restaurants, Virtually Nullifies Mask Ordinances

In another ray of sunshine during our dark and stormy voyage through health tyranny, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just made an announcement that has sent shock waves around the country: he has officially moved the state into Phase 3 of Reopening. You can read his executive order here. Naturally, there has been a good deal of unscientific criticism from the uber-brainwashed, germaphobic, fascistically colluding press—which the good governor appeared to anticipate by including a telling graphic in his press conference (see image below). As I’m currently spending time in the Sunshine State, I can attest that local governments in places such as Jacksonville are continuing to take it upon themselves to thumb their masked noses at the law—this time in defiance of the governor’s orders. The same thing happened not long ago when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp neutered local mask mandates. I can only hope that municipalities and businesses that insist on practicing medicine without a license by illegally requiring masks are eventually sued into the ground along with the country’s tyrannical governors.

German Minister: Lockdown Will Kill More Than COVID-19

So much for the feel-good news. Meanwhile, Europe is back on the Orwellian bandwagon, imposing a new round of arbitrary, draconian lockdowns that led one German Minister to admit that the “cure” truly is worse than the “disease.” On the subject of the disastrous consequences of lockdowns, see author Brendan D. Murphy’s trenchant articles here and here. And don’t forget … the entire notion of lockdown was kicked off by a massive scientific snafu by a recidivist mistake maker whose ginned-up computer models have never been right about anything.

Amazon Bans Dr. Thomas Cowan’s Important New Book, THE CONTAGION MYTH

In another piece of vomit-inducing news … bestselling author and holistic MD Thomas Cowan’s new book (coauthored with legendary nutrition writer Sally Morell Fallon) debunking germ theory in general and the fraudulent contagion model behind the current plandemic specifically has been banned by Amazon and other outlets. To understand why this is a big deal, check out this extraordinary interview in which Cowan lays out the inconvenient and scientific truth as to why viruses, including the current “coronavirus,” don’t cause disease. Period. Quarantines, lockdowns, masks, contact tracing and mandatory vaccines have nothing to do with protecting the public from a real virus and everything to do with using an imaginary virus as an excuse to turn the planet into a medical police state. Dr. Cowan is a true hero and patriot who should be praised for trying to protect the sheeple (including his knee-jerk critics who have never taken the time to do their own homework on the colossal hoax that is germ theory) from the ring of globalist wolves closing in on them—and Amazon (along with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the rest) should be broken up through antitrust legislation into a million tiny pieces as Jeff Bezos and company begin a cozy new existence dressed in orange jumpsuits.

Question “the Science”? Go to the Gulag!

Yet another MD, former US presidential candidate Ron Paul, just got censored by YouTube for sharing information contradicting official COVID-19 propaganda information. I have a sinking feeling this type of unconscionable destruction of our freedom to express ourselves will get much worse before it gets a little better. Dr. Paul observes, “Ironically, just 30 years after the ‘science’ of Marxism-Leninism imploded for all the world to see, we are witnessing a resurgence here in the US of the idea that to question ‘the science’ is not to seek truth or refine understanding of what appears to be conflicting evidence. No, it is to actually wish harm on one’s fellow Americans.”

The Lunacy of the UK’s Plan for Operation Moonshot

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and David Icke discuss Boris Johnson’s scary, wacko plan to test the entire United Kingdom for coronavirus on a weekly basis while using the results to determine who can do what when and where. Buckle up for COVID-1984, folks.

Coronavirus Disinfectants May Be Extremely Hazardous to Health

Writes respected health researcher Sayer Ji, “Health officials’ ‘List N’ includes disinfectants approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that reportedly causes COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been approved as safe for humans. Now experts are worried we’ll be facing a new epidemic of health problems linked to these toxic chemical exposures.”

Life in Prison for Hoaxes Related to Biological Hazards

Freedom fighter and vocal anti-masker Peggy Hall keeps up the good fight by pointing out just how many state and federal laws our health officials are routinely violating during the scamdemic—and just how severe the potential penalties are.

Dr. Pamela Popper Shares Good & Bad News about Restrictions & Lockdowns

Hawaii and North Carolina appear to be competing for the Orwell Award, but pushback is gaining strength in both these police states and elsewhere.


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