America Is Finally Warming up to Raw Milk

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[SL: This is an excellent interview, especially for those new to the subject of raw vs. pasteurized milk, that paints a very promising picture for the liberation of health-giving, grass-fed raw milk from the shackles of corporate and state control across America. For information on the benefits of raw milk and where you can find it, click here. And don’t forget to drink up!]

There is a battle raging across the nation over the safety of raw milk. The latest battleground is in the Maryland General Assembly. Many Americans are divided between those who espouse the nutritional value of raw milk, and others who say pasteurization helps keep the white liquid safe to drink.

Currently, thirty states allow the sale of milk produced in their state without treatment, while twenty forbid the practice.

One of the states currently considering the legalization of raw milk is Maryland. This measure would give the green light to cow-boarding or cow-shares, providing raw milk to the people of The Old Line State.
Similar proposals are being considered in both Florida and Massachusetts.

Liz Reitzig is a leader in the Farm Food Freedom Coalition. She is also an author who manages She is a leading voice for farmers and other people supporting freedom to produce, sell and drink raw milk.

Reitzig is our guest on the show below. She will talk about the movement in the country supporting raw milk sales.

We will explore the health benefits, and possible risks, of drinking untreated milk. We will also discuss the political realities on both sides of this debate that affect every American family.


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