An Open Letter from Stephen Malthouse, MD, Exposing COVID Untruths & Urging for an End to Lockdowns

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[SL: Enjoy and please share this open letter to the Chief Medical Officer in British Columbia by a medical doctor outlining a number of obfuscations associated with COVID-19 and urging that lockdowns be stopped immediately. For more information on the many aspects of COVID-19 fraud, click here.]

“The epidemiological evidence,” writes Dr. Malthouse, “clearly shows that the ‘pandemic’ … is over and no second wave will follow. The evidence has been available for at least 4-5 months and is irrefutable. Yet, in spite of this substantial body of research, your office is perpetuating the narrative that a pandemic still exists and a second wave is expected. This false story is being used to justify public health policies that appear to have no health benefits, have already caused considerable harm, and threaten to create more harm in the future.”

Click to access Letter_to_Dr__Bonnie_Henry_Oct_2020.pdf

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