11 Things That Will DEFINITELY Happen in 2022

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Sol Luckman

My past predictions haven’t always come true, but I’d bet good money the following eleven things will happen this year …

1. Mike Adams of Natural News and Brighteon fame will continue whipsawing his audience like a genius fearmarketer, one minute admitting that the SARS-CoV-Virus doesn’t exist, the next asserting that it’s somehow a “bioweapon.” It can’t very well be both, as so many in the alternative press seem to believe, logic and reason be damned.

2. David Wilcock, the self-proclaimed “father of antigravity,” will become ever more megalomaniacal, insisting that all cinematic heroes (and not just characters from THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS) are really references to himself. Moreover, while maintaining that he’s on the cutting edge of science, he’ll keep pushing the absurdity of germ theory in terms of the false COVID narrative, thus using his enormous influence not to free but to enslave humanity all the more rapidly to a literal science fiction.

3. Dave of X22 Report will, in reference to the ”Deep State” and the ”Puppet Masters,” use the phrase ”They are panicking” a record number of times, with precious little to back it up or show for it.  He’ll also continue to vomit, along with fellow Q-tards and other half-truthers, a cornucopia of scientific nonsense relative to COVID—while the simple, incontrovertible fact is that you can’t have herd immunity, natural immunity, cases, false positives, survival rates, mortality rates, vaccines, treatments or variants where an imaginary virus is concerned.

4. Donald Trump will persist in dividing and conquering We the People with his unyielding and unscientific support of a clearly genocidal experimental ”vaccine” agenda. And for thus assisting in the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents, he’ll be universally praised by his sycophantic supporters as a ”Master of 5D Chess.” Never mind that he’s not playing against the Deep State; he’s playing for them. This means that the real losers of this various serious game are … us.

5. The concept of devolution (leading to Trump’s inevitable return to power) will be much discussed, debated, built upon, reinforced, hashed out in interviews and developed for no small profit by those sipping the same hopium Kool-Aid until, at long last, NOTHING OF THE SORT HAPPENS.

6. Juan O Savin—whoever the hell he is, or isn’t—will continue making the rounds telling Bible stories to anyone foolish enough to believe them as if they have anything whatsoever to do with our current reality. Meanwhile, Rome burns all around us as would-be patriots are lulled into a sense of false security and a resultant complacency—which is all part of the psyop.

7. ”Dr.” Charlie Ward will continue to enjoy the ”pantomime” as the public, reduced to the condition of eugenics guinea pigs without informed consent, dies in droves.

8. Simon Parkes will be right there with him in 5D—which is to say, in La-La Land (aka the ”Quantum Financial System”). On a related subject … NESARA/GESARA most assuredly WON’T happen EVER because … it’s a distracting scam for the mentally challenged, many of whom have probably also been conditioned by related dark forces to await the Second Coming to make life on this nevertheless awakening planet worth living again. Good luck with that. As Gandhi said it best, ”Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Everything else is victim consciousness.

9.  Zero Hedge will keep on keeping on as what would appear to be the ultimate in controlled opposition, keeping alive in fake news story after fake news story the bogus COVID narrative with its unquestioning acceptance of germ theory and steadfastly ignoring anyone questioning that.

10. Vaccine believer and germ theorist Robert Kennedy Jr.’s exposé of Anthony Fauci will accomplish a whole lot of nothing because it doesn’t come close to the root of the problem: the fact that virology is an utter fraud to begin with.

11. Judy Mikovits will speak unintelligibly in public about ”viruses” and ”isolation” as much as she’s allowed to. I recommend a muzzle or, failing that, at the very least a mask.

Copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.


Alter Ego

Sol Luckman is a pioneering ink and acrylic painter whose work has been featured on mainstream book covers, the fast-paced trading game BAZAAR, and at least one tattoo on a female leg last sighted in Australia. Sol is also an acclaimed author of fiction, nonfiction, and humor.

His books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING, which you can read free online, and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, available in English and Spanish.

Sol’s visionary novel SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, the coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams, won the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction.

Written with young adult and young-at-heart readers in mind, SNOOZE further proved its literary merit by being selected as a 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Finalist in the Young Adult-Coming of Age category and receiving an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Beach Book Festival Prize competition in the General Fiction category.


Building on this deep dive into lucid dreaming, parallel universes and Hindu mysticism, Sol’s new novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, is a page-turner of a sci-fi tale set in an Orwellian future seeded in the dystopian present that radically rewrites Gnosticism as well as the origins of the earth and humanity.

Sol’s popular book of humor and satire, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY: A SPIRITED GLOSSARY FOR THE LITTLE DEVIL IN YOU, received the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor and was selected as a Finalist in the Humor category of both the 2018 International Book Awards and the 2018 Best Book Awards.


  1. Excellent and fun! Thank you! And I admit, I’ve been on ZH since 2009. It is my only social media. Back in the day it was great and I learned so much from the wise old ZHer’s. They broke the spells and woke me up in 2009-2011, so was prepared for the past few years. But now, it has fallen.

    1. Yeah, I learned a lot there, too, and was shocked and saddened to see it so quickly bend over, grab its ankles and lean its head up against the Wall of the Deep State when the plandemic started … Enemies everywhere.

  2. So, basically, the show goes on. The fiction continues. I don’t doubt you.

    People keep saying some great awakening is coming. But that, to me, shows an ignorance of history. The amount of times people get duped and then again, and then again, I don’t see any amazing change that will make the majority see clearly. There may be a shift, maybe with some positive points, maybe, but the human sleepwalk will only continue. Individuals may self-correct, but masses? Hell no!

    1. I actually do think we’re moving into a Great Awakening, but it’s likely, IMHO, to be more of in the decentralized and parallel-society vein for a while longer than in any kind of mass way …

  3. I just interviewed Leana of Power passion Freedom dot com. She’s been making the rounds talking to Charlie Ward and the like. Getting them to understand where they got it wrong. Her take on natural law verse nationalists is compelling. I’d love your take on sovereign national verse biblical natural law freedom. Gonna post the podcast in the next few days.

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