“Ener-genetically” Manifest an Empowered Life by Participating in The Way Forward Summit October 7-9

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🧬🧬🧬 October 7-9: Don’t miss this star-studded FREE virtual summit on health and sovereignty solutions featuring international bestselling author Sol Luckman presenting vital information about “ener-genetically” manifesting a fully empowered life!

👊 👊 👊 Most of us are aware of the problems we face, so let’s talk SOLUTIONS! Join us October 7-9 for this FREE VIRTUAL SUMMIT.

🧨 🧨 🧨 Sol Luckman’s AMAZING conversation on the nature of our so-called reality with host Alec Zeck, which will absolutely BLOW YOUR MIND, will air October 7th at 3:30 PM Eastern time. So be sure to MARK YOUR CALENDAR!

Here’s a preview of some similar content that was recently created …

The Way Forward Summit is a 3-day virtual and interactive experience where you’ll be equipped with a variety of solutions to the challenges the health and freedom communities face today. Here’s a heartfelt introduction to one potential solution to a myriad of problems …

Experts and leaders across the wellness, regenerative agriculture, consciousness, and sovereignty fields will share vital information, tools and resources designed to educate and empower you along your path towards a more sovereign, vibrant life.

👉 👉 👉 Topics include:

  • EMF Mitigation
  • Healing with DMSO
  • Body Detoxification
  • Water’s Consciousness
  • Luminous Education
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • DNA Activation
  • + So much more!

🔗 Click this link to sign up for the FREE summit!

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