No Victim, No Crime: Harnessing the Power of Jury Nullification for Real Justice

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Sol Luckman

In these times of increasing government tyranny at all levels, jury nullification is a critical grassroots freedom tool about which we all should be eager to learn more.

Below are a couple of excellent videos to get you started.

The first video is a wonderful introduction to jury nullification; the second is of a recent panel discussion on how to use jury nullification to stop the bogus, for-profit-and-control “war on drugs.”

Please take the time to watch one or both so that those charged with victimless “crimes” (which could be you or someone you love) can remain cage-free!

For even more information on jury nullification, visit the Fully Informed Jury Association.

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  1. Fast forward to April, 2014 … The Alaska State House of Representatives is considering a bill that would would allow jurors in the Last Frontier “not to apply the law to the defendant” in select criminal cases … House Bill 315 would officially legalize jury nullification of verdicts in cases where jurors believe the “law is unjustly applied to the defendant.”

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