The Power of Forgiveness

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Mary Rivas

The act of forgiveness is a strategy to become neutral, to reset the game, to start fresh.

Forgiveness is a decision, an intention to get out of guilt, to clear all the debt and baggage that keeps us stuck in self-destructive patterns.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone bad behavior; nor does it mean that you accept that insult be repeated. Forgiveness merely takes the charge off and neutralizes it so it does not drain your energy anymore.

From a shamanic perspective, the act of forgiveness is a frequency, not the emotion that accompanies the act of forgiveness. When we forgive, we can feel an incredible sense of relief or cry tears of happiness, but the emotion is not forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice we make.

The act of forgiveness raises our frequency, our energy. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal!

Take a moment to recall an experience where someone insulted you. Chances are that whenever you think of that situation, you feel bad.

This is what shamans refer to as an “energy leak” because disturbing emotions drain our energy. If our energy leaks continue, we only harm ourselves. We need sufficient energy in order to be healthy and happy and to manifest.

When you recall an experience that makes you feel bad, ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to give that person the power to control me and deplete my energy?”

At any moment, you can choose to forgive and free yourself of burdens that rob you of happiness and freedom.

Imagine how you will feel when you no longer allow that person to drain your energy. Think of the relief you will experience when you finally experience forgiveness. You eliminate a huge energy leak that keeps you stuck.

The purpose of life is to gain experiences, make choices, learn from choices and acquire wisdom and understanding.

Forgiveness is a self-empowering technique—a healing process that enables us repair damage to our energy bodies. This includes the damage and energy drain that comes from mental complexes, heavy emotions and attachments.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we have to raise our frequency and spiritually evolve. I invite you to watch a free 4-part video series on forgiveness. You’ll expand your perspective, nourish your soul and hear amazing forgiveness stories that will positively lift your heart!

This article is offered under Creative Commons license.

Mary Rivas is the founder of, a website that helps you discover how to use mind powers to eliminate negative thinking and realize your life dreams.  Mary is the author of THE WARRIOR SPIRIT: HOW TO USE MIND POWERS & ANCIENT WISDOM TO CREATE WEALTH & MUCH MORE! She has a degree in psychology and attended graduate school in clinical psychology. For over ten years, she has immersed herself in ancient wisdom teachings, including shamanism.

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