Speaking the Language that Reprograms DNA

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Ted Edwards, DC

[SL: I’ve republished a number of older but still relevant articles from my popular free ezine, DNA MONTHLY, here on Snooze 2 Awaken. Here’s another good one by chiropractor Ted Edwards that invites us to think of our DNA not merely as a molecular machine, but as a reprogrammable piece of software. Enjoy! ]

We know more about our DNA today than at any time in history thanks to the efforts of the Human Genome Project, which identified the complete structure of human DNA and mapped its triplets and genes. One of the startling and most shocking discoveries in the final draft of the human genome was that only 30,000 genes were found in human DNA. That’s only about three hundred more than it takes to build a mouse. It turns out we share ninety-eight percent of our genes with chimpanzees!

Russian scientists, led by Dr. Peter Gariaev, have also studied the human genome. Taking a different approach, this research included linguistic experts and revealed that particular portions of DNA actually follow the rules of basic syntax. In other words, DNA exhibits biological language characteristics in which codons form “words” and “sentences” much in the manner of human language by following normal grammatical rules.


Whether we realize it or not, we actually talk to our DNA and it talks back to us. It’s fascinating to think that the origins of language may actually be attributed to DNA. The language of genes is much older than any human language, meaning it preceded all of them. As we garner more information on this subject, we may find that “DNA grammar” served as the blueprint for the development of human speech.

Being an integrator of information technologies, I quickly discovered that there are therapeutic applications that are actually, although in most cases unknowingly, based on this theorem. The various energy psychology and allergy elimination techniques, both of which have appeared over the past two decades, certainly work through this genetic and linguistic medium.

In effect, these techniques access the high-level language encoded in DNA. Often unwittingly, they apply yet another discovery that can be credited to Gariaev’s group—namely, that it’s possible to use language to alter the book of DNA.

This is precisely what happens during a Cerebrospinal Kinesiology DNA Reprogramming treatment. In essence, a new “software program” is “downloaded” into the body that addresses something the body isn’t handling normally, such as an allergy to pets. After this new software is downloaded, it then has to be “installed.” This occurs over a period of time normally spanning 24-36 hours—longer in very chronic cases where the “operating system” has been damaged for many years. During this period old “files” are “deleted.” As this happens the body lets us know by reacting in some manner—usually by exhibiting symptoms the person had experienced over the years. Once the installation is complete and all the old files deleted, the reaction to the substance that previously caused the body so much consternation is gone.

Essentially, the codons of the DNA strings get rearranged into different sequences. The software of the human genome—our DNA molecule—is reprogrammed as the triplets exchange places, just as research has shown. This reprogramming can be accomplished using either sound or light, for DNA is both bioacoustic and bioelectric. The Western viewpoint that limits DNA to making proteins is as limited in explaining how the universe works as Newtonian physics. Embracing quantum physics, on the other hand, enabled the Russians to explore the syntax and semantics of DNA in novel and revelatory ways.

I’ve known for some time that the treatments I was performing on people were causing changes in them that could not be explained by Western scientific orthodoxy. Because my background immersed me in the views of both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, I was open to other possibilities. Over the past decade, I’ve consistently described the work I do as downloading new software to reprogram the body.

Finally, science—Russian science—has provided evidence to substantiate my intuition and professional observation. Perhaps the most astonishing experiment performed by Gariaev’s group involved reprogramming DNA using modulated laser light, which I’ve been using for the past couple of years. It turns out that living cells emit small bursts of light. Fritz Albert Popp, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, determined that cells not only radiate light; they absorb it as well. A healthy cell stores light for a longer period than an unhealthy cell. A healthy cell radiates coherent light, while a diseased cell radiates chaotic light.

Popp coined the phrase biophotons, which has spawned an incredibly large industry. A Google search of biophotonics produces over 400,000 hits. Biophotons travel at the speed of light and form the electromagnetic frequency patterns found in every living organism.

The Russians were able to modulate laser light, which is distinct due to its coherence, and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they actually reprogrammed DNA in living organisms using the correct resonant frequencies. This is precisely what is being done by the various allergy elimination techniques, which employ the resonant frequency that is causing the body a problem—say, the resonant frequency of the herpes virus.

In energy psychology we use various scripts and input them into the body. We can do this because our thoughts and emotions are frequency patterns and have a direct relationship to the integrity of our energy fields. Negative thoughts and emotions distort our consciousness, creating incoherence that can derail DNA function, suppress the immune system and lead to chronic, degenerative disease, depression, and other mental disorders. For this reason I start every treatment with a script meant to eliminate psychological reversal. I call this getting rid of the “Yes, but!” One of the biggest proponents of this approach is Gary Craig, developer of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Amazingly, it turns out that spoken language can have the same reprogramming effect as coherent laser light or radio waves. My patients often ask what I’m doing during the third phase of my treatment, what I call Propriocussion (proprioceptive percussive therapy). “Reprogramming your brain” is my standard answer. I’ve learned that this is the most important part of the treatment. Reprogramming the brain is exactly what I’m doing and I do it using spoken language—which I’ve learned doesn’t actually need to be “heard” to be totally and completely effective. I can “say” it inside. When I do this the cranial rhythm of the person I’m treating stops. This is how I learned that I’m heard even without using my voice. The Russians studied this extensively, too, calling it telepathy.


I know this may sound farfetched, but I assure that you the results of hundreds of my own case studies and thousands of those produced by others indicate that our DNA can be reprogrammed by human speech.

Another group led by Daniel Winter and his heart coherence team (HeartMath) has proven that human emotions can reprogram DNA as well. In my treatments I ask the body if its problem is primarily structural, biochemical/nutritional, emotional, or organic (involving organs, glands, or hormones). I have several “emotional kits” and I’m often astounded by the relevance of the emotion the patient’s body leads me to address.

Winters’ group found that the heart beats in synchronicity with our feelings, transforming our emotions into electromagnetic energy that travels throughout our being to the DNA of pretty much every cell in the body—much like the coherent laser light of the Russians. There exists an undeniable relationship between our mental/emotional states and our health. The longer one suffers from depression or negative emotions such as anger and hate, the more the body deteriorates. We have phrases for this. When I hear someone say, “I can’t stomach that guy,” I know the speaker has digestive problems. People who say, “My boss is a real pain in the neck,” have pain in the neck.

It is clear to me and many others that our emotions can wreak havoc on the DNA programming of our cells, especially those of our immune system, which is failing miserably in far too many people at far too early an age. Simple, negative emotions destroy the coherence of the immune system while positive emotions heal it. The water experiments of Masaru Emoto (THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER) prove this conclusively. Look at what happens to the crystalline structure of water when the word hate (as opposed to love) is taped to the water glass.

This explains and validates another finding of mine that I found baffling at first. Sometimes I would not have a vial representing the energetic frequency of a patient’s problem. I would write the problem out as words on a piece of paper and treat with it. It worked! The most profound example of this occurred when I was treating a group of Lyme Disease patients. I’d been given a book on the biology of Lyme bacteria when I came up with one of my “Recipes for Health.” In my enthusiasm I wrote this down on a card and treated two of my Lyme patients.

What I forgot to do was check to see if there was another factor I needed to treat before I performed this particular treatment. Each of these patients had a major reaction to the treatment. It seems that their bodies started deleting a large volume of old files, as if they hadn’t emptied their “file folders” in years. I later learned that this treatment was actually the tenth in a series of twelve.

Many treatments have a specific sequence, just like our DNA. There is an order to the treatments for people suffering from Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue, which I’ve found to be linked to long-standing fungal infections. This is due to the fact that biotoxins produce neurotoxins that have little difficulty reprogramming our DNA, since they speak the same language.

As Gariaev explains, DNA is an intelligent “Biocomputer” or biological “Internet” sending and receiving information from all cells of the body. When I begin my Allergy Elimination treatment, I check the person’s polarity and say, “I’m checking to see if you’re connected to your Internet service provider so that I can get online.” It appears that I’m actually able to “surf the webpages” of this biological Internet—the similarities are profound.

And though I can but touch on the subject here, let’s not forget the holographic nature of DNA which enables the trillions of cells that comprise our body to communicate with each other instantaneously through the quantum principle of nonlocality. This biological holographic communication is based on sound, light and electromagnetics which make up our “wireless” anatomy.

Nonlocality explains how scripts can reprogram DNA through perception. Gariaev showed that genomic information is stored nonlocally. This means that it is not restricted to the DNA molecule itself. This explains “healing at a distance.”

“DNA acts as a kind of aerial open to the reception of not only the internal influences and changes within the organism,” writes Gariaev, “but to those outside it as well. Indeed, we regard this as one of our primary findings, which in view of quantum nonlocality of organisms extends not only to the organism’s local environment, but also beyond it to the extent of the entire universe.”

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Ted Edwards is a chiropractor and the creator of Cerebrospinal Kinesiology DNA Reprogramming, which he uses to treat chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, remove multiple chemical sensitivities, ADD/ADHD and yeast/fungal infections, and diminish the troubling effects of Lupus and Lyme Disease. He also provides extremely effective Neuromuscular and Allergy Elimination Treatments. Dr. Edwards maintains a healthcare practice in Edmonds, Washington and is also a lecturer, author, and researcher. To learn more visit http://allergyexpert.wordpress.com or http://nutritherapy.wordpress.com.

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