Cultural Marxism Is NOT a Conspiracy Theory

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Andrew Foss,

I would like you do do a little research project for a couple of minutes.

FIRST: Go to Google and search for “Cultural Marxism.”

SECOND: Go to Duck Duck Go and Search for “Cultural Marxism.”

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In the Google Search you will find a  list of 10-12 articles ALL declaring that “cultural Marxism” is a Far Alt Right Conspiracy Theory.

I looked at a few of them and found the Wikipedia listing to be about the best. And by “best” I mean the best example of left-wing gobbledegook that you will find on the subject.

In the Duck Duck Go search, you will find a more balanced listing of commentary on the subject. Meaning, you will see other sites discussing the Frankfort School and their 75-year battle for the control of the minds of Americans—through academia.

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So what is cultural Marxism? It is, quite simply, using the academic and cultural avenues of America to justify Marxism. In the words of Nikita Kruschev:

We can’t expect the American people to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find they have Communism.

The movement was championed by a group of Jewish Socialists who escaped Europe and came to the United Stated during the 1930s. They collectively referred to themselves as the Frankfort School—i.e., coming from Frankfort, Germany. They planted themselves within academia. Their goal was to subvert Western values through cultural means.

It became a culture war. We saw it during the sixties through music. Cultural Marxist ideas eroded traditional Christian values and contributed to the breakdown of the traditional family (Dr. Benjamin Spock).

This was never a direct assault. It was a steady and constant attack. They brought ideas like “Political Correctness” into our world.

They referred to their Philosophy as “Critical Theory.” And this was extended to “Critical Race Theory” and “Critical Environmental Theory.”

Their philosophy lit the fires under the Racial Justice movement. See where we are today with that. And this trend also brought us the Environmental Movement, including Earth Day.

So-called scientists made up something called Global Warming … until reality showed us that that was not what was happening. So they changed it to “Climate Change.”

That shift was pretty Orwellian, as they simply stopped using the term “Global Warming” and inserted “Climate Change.” I could see the textbook writers doing a “Find and Replace” and letting it go at that.

They still slip, of course. The present Dottard in Chief on more than a couple occasions used the term Global Warming in speeches—and even in one of the debates.

And if you look at the present administration, it is straight up following the “Climate Change” agenda. Every aspect of the government is being focused on combating the “Climate Crisis.”

What it means to us: More government regulations on every aspect of our life. Higher fees and taxes on every aspect of life. More intrusion on our lives. All in the name of something that sounds good and is wrapped in a poster of a baby seal.

As I am finishing this, I will share a handful of headlines from this morning:

Now She’s Engaged! VP Harris Vows to Fight Climate Change as “Root Cause’”of Migration Crisis

Washington, D.C.’s Tidal Basin faces uncertain future with rising waters

U.S. intelligence touts new emphasis on climate change, calling it an “urgent national security threat”

President Biden Pledges to Cut Greenhouse Emissions in Half

Biden’s sweeping new climate plan is worth getting excited about

The Women Over 50 Making a Difference on the Environment

From the ridiculous and mundane to to downright dystopian. The Environment to the news media is like a 1970’s Godzilla movie.

It takes on a life of its own and is totally out of control. And if you look at the people talking, you can tell they are out of sync with the soundtrack.

This subject is one you need to pay attention to. Watch what they are doing. Realize that they are doing it. Figure what you have to do do to protect yourself from it.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Copyright © Andrew Foss. All Rights Reserved.

Andrew Foss is an internet content writer and entrepreneur living with his family in Eastern PA, where he has a home with a garden. Visit his website here.

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