It’s Gain of Fiction Story Time with RFK Jr. & Friends!

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Mike Stone is still crushing it. Here’s his latest debunking of the ongoing plandemic psyop.

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If RFK Jr. and friends were to stop chasing and promoting science fiction and learn to understand natural science, they would realize that the truth about the lack of scientific evidence for “viruses” does not hinder this health freedom movement but instead strengthens it immensely. Once they realize that “viruses” do not exist and therefore can not be manufactured as bioweapons, they can stop fighting for “safer” vaccines as they will understand that there is no need for the toxic practice whatsoever. They will come to see that there are no alternative pharmaceutical treatments necessary as these products do nothing but promote further toxicity that the body must then contend with. They will be able to have a much more powerful message against lockdowns, quarantines, social-distancing, masking, etc. once they conclude that contagious infections do not occur making these measures completely illogical and entirely unnecessary. They will argue from a position of knowledge and strength as the onus will be placed back on those making the positive claims to prove that they are correct in accordance with the scientific method. RFK Jr. and friends will be free to step outside of the pharmaceutical paradigm and view it as the fear-based sick cycle system that it was built to be.

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Post 9/11, bioweapons became a major concern with frightening stories about the potential for samples of smallpox to be aerosolized against US citizens necessitating the Bush administration to stockpile vaccines. There were terrifying tales of researchers successfully recreating the Spanish flu genome through reverse engineering which was considered a certainty to accidentally fall into the wrong hands. Secret memos were unveiled of scientists researching the possibility of al-Qaida or ISIS somehow utilizing Ebola for bioterrorism. Reports of labs tinkering with and genetically altering certain “viruses” in order to make them more lethal started to fill the airwaves throughout the mainstream media. People were conditioned to cower at the thought of the hellbent terrorist somehow securing a “viral” bioweapon and unleashing a contagious plague upon the world. Mini-epidemics have been a nearly every other year occurrence since the introduction of SARS in 2003, strategically priming the masses for the event of…

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