Downloading the Vibrational Code to Break Free of the Matrix

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David Icke

[SL: This is another fascinating and inspiring video, with accompanying transcript, featuring David Icke I’ve decided to post on Snooze 2 Awaken, even though I don’t agree with everything Icke has to say. I feel the subject of awakening through vibration, the focus of my own work in healing and transformation, is of utmost importance to our species at this time. So check it out if you feel called to do so!]

I’ve already got another book coming in my mind, which is going take it on even further because a lot of pennies have dropped in even the last two weeks—big pennies about how this matrix actually is constructed and what it is.

And, what has been happening to me … is that over the last  six months I’m going into states in sleep of dreams that are so, so vivid—it’s like this world.

If .. I talked about the fact that, you know, this is in effect a form of dream and when we are asleep we dream other dreams, which don’t have the limitations of course that this dream has—because if we fall off a cliff in a dream we wake up, you know, in a start, “Oh, my goodness me! What just happened?” But, you’re still alive.

If you fall off a cliff in this dream, and you’re not still alive in this reality because you’re programmed to believe when that happens you must not be with us anymore. And this is why some people can walk through fire without getting burned. Most people would get burned. They go into another state of consciousness, which is what basically a dream is.

And these dreams have become more and more and more vivid. And, as they have done so, more and more information, insight and awareness [are] starting to form … This new book goes deeper into the rabbit hole for sure—not least in relation to Saturn and other things. But, I’m just on the cusp of going really really deep.

You know you reach a point when you know that the waters are about to break in a big way? I’m at that point now and it’s an exciting time for me, because what I’ve been pursuing for the last 22 years is not only what’s going on—it’s how we delete what’s going on.

And for me, what’s happening is this matrix … has created a feedback loop, if you like … The feedback loop is the matrix in its forms. It feeds us a sense of reality. We believe that sense of reality, and then we feed back into the matrix that sense of reality which empowers it to feed it back to us in a more powerful way.

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So it becomes a receiver/transmitter … kind of relationship where the more we believe what we are led to believe, the more we empower the matrix to manifest what we have been manipulated to believe. And that feedback loop has to be broken.

And when people start to awaken … and the more we move on in a much more fundamental way to see the world of reality in a different way, we break that feedback. We are no longer feeding back into the matrix information construct what it’s feeding to us. And therefore we’re weakening rather than empowering it.

That is why it is so important for everybody (as many people as possible) to wake up and disconnect themselves from this “I believe what I’m told” [scenario] … and question it and see it in another light because you break the feedback. And so that’s great and this is why it’s so important for people to wake up and wake up and wake up, because it’s weakening … the power we’re giving to the matrix to further influence us.

But for me, there is an energetic code. I’ve seen this in my mind for twenty years, and it’s becoming more and more and more powerful and tangible in the last few weeks.

There is a code. It is … the equivalent of a combination lock to open a safe, but it’s an energetic code. And that code is going to break this information construct. And when it does, people are going to be like sleeping beauty. They’re going wake up and go: “What just happened?”

Because the world … is going to suddenly be perceived in very different terms. For some people—many, many … people—this is already happening … even within this box.

What you are doing is that the more you awaken … in this interaction with this energetic construct I call matrix, the more … you are putting new information, new perceptions into this construct. This is weakening the power of the construct itself, which has been designed to feed us the sense of reality: little me; I’ve got no power; and all this stuff.

And thus, when you put this information into this construct, it is there for other people to pick it up and be influenced by it. And so everyone who awakens … is adding these new ways of looking at self and life into this construct—this energy field.

And thus more and more people are getting access to more and more powerful levels of alternative ways of seeing things. And you can spontaneously suddenly see life in a different way walking down the supermarket isle without actually having read a book or heard anybody speak about it. Suddenly, you get it.

And this is why it’s so important that people wake up because its weakening … this matrix construct, which is actually feeding us a reality. So, that is fantastic, and the more that happens the better it will be.

But, in the end, I know that there is a vibrational code that is going to bring this down. And I’m starting to understand what this matrix is and I’m starting to understand, therefore, what is necessary to break its control of human perception.

[These are] exciting times. And the next four years are going to be really … at the center—the heart—of bringing this whole thing to an end.

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