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EDITOR’S NOTE FROM SOL LUCKMAN: I’m thrilled to share this edited transcript of the first half of my recent interview with Greg Carlwood on the Higherside Chats. If you prefer to listen to our conversation instead, you can do so here. The second half of the interview is available to Plus members here. To your potential!

INTRODUCTION: In the 1930s President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed the nation through a series of radio broadcasts known as the Fireside Chats. His aim was to reassure the common man that our society would recover from its troubled times. Well, we’re far from 1930, and I deal with a different kind of fire. For a new era of worldly frustration, we offer a fresh conversation. I’m Greg Carlwood, and these are The Higherside Chats.

GREG CARLWOOD: Happy days are here again, Higherside Chatters, as we chart another course through the strange and suppressed reality of self-healing. From sunny San Diego, I’m Greg Carlwood, and we’ve done more than our due diligence to dissect Big Pharma and the medical monopoly that has dominated the Western world for as long as anyone knows. We’ve learned that petrochemicals and the cozy relationship between oil companies, Frankenfood manufacturers and corporate healthcare are probably not the best ways to go about health and wellness. And so, we dig through the forgotten history of natural holistic medicine or biology, suppressed cancer remedies, epigenetics, energy healing, the power of positive thought and a whole host of other offerings, as we try to resurrect the forgotten mindset that you have more power and control over your health than the system wants you to realize. And through learning about the work of previous guests like Bruce Lipton and Dean Radin, it’s clear we need to rewrite what we consider to be the rules of reality.

And nobody knows these things more firsthand than today’s guest, Sol Luckman, as he suffered a devastating reaction to the vaccines recommended for international travel and after years seeking out all the alternative treatments he could find, ended up having a mystical experience complete with a direct “download” of information that revealed an effective healing modality that he’s been perfecting and promoting ever since which employs special linguistic codes produced vocally and mentally as well as specific breathing techniques and tuning forks that all come together in what he calls the Regenetics Method and the process of “potentiating” your DNA. When he’s not teaching the world to heal our broken energy body, Sol is also working as a prolific visual artist and innovator in the field of ink painting, as well as a critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction.

His numerous books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD, described by NEXUS as “revolutionary healing science expanding the boundaries of being,” and its follow-up, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HEALING & TRANSFORMATION WITH THE REGENETICS METHOD. His latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, chronicles the riveting coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams, offering an insightful look at a plethora of paranormal subjects from Bigfoot and lucid dreaming to time travel via the Bermuda Triangle. And let it be known that SNOOZE also won the National Indie Excellence Book Award in 2015. The man has talents. And I’m psyched to get into them!

Here he is: the DNA doctor, the phase shift facilitator, and the professor of Potentiation. Sol, my good man, welcome to The Higherside!

Sol Luckman: Thanks for having me. I’m both and honored and a little embarrassed by all of that.

GC: Well, don’t be embarrassed. You’ve done a lot of great stuff. And I just like to have a little bit of fun with people’s intros and get people psyched for the road ahead. And thanks so much for your willingness to be here. I think your story and your system check a lot of boxes within the wide range of things we like to talk about, everything from vaccine damage and downloads from higher intelligence to natural healing and the power of consciousness, all that good stuff. And we should probably give the people a bit more context for your story because it is so crucial to understanding the road to where you are now. So, get us started. Break us into the Sol Luckman story, as it were.

SL: Well, you touched on it when you mentioned vaccines being a trigger for an autoimmune illness that happened a number of years ago when I was in graduate school—when I was going to do research in South America and I was a good little “sheeple” and went and got my vaccines that were recommended. They weren’t required, but they were recommended. I had the hep vaccines and the yellow fever vaccine. Within about a year, I went from being a very robust athlete, an extremely (apparently) healthy person, to being an autoimmune wreck where I couldn’t eat anything practically except unseasoned meat and vegetables. God, even the simplest grains or cheeses or dairy would absolutely send me into all kinds of symptoms. I documented thirty or so symptoms at one point that I was having almost simultaneously …

I went to any number of medical doctors, holistic doctors, holistic practitioners, energy workers and healers and spent thousands and thousands of dollars and was only getting sicker. And then I got on a certain path. I was doing another form of energy work I’d learned from somebody who was doing a type of allergy elimination technique. I began testing the people that I was working with to see what was making them sick because everyone was such an autoimmune mess. It was just a circus really, all the symptoms, many of which reminded me of myself, and I still wasn’t well. But I was doing this because I was called to do it, and I had taken time away from the graduate studies path. So I was able to do an enormous amount of testing on these clients as well as some other people who volunteered, including my partner, Leigh, who is a really big piece of all of this. She’s sort of in the shadows compared to me being out there as the spokesperson for this, but she’s a vital piece of the puzzle.

I discovered, in a kinesiological way, in an energy testing way, that I was able to validate a lot of what I had been reading in places like Leonard Horowitz’s books and Suzanne Humphries’ [writings] and [those of] other people who’d studied vaccines and what they put in them, what they do to your genetics, how they change your genetics, how they basically rewrite DNA to create disease, pathogenic overgrowth in the cells, the cellular matrix, in order to shut down certain functions and induce essentially what I think of as a “sick care” system where everyone is damaged to one degree or another, and it shows up in different ways in different people for different reasons. It’s a kind of a long discussion. But in any case, that’s a huge piece—along with mercury and fillings and pesticides and other factors—that basically has created a nation and a world of the Walking Dead. I sometimes wonder why that show is so popular and just goes on season after season after season. And it’s because it’s just a mirror of who we are as a society. We’re just these walking-dead people who have been shot to hell and back, excuse my French.

GC: That’s all good.

SL: And we don’t know how to heal ourselves because we don’t even know what’s making us sick because no one is actually telling us the truth. And then even if we knew, so many people who are on to vaccines as a cause for what’s going wrong with their bodies don’t know what to do about it. There just aren’t tools that can undo that level of genetic damage. So with that as a backdrop, I was prompted ultimately to travel to South America with Leigh. I thought maybe I was dying. I said goodbye to my family as if I were going away for good. And while we were there, there were a number of very serendipitous and mystical experiences. I document some of them in my books on Regenetics. The upshot was that Leigh and I were both given a series of linguistic codes, vowel-based codes, that we implemented first on ourselves. And I immediately began to heal. And we also experienced some very radical healing of some long-term conditions like her asthma.

Then we begin sharing the technique with a select group of people and compiling some testimonials from that. And it just went from there. In subsequent years, we developed other phases of this work. It sort of charts a path from working on the physical level, to working on a mental level, to an emotional level, and then even a spiritual level. Is that enough of an intro to the concept?

GC: Yeah, yeah, sure. I mean, definitely important context. And long story short, you saw some orbs in the sky, you got these downloads. I think it’s a great story. I’m definitely of the mindset that higher intelligence or our own Higher Self can supply us with valuable information if we seek it, or are in a time of need. You call these linguistic codes, which to me is on the money, because whether we’re talking about John Dee drawing down Enochian from the angels, as he called them, or inventors feeling as if ideas are just beamed into their heads, we’ve heard that before.

SL: Yep.

GC: It’s a pattern that seems legit to me. We’ve got plenty of examples of it. And the fact that you were kind of in a state of trauma or desperation is just another one of those things that matches up with the template for this sort of mystical experience, whatever it is.

SL: Agreed. And then the codes, after seeing the lights or the orbs or whatever they were, they began coming through in dreams or during sleep. So that’s another piece of it. What’s the name of the Indian mathematician who received all of his knowledge about higher mathematics from a goddess during his sleep? It starts with an R. He’s a very, very brilliant mathematician. I forget his name, but maybe we can figure that out at some point. [Editor’s Note: The Indian mathematician in question is Srinivasa Ramanujan, who in dreams was shown Pi and complex equations by what he claimed was his family goddess, Namagiri.]

GC: Yes, I’m unfamiliar with that, but it is textbook. Francis Crick has that story about the DNA helix. Tesla talked about getting his inventions through—or his concepts I guess—through some kind of communication. It’s all in that soup for sure.

SL: Sure, I mean, Crick maybe was on acid at the time, but …

GC: Alright, right.

SL: That works, too.

GC: ALTERED STATES and all that.

SL: Yeah, for sure. Well, it’s fascinating when you think about all the research that’s beginning to happen. I can’t even believe it’s happening, that they’re allowing it to happen, research on psilocybin for depression and anxiety and that kind of thing. Sometimes, I’m encouraged by what I see. It’s just that there’s so much that needs to be changed, and it’s not changing fast enough for me and for a lot of people who are suffering.

GC: Well, cheers to that. I always look at some of these organizations and labs with a skeptical eye, but I think it’s ultimately a good thing. Anyone who’s had experiences with these substances would probably be on the side of … Yeah, there should be more. We should have this knowledge. People should have these experiences, especially people who have experienced trauma. It works wonders; it’s a great spiritual medicine. So I’m with you there.

SL: Yeah, all good. I think that caution is certainly not a bad idea when approaching those things and knowing what you’re doing. James Fadiman wrote a wonderful book, THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPLORER’S GUIDE. He was an Ivy League professor. He wrote about how to do it and how to have a guide and different approaches—all the way from microdosing, which apparently Steve Jobs used to do to up this creativity, all the way through different levels of dosing to have different experiences and different effects. So I think just going at it blind as a lot of people do, is probably not the best idea.

GC: Amen, amen.

SL: One can do one’s research and get a lot more out of it.

GC: Yes, and the point is that there is much more to what a human is, to what consciousness is, than just what we can see. There are many modalities and mechanisms for getting certain effects—and that is basically also something that applies to POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. I was going say this, so if listeners feel like they’ve heard the name Sol Luckman on this show before, it’s because I had a recent episode with Eileen Day McKusick about her biofield tuning work. As we got deeper into it, in the second hour, I brought up a term that she had either used in a previous interview or in her book, which really resonated with me which, was the “Slavery Yoke.” That was when she gave us a breakdown of your work, so I assume the term originated with you. [Editor’s Note: Though a similar concept is introduced under the name the “Fragmentary Body” as far back as 2005 in CONSCIOUS HEALING, “Slavery Yoke” was coined by Eileen Day McKusick in TUNING THE HUMAN BIOFIELD in 2014.] I am very much intrigued by the idea that humans are engineered with some sort of limiters baked right into our energetic selves or our genetic code or something of the sort, and that is kind of what the term implies, right? That’s part of what you discovered or part of the information that was downloaded. Is that correct?

SL: Yes, I was actually given that information by more than one individual pointing in that direction. The term I ended up using was “Fragmentary Body.” And then independently of my work, Eileen discovered what she was calling the Slavery Yoke … We both saw it as a huge energy disruption in the energy body, kind of a crack or a fissure down in the second chakra, or the “sex” chakra. We’ve had a number of conversations about this. I love Eileen’s work and she’s a tremendous supporter of my work. We agree on much more than we disagree about in terms of [the Fragmentary Body], but I understood it immediately as what keeps kundalini from rising up through the system without impediment. I don’t if you you’ve heard of people who have sort of a classic kundalini blowout?

GC: Yes.

SL: They’re just almost put in a coma from having one of these experiences when [the energy] just blasts up into their lobes. What’s happening is that in order for the kundalini to go from the first center of the body, the first chakra area and the field that’s related to that, up into the higher chakras, it has to almost be like Evel Knievel and jump over the second chakra—which is this giant “canyon”—and then it’s going so fast that it just comes up into the upper chakra and blows people circuits.

GC: Right. Yeah, I’ve heard those stories for sure.

SL: I knew a man … I had a couple of conversations with him, I read his book. He wrote a book on electrical nutrition. I think his name is Denie Hiestand. He’s Australian. He was actually known as someone who could help people recover from those states of being blown out by kundalini and he was flown all over the place to do this.

GC: That’s so interesting. So were you told how we got this Fragmentary Body or these limiting codes into us? Were we engineered in the distant past? Are we being punished from a higher spiritual plane for past transgressions? Or is it something that builds up from living in the sick society crafted by this capstone Cabal? What say you, Sol?

Figure 1: A Foot in Two Worlds. The above figure illustrates the interface between the sound domain of time-space and the light domain of space-time. Note the parallel existence of the bioenergy fields in the former and the chakras in the latter, including the placement of the Fragmentary Body.A Foot in Two Worlds. The above figure illustrates the interface between the sound domain of time-space and the light domain of space-time. Note the parallel existence of the bioenergy fields in the former and the chakras in the latter, including the placement of the Fragmentary Body. SOURCE: POTENTIATE YOUR DNA

SL: Oh, gosh. Well, you can look at it from all of those perspectives and there could be truth to all of them and it’s very prismatic. Basically, I’ve concluded [that it’s important to get] out of the victim stance. That “Oh, look at the Annunaki engineering in our DNA,” “Oh, we’re their little slaves,” and all that Adamo stuff. Some of that may be true. In any case, I like the Law of One perspective. That’s really what I’ve come around to. I don’t know if most people are familiar with that, but it’s a body of teachings that came about in the 80s through somebody who was channeling what she called Ra. Very, very fascinating material that David Wilcock has expanded on over the years. It’s really been the touchstone for his work. It’s not been so much the touchstone for mine, but it’s been illuminating in a number of areas. One of the concepts in the Law of One is that, as we go from being, let’s say, at “first density,” or in the first dimension—density and dimension are not exactly the same thing … But as we go from being just an embodiment of something physical, like a rock, then in “second density” we become a tree or an animal, and then when we hit “third density,” we become what we think of as humans, as people.

And then when you go into fourth, and beyond into the upper densities, you begin to occupy your lightbody and have angelic abilities and that kind of thing. But the third density is all about separation: being separated from any knowledge of your Higher Self. And the separation in this body of teaching is designed to make you seek. And the act of seeking acts as a catalyst to propel your evolution of consciousness, your spiritual evolution towards higher realizations of who you are. Ultimately, in the largest possible scheme, who you are is the Creator. But well before you get there, you end up meeting your Higher Self in the upper densities and the Higher Self acts as a guide leading you forward on your spiritual path. We’re described as living in a darkness that we’re navigating with a candle. But maybe we can turn the candle into a torch. Maybe we get a bonfire at some point as we expand our enlightenment to understand more of reality. So for me, the Fragmentary Body was engineered by ourselves in higher dimensions, who were responsible for helping create us in our present dimension [by way of] the separation principle itself.

GC: Well, I think that makes sense.

SL: Now, this is not a Law of One concept. I want to say that. This is not something that you read about in THE LAW OF ONE, but it is something that I’ve been able to conflate with my research into the Fragmentary Body.

GC: Right, right. Well, people have said that Earth is some type of spirit school or a game of sorts. And of course, there is that mindset that our brain filters out more than it filters in because otherwise we couldn’t have any kind of experience if we didn’t see separation between us and the table and the car and the road and all of that stuff.

SL: Right on, right on.

GC: There’s definitely an argument to be made that it’s just part of the game, it’s just part of the system. Or there could be no game. If you didn’t have the structure of a Monopoly board with well-defined places to go around, you couldn’t play Monopoly. And so maybe we need this limiter to even be in this third dimensional world having a human experience.

SL: That’s my understanding, that is exactly my understanding. I think Keats said it best. He described this world as a “vale of Soul-making.”

GC: I like it, I like it. So, alright. Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning is the full name of this process, and it fixes what you call the Fragmentary Body. You write that this “unparalleled form of sound healing, which employs specific vowel combinations sung to the renowned Solfeggio scale, was partly inspired by new genetic research revealing that DNA can be sonically activated—noninvasively and even remotely—to actualize your unique potential in all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual” like you mentioned. Can you talk to us a bit more about that genetic research so that we can make a good case to the skeptics out there that this is real stuff and it has a foundation?

SL: Sure, I’ll break this into two parts. The first is just the epigenetic argument. This is wonderful new expanding science that’s been spearheaded by people like Bruce Lipton that shows how, basically, the cell membrane is the brain of the cell, not the nucleus, and that the membrane reacts to stimuli from the environment to turn on and off genes. And environmental stimuli can include the foods that you’re eating. It can include pollution or toxins. It could include vaccines on the negative side. It can also include your emotions, your thoughts, the things that you say or don’t say. It’s all about the power of positive thinking to a certain degree, but it even goes beyond that into what I term in my [materials] on Regenetics the “power of positive feeling.” We’re actually generating certain emotions that have even more power than just thoughts to change DNA and to make DNA healthier. And once you do that, then any number of things are possible. So there’s the epigenetic side, where sound and sound healing make complete sense just by being able to initiate subtle changes in DNA, in gene expression, that allow for changes in health to occur.

And when I say health, I also mean mental and emotional health, and even spiritual health, in addition to physical health. In addition to the epigenetic side of this background, you have the wave-genetics side, which is something that’s been written about all over the place for a couple of decades now. It goes back to a couple of scientists, primarily. One is Vladimir Poponin and another is Peter Gariaev. They’re both, to the best of my knowledge, Russian. I know Peter is. I’ve had numerous correspondences with him … In any case, they both did work on using sound and light energies based in linguistics, based in what they call “genetic linguistics,” to change gene expression at a level that far exceeds the ability of epigenetics—to the point where they could actually script DNA, let’s say a salamander’s, to reconfigure itself in embryo and instead of a salamander being born, you would get a frog. [Editor’s Note: Actually, as described in both CONSCIOUS HEALING and POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, it was the other way around: frogs became salamanders.]

GC: Wow.

SL: And they were using sound and what I think of as light energies. They were using sound and electromagnetic energy based in linguistic codes rooted in our DNA as a kind of language. There’s an entire little field of study called genetic linguistics where you can explore this concept a little bit more. They were actually able to do some very radical, space-age, sci-fi types of things to DNA … My concept was that you can use your voice and your mind, your sound and your light—voice would be sound, thoughts would be … light—and you can combine those in a very similar way to what the wave geneticists did and create very positive changes in genetic expression (in terms of gene expression). And you can facilitate healing, but you can also facilitate the evolution of consciousness. You can help with mental health issues and emotional wellness. You can do many, many things when you begin promoting wellbeing in this manner. So many people experiencing Regenetics report that they have positive … benefits spanning the mind-body-spirit spectrum. It’s really not just about the body.

GC: Right, right, yes. When it comes to the effects of this Potentiation process, the list is pretty epic. Allergy elimination, enhanced energy, parasite cleansing, pain relief, physical strengthening, sharper thinking, better digestion, straighter posture, healthier urination, thicker hair, increased serendipity, heightened manifestation, greater abundance. This is like, “I got bit by a radioactive spider” level superhero stuff, man. It almost sounds too good to be true. Help us get there. This is just from realigning ourselves to the other layers of our consciousness and re-establishing the Fragmentary Body, reintegrating it?

SL: Yeah, I think that’s a huge piece of it. To touch on The Law of One again, they actually address … [By the way] I only read THE LAW OF ONE after I had developed Regenetics with Leigh and after years had gone by. Then I read the Law of One material and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is incredible.” They talk about the power of vowels and how vowels were used by the Creator. In Law of One terms, that [means vowels were] used by ourselves in some hyper-reality to configure reality. And so the way I see it, your Higher Self is speaking these codes that create our 3D experience of reality. So if we can tap into even a small portion of that and use them in the here and now, we can do miraculous things.

GC: Well said.

SL: There’s an apocryphal story, if I recall [correctly], of Jesus. I forget which text this is in. But it was fascinating to me. I never read it. I heard about it. So I’m not 100% sure, but it’s a fascinating story where he had been training in some kind of speech and he came back to show his teachers. Maybe he was in India at the time. There are these clay pigeons in the room where he is and he speaks these words, and then he claps his hands and the pigeons turn into real pigeons and fly off. So the power of sound is truly amazing. We know that we respond to music in such an amazing way, in such a powerful way, and it can be absolutely life-changing. I’m a firm believer that music has changed the world repeatedly over the years. Even though the 60s and the Woodstock movement and all of that didn’t exactly create the world they were trying to create, they brought so much attention and awareness to issues. We’re still learning lessons from that generation.

GC: Indeed.

SL: Absolutely, and they used music as their primary tool. So, I think it makes perfect sense that this is possible. I didn’t know what these codes would do when [Leigh and I] began using them. But over the years, we just got testimonial after testimonial. We started posting them on our site. There’s just pages of testimonials. We haven’t even really posted many testimonials in the last five years because it’s just so many it’s gotten to be overkill. It’s just too much. We’re going turn people away if there’s just hundreds of pages of testimonials, but that’s basically what we’ve received. So I don’t know if I answered your question. This work isn’t a mutant spider bite, but it’s powerful in its own way.

GC: Well, right, it’s almost superhuman-level effects when you combine all this stuff, but I definitely think there’s a sound relationship. I read a little bit about Russian psy research that shows that it seems like you can learn a language almost overnight if you’re hearing particular music crafted for that purpose in the background. People use music for increasing concentration and creativity. There’s definitely a relationship there, and I like to get into the science because I do try to make sure people know that this isn’t completely out of left field. There is a foundation for a connection between sound frequency and effects on DNA or on consciousness.

When it comes to Potentiation specifically, just to make sure everyone knows what we’re talking about, as you said, it’s a combination of chanting really this shamanic icaros-like linguistic code. There’s a history there with the shamans and being able to heal with their own set of linguistic codes basically—and also implementing a tuning fork and then rhythmic breathing. And rhythmic breathing, that’s another box to check in terms of ways to alter consciousness, to reach unknown heights, because there’s a lot of people who have methodologies that are basically just using that. So, you’re bringing these three components together. And what’s so interesting is you say with confidence that you don’t need to be new age, you don’t need to be a meditator, you just need to do it. A single 30-minute session, and even if you don’t get it perfect, it’s going to work if you have a well-intentioned mind and heart. But it’s a nine-month process. That’s interesting. Can you tell people what going through that process is like, once they’ve done the 30-minute Potentiation?

SL: Yeah, sure, I’ll address that in just a sec. I was just going to chime in … You had such good things to say about some other related topics there. You’ve got binaural beats, you’ve got Holotropic Breathwork. You’ve certainly got the entire field of shamanism. And Michael Harner’s books are fascinating. Michael Harner was a professor … at Columbia at one point. He discovered Carlos Castaneda back in the day. He wrote CAVE AND COSMOS and THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN. His books are based on his extensive field research with shamans, mostly in South America and Ecuador and some other places, who taught him that you can use simple drumming, rhythmic drumming, to induce changes in consciousness that allow one to travel into an alternative, “nonordinary” reality. And in that reality you can accomplish things that then occur when you come back to this reality. It’s extremely similar to Dewey Larson’s notion of space-time and time-space. He was an engineer in the ’50s who developed Reciprocal System of physical theory, an amazing body of work that helps explain how we actually do have a unified field. There is a unified field of energy and perhaps of consciousness that we exist in, where energy from time-space, which would be non-ordinary reality, flows into space-time, which is where we live. And then it goes from space-time back into time-space ceaselessly. And if you can change things in time-space, you can have manifestations of that occur in your reality in space-time. So the concept of Regenetics, and Potentiation in particular in this discussion, is that you use these codes to access your blueprint, your inner energy blueprint, your subtle anatomy, which exists as a template of energy in nonordinary reality, which is time-space.

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GC: Okay.

SL: You use these codes to change the structure of your energy body and to heal distortions in that body, and then overtime, over nine months, or roughly 42 weeks, basically a gestation or a rebirth cycle, birth or rebirth … Over time, 42 weeks, that energy flows from time-space back into space-time. And as it does, it potentially brings about numerous changes in one’s physical wellbeing, etc. In terms of what that’s like for somebody, you tell me, because everyone seems absolutely different. Some people experience this with intense physical detox. They’re so full of toxins that they just start releasing them, and that goes on for some period of time, and usually in waves. Fortunately, it tends to be manageable, if difficult at times.

Other people have none of that and they have various breakthroughs in other areas. Their relationships improve, or maybe their relationships, their marriage doesn’t improve, but it was a bad marriage to begin with. And it goes away and some time passes, and then they find someone they really resonate with. So many things can happen. And again, that’s borne out in the testimonials that we published as well as the ones that we’ve not published. I’ve just concluded that there’s almost no way of knowing how [Potentiation will] affect a given person.

GC: Right, right.

SL: Having said that, typically it’s beneficial. We don’t get a lot of “I feel worse.” Sometimes people will say that while they’re detoxing. But after a period of time, they’ll begin to feel stronger.

GC: Right, right. You say in the book it’s not often pleasant or pretty, but you come out on the other side in a state of living, walking, waking meditation, and that’s a beautiful thing. That’s that alignment that we seem to be lacking.

SL: Absolutely. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Brendan Murphy?

GC: No.

SL: He wrote a book called THE GRAND ILLUSION. He’s an Australian writer, and he’s really fantastic, a brilliant guy. And this book is full of everything you would love, Greg. Absolutely chock-full of it all. He’s gone into just copious detail about all of the psy research and the research in the supernatural and in consciousness and alternative healing and everything in the world.

GC: Beautiful.

SL: Brendan’s been a Regenetics Facilitator for years and he’s written a number of articles on this Method … He likens it to a kind of liberation of the spirit—going through this process—where you overcome the Slavery Yoke, to use Eileen’s term, and you begin to take control of your life and become more empowered in all areas: physically but also in terms of your stance vis-à-vis the world. A lot of people who go through this experience intense levels of empowerment. And that can be an up and down process because it’s not always pretty, if you know what I mean. Sometimes you can blow people out when you’re beginning to really feel your power, and sometimes your relationships might suffer, and sometimes those relationships weren’t very good for you to begin with and they need to be blown out. So leaving aside all judgments about that, it’s such a powerful process that I believe from what I’ve seen for many years now that it’s beneficial even when it’s hard, because people typically come out on the other side and something really profound has happened in their lives.

GC: Yeah, that is what the whole history of secret societies and esoteric orders has been about: developing processes for getting to that place of alignment, of mastery, of basically increasing manifestation and abundance. That’s what the magic schools have always been about in their various processes. And when you get into a lot of those magic schools or esoteric orders, they’re not even sure at the top if what they communicate with is actually separate from themselves or if it’s a part of themselves. Crowley and the holy guardian angel thing. A lot of people have an introductory understanding that this is something separate. But then as you go through the ranks and you really get to the end of that road, you’re like, “Wait a minute, I’m not so sure, maybe that’s me, maybe that’s a part of myself, maybe it’s all me.” As Lon Milo DuQuette says, “It’s all in your head—you just have no idea how big your head is.”

SL: I like that.

GC: This is what people have been seeking. This is just, I guess, a way to say there are many roads to get there, but people have got to walk a path beyond kitchen to couch as we’re encouraged to do, and this might be a very potent way to get there that you’ve developed or you’ve actually, I guess … “Channeled” wouldn’t be an unfair way to describe it, I guess.

SL: I suppose not. I admit to having a prejudice against that term and against a lot of channeling in general, but not entirely. Obviously, I talked about that Law of One. I just think that’s on a different level from so much that I’ve read.

GC: Yeah.

SL: I mean really, even scientists have grappled with this question of where do we stop and where does something other begin? Heisenberg and his work can be interpreted in a mundane way as [stating that] we can affect the action of particles by our observation. But a more radical understanding of the implications of his research would be that we’re really creating all that we’re seeing. And I kind of fall into that latter camp. I think the implications of his work are truly mind-blowing and world-changing.

GC: Yes, yes, and I’m pretty much there intellectually. But I do have difficulty following through on some of this. And I’m going to try your process. But I couldn’t really be the guinea pig for today’s show because it does take nine months to go through this “system reboot” of sorts.

SL: Sure.

GC: Obviously, going over the scientific foundation and context is helpful. To be honest, I do struggle with some of these things that seem a bit out there, but outside of personal experience, I can go off. Eileen, she was willing to vouch for your system. I can also read the dozens and dozens of testimonials I’ve seen, and I can also factor in the Amazon reviews of your book. And despite this being a pretty strange and polarizing protocol in today’s modern world, you only have two one-star reviews. And they both state that they did not try it. So those opinions are pretty much meaningless to me. But everywhere I’m looking it seems overwhelmingly positive.

SL: Yeah, we’ve been so amazed. Leigh and I have been so amazed and at times shocked by the overwhelmingly positive response to this work. When we began introducing people to it, I suppose we had no idea what to expect, not really. If I expected anything, I had some trepidation about just being laughed at or rejected. And of course, we do get knee-jerk skeptics who won’t even admit that extraterrestrials exist after the Navy just said they did. Or UFOs, I should say, not extraterrestrials necessarily. So we’re talking about people who just aren’t even willing to look at facts and have no real ability to entertain possibilities and that’s the ones who aren’t being bought and paid for to just put a wrench in the system. A lot of them are just on the payroll of Big Pharma and the Cabal …

GC: Yes.

SL: We’ve been lucky that we’ve not had more of that kind of negative response over the years. There’s been some. You’re always going have that. I’ve never said this will heal everything for everybody. I make no medical claims whatsoever and I’m very open in saying that I don’t know how it’s going affect a given person. It’s experiential.

GC: Yes, yes, I understand that. And you’re right: there are a lot of people on that Cabal payroll, Navy included. You don’t even need the Navy’s recent “disclosures” to show that there is a very long history of strange contact experience, and more than enough to go on that I don’t need to have a personal experience to know that something’s up.

SL: Yeah, that something’s up, even if you don’t know what it is. To shut it down, to say that this is impossible when clearly it is possible, and it’s happening, even if it’s ourselves flying strange craft in the skies, it’s just … It’s either, like I said, something very evil and insidious like someone being paid to cause problems for people, or it’s an extreme example of hubris.

GC: One of the curiosities to me is how much about this does the Cabal know? Do they know more about our true history? Do they know about this limitation? Did the Vatican know about the relationship between light and DNA? Is that why they have the fricking largest telescopes on the planet? It seems like an odd thing for the Vatican to be investing in unless they know something about the building blocks or codes of reality. People say that it’s built into the Bible. So I would assume people who have studied all those texts locked away in the Vatican archives might know a thing or two about the real underlying structures and maybe they use that to their own benefit.

SL: I assume that that is absolutely true. And I assume that every single book from the library of Alexandria is in the Vatican and they have all of that ancient knowledge.

GC: I would love to hope so, but sadly … That’s a much more positive thought than the [idea] that it’s lost forever. That would be quite terrible. So I hope it’s there. I mean, fingers crossed, because at least then there’s a chance that we’ll get it someday.

SL: It just seems like an early example of a kind of false flag to me and I’ve read other people who have had that opinion, too. And then some of the knowledge being expressed in very cryptic ways, very often by the Catholic Church, would suggest that they’re drawing on ancient wisdom traditions with a lot of firepower. And then you get into telescopes, and we know that space dust will spontaneously configure itself into helices, like DNA. And we know that all of these very fascinating concepts have to do with exobiology and bacteria and space dust around meteorites coming in and seeding our world, terraforming or whatever. There’s so much to it. It’s an incredible discussion.

GC: Exactly like directed panspermia, these ideas …

SL: Panspermia. That was the word I was looking for. Thank you.

GC: Yeah, I’m all into that stuff. I think the story is way weirder than even the one that they’ve given us about just a random explosion at the beginning of the time. I think it’s way stranger and more complex than that, and I don’t think it really boils down to a single event either. But again, I am just a simple stoner host. But I am curious, what think you? Maybe the elite didn’t actually put these limiters on us, but they’re definitely content to keep them there. Our society seems structured to get our attention anywhere but on this kind of development.

SL: Yes. Well, it’s interesting. I’ve never actually spoken about this publicly, but if you accept the Law of One concept, there are essentially two paths to enlightenment, or to spiritual progression. One would be called in the Law One the path of service to others, and the other is the path of service to self. In my understanding—again, this is just my reading of it, my own process here, my own experience, my own thoughts, this is not a Law of One concept—but it strikes me that those paths are very different energetically vis-à-vis the Fragmentary Body. If you’re on a path of service to others, then you want to unify, you want unification, you want to experience unity, you want unity consciousness. Therefore, healing the Fragmentary Body is what you want to do because that helps all of those things. But if you’re on a path of service to self, you’re continuing to use the separation principle as an evolutionary motor. And you don’t want to heal the Fragmentary Body.

Now, there’s something without using that language … It’s phrased very differently or framed very differently … There’s something related to this somewhere in THE LAW OF ONE I recall reading at some point, in terms of the energy body. Or it could have been in another series of channelings that Carla Rueckert did. I think they were called Q’UO READINGS or something like that. [Editor’s Note: THE AARON/Q’UO DIALOGUES were coauthored by Carla Rueckert and Barbara Brodsky.] Anyway, I remember reading something that sparked some of these thoughts in me, but a lot of this is also just my own interpretation. So just being clear there.

GC: Yes, and I … agree with you as well that the larger the separation you can create between you and the rest of the people, the more valuable your tools are from the perspective of service to self. I mean, we’re talking Jedi and Sith here. That is basically the thing.

SL: That’s exactly right. And they’re both forms of power. If you just step outside of the psychodrama of good versus evil, they’re just paths, and they’re both valid.

GC: I mean, if it is a big game, it’s just about how you want to play.

SL: It’s about how you want to play. Having said that, if you’re on a path of service to [others], one of the things you must do at some point on your evolutionary journey is learn where your boundaries are and where you need to stand up for yourself if you’re a Jedi and a Sith shows up in the room. And that will mean different things to different people. There’s a lot to be said for just walking away or opting out, that kind of thing, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. So we have to have other strategies for—I hesitate to use the word “defeat,” but that’s probably the right word—for defeating the service-to-self faction in our world.

GC: Right. Sometimes you turn the other cheek, sometimes you come down with the fiery judgment of flaming justice.

SL: Yeah, if you want to get biblical, sometimes you kick the money lenders out of the Temple.

GC: Amen.

SL: I think Jesus kicked some ass in that [story]. So what do you do with that?

GC: Well, in your book, when you’re talking about the idea of the Fragmentary Body, you do use the example of Adam and Eve. Biblical stories are not really my favorite way to go about things, but you note that this fracturing of our consciousness is an idea that’s present not only there but in many different religious texts and mystical schools throughout time. Maybe there is a reason it’s so widespread and persistent. Where else do we see this idea? Pretty much anywhere that’s sequestered away and anything that’s ancient or indigenous it seems to be there. Basically, outside of our Western bubble, it’s there.

SL: Yeah, it shows up over and over again. Sometimes it has an energetic focus, sometimes it has a mythological focus or aspect … In some ways I think of the Fragmentary Body as the Other, this thing that inhabits our space with us that is and isn’t part of us. And you could get into all kinds of epistemological discussions about the notion of the Other all throughout world literature and religion.

GC: Indeed. And man, well, this is just really impressive stuff. You clearly have a well-developed system, a lot of advocates out there. I feel like people are taking all sorts of chances with the random pills that the system provides—and we see how well that’s going. You might as well try something like potentiating your DNA, right?

SL: Why not?

GC: Why not.

SL: And you can do it yourself. That’s why I wrote POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. You can just learn to do it and do it yourself, do it for your family, do it for your pets.

GC: Right. And it requires very little equipment.

SL: We have great feedback from pet owners.

GC: That’s interesting. What do people notice with their pets? Just more energy, seem to be happier?

SL: Yeah, yeah, very often they also release parasites and all kinds of other things, too.

GC: Wow. Well, it is a pretty cheap system to try out, cheaper [than or] equivalent to a doctor’s visit. So why not give it a shot?

SL: We do a free monthly ceremony for anyone who wants to experience it. It’s just has a sliding scale, meaning you can [choose] not pay anything if you [want]. It’s called Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony. We do it typically the first Sunday of every month, so people can sign up for that … And then I don’t know exactly how much it costs, but if you buy a book and a single tuning fork, which is less than $100, you can “potentiate” yourself and as many people as you like.

GC: I was going bring that up because there’s a lot of data that suggests that the power of mass intention really does have some potency. So I think the fact that you’re doing a group worldwide ceremony, especially one that’s on a donation basis, is pretty powerful. Are there other projects that the Phoenix Center for Regenetics is doing outside of the Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony?

SL: Well, relative to Regenetics, not so much at the moment anyway. My focus has been a new book that I hope to publish this coming year. It’s called MUSINGS FROM A SMALL ISLAND. It’s an illustrated memoir. It’s a snarky, comical crossing of Dave Barry, Peter Mayle and Anthony Bourdain that I illustrate with my paintings.

Art Prints

GC: Wow.

SL: So that’s been a big focus of mine for the last little bit.

GC: Very cool, very cool. And before we really go, is there anything else to tell people about social media information: where to dive deeper, things like that?

SL: Sure, you can find me, Sol Luckman, on Facebook. You can also find the Phoenix Center for Regenetics on Facebook. I’m on Instagram. I’m on wherever; I’m across the board pretty much on social media. So feel free to contact me. [Y]ou can sign up for our free ezine, DNA MONTHLY, which is full of good information. It’s actually bimonthly at this point in time, but we decided not to change the name because we liked it. My blog is There’s a lot of good content there. And my personal website is There’s a lot of good free content there as well.

GC: Right. I remember reading that it seems like the crow is maybe your totem animal or spirit animal in a sense.

SL: Yeah, yeah, it’s true, it’s true. I write about that and give some updates on that relationship in my new book. The book is humorous, but I do touch on some more weighty topics.

GC: Got to love the corvids. Strange creatures, the corvids.

SL: Yeah, strange indeed …

GC: And also just to clarify with the Solfeggio Scale Tuning Forks, you only need one particular fork with your process, is that right?

SL: With Potentiation. As you move forward, you end up using six forks.

GC: Oh, okay, okay.

SL: You end up using the full original Solfeggio Scale that Horowitz wrote about in HEALING CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE. Nice title there.

GC: Yeah, well, if apocalypse means a revealing of sorts, then I think …

SL: Yeah, I thought of it as a revelation ultimately. It’s been my experience … that I was assaulted by this biological apocalypse that he is talking about, and it led to enormous revelations in my personal life, and those have been passed on to other people.

GC: Amen. Well, I’m glad you came out the other side.

SL: Me, too, me, too. Sometimes it felt like I was in a tunnel inside a tunnel.

GC: I believe it. Well, this has been awesome. I really enjoyed the time. I hope it’s a process that helps the people out there that are willing to give it a shot. And I wish you the best man, take care out there.

SL: Well, thank you. I hope it helps you, too. And if it does, let us know.

GC: For sure, I will.

SL: And thanks for having me on. It was really fun.

GC: You got it, take care.

SL: You, too.

Text copyright © Greg Carlwood and Sol Luckman. Images copyright © Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

DISCLAIMER: The Developers and all Facilitators of the Regenetics Method offer DNA activation as educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not purport to diagnose, prevent or treat illness of any kind. Regenetics Method information and sessions are offered, and accepted, as exercises of freedom of speech and religion. The Developers and Facilitators of the Regenetics Method make no recommendations, claims, promises or guarantees relative to specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical treatment and care.

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