11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers (Part 1)

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Brendan D. Murphy, Global Freedom Movement

A Devout Vaccine Apologist’s Guide

“I have no faith in vaccination; nay, I look upon it with the greatest possible disgust … Indeed, I consider we are now living in the Jennerian epoch for the slaughter of innocents, and the unthinking portion of the adult population.”
Dr. W.J. Collins, MD, BS, BSc, MRCS, TWENTY YEARS’ EXPERIENCE OF A PUBLIC VACCINATOR, 1866. Printed for the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League (And you poor sods thought this all started in the 1990s with Andrew Wakefield!)


The vaccine situation is circus sideshow bizarre now because this great hulking mythology has taken on a life of its own, with such polarizing power that it simply never seems to occur to most proponents/adherents to actually investigate the subject independently and thoroughly for themselves—and so they don’t. (This means spending months and years, by the way, folks. It doesn’t mean spending five minutes perusing a Snopes article or some official government brochure touting the unquestioned “wonders” of vaccination.)

We’re talking swathes of medical professionals who are asleep at the wheel here. Despite their lack of personal investigation, they maintain a disproportional level of confidence in their views—exactly in the same way that a fundamentalist persists in their blinkered, dogmatic confidence. (No one can beat the “one true god,” after all.) Everyone around them is so cock-sure, so righteous, so smug, so authoritative—how could all those people and agencies (and all that tradition) be wrong? (Ah, the allure of “safety in numbers.”)

Establishment spokespeople and medical stooges currently refer to an imaginary “consensus” that the science is settled. (Where have we heard that before? Oh, yes, carbon-dioxide-emission-driven “global warming”—don’t talk about the government admissions of geoengineering though!) Thus there is no need to actually bother looking for evidence or consider another perspective. Only crackpots and conspiracy nutters do that. (If you’re already triggered by the term “geoengineering,” then please leave now. This article is intended for mature, emotionally stable adults.)

Conformity is next to godliness, slave, so learn the eleven golden rules of militant vaccine pushers and know your place.

1. The “Greater Good” Is All That Matters (a.k.a. The End Justifies the Means)

Militant pro-vaccinists are intensely collectivist.

So your child is autistic since they had the MMR jab? You lost your baby after the doctor vaccinated him/her during their last well baby checkup? You’ve had acute flaccid myelitis since your polio shot? Grandpa died after his flu shot?

Too bad. The herd needs protecting and sometimes the weaker members of the herd need to be sacrificed to protect the rest. Buck up, you’ve done your part for society! Doesn’t that righteous inner glow replace the touch of your never-to-be-held-again child? There, see? All better. (My sincere apologies to pro-choice parents out there who actually have lost children. I don’t meant to be tasteless, but I am trying to hold up a mirror here for those with eyes to see.)

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Individuality must be sacrificed to the “greater good,” no matter the cost (consequentialism).

Ignore the fact that “herd immunity” cannot be attained through mass vaccination and that the idea itself originally emanated from the observation that natural acquisition of a disease strengthens the “immunity” of the “herd” in the long run and protects those at high risk of serious infection through the “herd’s” contact with the pathogen and resultant long-term immunity—which vaccines attempt to mimic but do not provide.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Ignore the fact that in the developed world measles mortality had fallen by as much as 99.6% before measles vaccines were introduced, while some other diseases, such as scarlet fever and tuberculosis in the USA, virtually vanished (certainly the mortality rates became vanishingly small) with no vaccine being adopted for them at all.

Ignore the parallel decrease in mortality between pertussis and scurvy in England, as seen below. Ignore that no vaccine was developed for scurvy, and disregard how pertussis mortality nosedived well before any vaccines showed up. Also ignore the many other graphs showing the same thing with other diseases.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Ignore the paramount importance of breast milk in protecting a child. Ignore transplacental immunity. Only synthetics and simulacra are acceptable. Nature is to be surpassed and beaten through the religion of technocracy.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Focus single-mindedly/devoutly on vaccines at the expense of ALL else. As in fundamentalist religion, militant vaccinists are monotheists—and there can be only one True God.

Ignore the mounting evidence that an antibody response does NOT confer any “immunity” worth the name and ignore the difference between cellular immunity and antibody production. Imply or claim outright that a robust antibody titer after vaccination means “immunity” has been achieved, even though the human immune system is vastly more complex than a simple antibody response. Try not to imagine how NASA’s mission to Mars might look if rocket scientists adopted a similarly simplistic and naive belief that, as long as the rocket has powerful thrusters, that’s all you should need for an “efficacious” mission!

The extreme nature of current vaccine ideology has led to the Biosecurity Act 2015 and other similar totalitarian pieces of legislation (see: GHSA) leading us to collective mandatory vaccination REGARDLESS of evidence of highly elevated risk for certain individuals and the evidence of intrinsic harmfulness of every single dose.

Policies of mandatory vaccination are policies of physical invasion and violence, and can only succeed if the psychological brutalization of society softens the public to the next uptick in tyrannical governmental operation.

A recent commenter on a Facebook thread I passed by quipped (and I paraphrase): “Not even the communists mandated vaccination!” He had formerly lived in a communist country. Yes, we are outdoing the ultimate collectivists with current vaccine fanaticism.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

The fact that many people in the developed world openly welcome the idea of forced vaccination (and microchipping) demonstrates irrefutably that we have systemic Stockholm Syndrome and have bonded with our captors/abusers.

1(a). Censor All Well-founded Contrarian Viewpoints

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

The classic example is one of the moment: we have hordes of people —including the rather foolish looking head of the AMA (Michael Gannon, who embarrassed himself by referring to polio “bacteria” recently on Twitter)— advocating censorship of a film (VAXXED) they deem “dangerous” and have NEVER SEEN!

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance,” Einstein observed. This advocacy is about as low and unconscious as cognitive function can get—short of being fully comatose.

“You really shouldn’t see that film, it’s dangerous and misleading, you know.”
“Oh, have you seen it?”
“Ah, no … It’s dangerous and misleading, so I won’t be seeing it.”

2. Create (and Maintain) a Biased False Narrative as Context for All Vaccine Discussion and Tolerate No Deviation from Your Arbitrarily Set Boundaries

Leave no room for a contrarian point of view by making the sheer act of questioning any of the vaccine dogma seem to be “shameful” (sacrilegious) and so “absurd” as to be unworthy of anything but vitriol (ad hominem again).

Key: Use Orwellian NLP tactics like referring to the possibility of having two different perspectives available as “false balance.” (Balance is false balance, and ignorance is strength. See: double-think.) This makes logical fallacies so acceptable and commonplace as to be invisible. Use inflammatory, emotionally provocative language that defines anyone who raises so much as a modest concern about a vaccine as “crackpot,” “fringe lunatic,” “heretic,” etc.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Favorite phrases hurled by pharma whores include: crackpot, conspiracy theorist, tinfoil hat references, profanity in general, fringe nut, and accusing the “anti-vaxxer” of living in an echo chamber. For once Wikipedia is actually useful in clarifying:

“Observers of journalism in the mass media describe an echo chamber effect in media discourse. One purveyor of information will make a claim, which many like-minded people then repeat, overhear, and repeat again (often in an exaggerated or otherwise distorted form) until most people assume that some extreme variation of the story is true.”

Thank you, Wikipedia, for describing EXACTLY how the media, aggressive pro-vax trolls and government agents like Minister Hennessy work in promoting their distorted “vaccines are the best thing ever and only crackpots would ever dare raise so much as a whimper of doubt—oh, and Andrew Wakefield is Satan” narrative. Jill Hennessy’s wildly irresponsible and negligent claim that there is NO risk to vaccination represents just such an “extreme variation of the story” that emanates from the echo chamber of militant vaccinism. Evidently Minister Hennessy has never seen a vaccine insert before.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

In the words of Dr. Toni Bark,

I began to see patterns. Children who were seen in the vaccine clinic would then come to our ER with seizures, respiratory arrest and asthma attacks. I began to realize, not all children respond well to vaccination and in fact, some die.

There you go: just one of the MANY doctors reporting the kinds of adverse outcomes listed in the vaccine insert. Denial is a nice place to visit, but …

2(a). Lie, Lie and Lie Again—and if That Fails, Lie Some More (In Other Words, Maintain the False Narrative)

Make grand, sweeping statements that a real scientist would never use, such as “the science is settled.” (Brian Hooker shows here that clearly the science is not settled.) Cherry-pick and acknowledge only that “science” which supports your view (chronically inflamed confirmation bias). Please note that this author had to overcome his own original confirmation bias in order to arrive at his current view. It is a task too few people accomplish because they never graduate beyond “thinking” from the limbic (emotional) brain, and looking coolly and calmly at evidence they fear will not simply fuel their preconceptions.

Lying by omission is often even more valuable than lying overtly. Sometimes the facts you leave out are the most important of all. There’s nothing quite like twisting reality to your liking by omitting inconvenient material—for example, vaccine insert information, toxicity of ingredients, failures of vaccine programs, the entire history and origins of vaccines, outbreaks in highly vaccinated populations, etc. Below are just two examples of the latter.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

2(b). Implement the Hennessy Protocol (a.k.a. the Jenner Protocol)

Can’t find enough factual evidence to justify your loathing of the pro-awareness community and non-vaccinators? Worry not, because there’s always the option of MAKING THINGS UP AS YOU GO (a.k.a. the Hennessy Protocol—or “Jennessy” Protocol in honor of the founding liar)!

Yes, ladies and gents, Big Pharma agents and sellouts within the (highly incestuous) pro-vaccine establishment have resorted to fictitious Tweets converted from comments made in Facebook groups—all aimed at discrediting the pro-choice community.

Victorian Minister for Health Jill “No Risks” Hennessy has recently been busy “naming and shaming” so called “anti-vaxxers”  for alleged “abusive Tweets.” Hennessy’s narrative is that the comments were directed at her personally by “anti-vax bullies” on Twitter.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

The Victorian Minister for Health used mainstream media outlets like the HERALD SUN (who are thus complicit in the fraud) to push this asinine story, but there’s only one minor problem: most, if not all, of these comments were never Tweets to begin with; some were comments stolen from Facebook groups and then attributed to another individual on Twitter, and some (at least four obvious candidates) may have simply been pulled out of thin air. See images below.

Some of Jill’s alleged “bullyers” were writing “Tweets” that were too long to actually be posted on Twitter (going over the character limit), and there is no shortage of confirmation that many of these fake “Tweets” were simply pilfered from a Facebook group which at least one well known troll apparently frequents. It appears that troll passed these comments to Hennessy and from there Hennessy—or her staffers—set about transforming these comments into “Tweets”, co-opting them into the Establishment’s line about “threatening” and “violent” anti-vaxxers.

If there is such a preponderance of anti-vax “bullying” and “abuse” going on, why the need to make up all these cases and distort reality? It’s a transparent attempt at vilifying and discrediting the entire pro-choice and vaccine awareness movement. (“A” for effort but an “F” for execution, gang.)

Why would such a SENIOR public official engage in such fraudulent behavior against the grassroots pro-awareness Australian community? Who is paying her? Is there a gun to her head? How has politics gotten THIS pathetic and rotten?

More importantly: Isn’t it time to start holding politicians like this personally LIABLE?

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Here’s a good breakdown of Hennessy’s B.S.

To be clear: the bulk of Jill’s “Tweets” were simply comments made by frustrated observers—some of them likely parents with vaccine-injured children—among themselves within a vaccine-related Facebook group (see screen shots above). They were NOT directed at poor, mistreated Jill, nor were they posted on Twitter. There are even spelling mistakes in at least one of Jill’s replications not present in the original Facebook comments. (Yes, wow.)

It appears some disused Twitter accounts have been co-opted into this farcical narrative in the hope that no one would notice (including—ironically—a doctor in the Netherlands who actually supports vaccination!). Well, we noticed, Jill (and accomplices). No legitimate screen shots were ever provided by Hennessy. She simply read words off her phone/iPad and expected the public to lap it up (and the credulous pro-vax did indeed LAP it up).

The evidence does not favor her bogus “anti-vaxxers are vile” narrative—in fact, it indicates strongly that she has just defrauded the public with the help of mainstream media outlets in an attempt to demonize the pro-choice community—a large portion of which is composed of frustrated parents with a vaccine injured (or killed) child. Is THAT not vile? The hypocrisy is staggering. More victim blaming—this time from Victoria’s Minister for Health. (How Orwellian can it get?)

This is the same Health Minister who played a part in censoring VAXXED in Castlemaine recently, much to the outrage of the grassroots community seeking transparency and full disclosure. They were understandably irate that Hennessy had the gall to try and shut down VAXXED and then demonize them with this repulsive treachery.

Step down, Jill, you are not fit to play any part in politics whatsoever. (Sorry, is this a bit “abusive” for you? You could always turn it into a Tweet.)

On another note, you may have also noticed bogus missives written by people that claim they were once “anti-vax crackpots” but, after “seeing the light,” pulled a totes authentic volte-face. Once in a blue moon, this undoubtedly does happen, since parents who fall into fear and feel pressured will say and do irrational things (fear impairs reasoning and judgment faculties); however, a skilled pair of eyes with years of study behind them is well equipped to catch the canned, scripted, and staged “feel” to some of the recent examples doing the rounds (and emanating from some well-known establishment outlets, unsurprisingly).

Remember to ignore the fact that all pro-choice parents with a vaccine-killed or injured child were once “pro-vaccine.”

2(c). Blame 100% of “Anti-vaccine” Sentiment on Earth on One Man: Andrew Wakefield

This is the pro-vax establishment’s ultimate Strawman argument.

Refer to the “disgraced and discredited” Andrew Wakefield as often as possible—the more the better! Refer to the LANCET “retraction” as often as possible. Maintain the false mainstream narrative citing the “fraudulent study claiming MMR vaccines caused autism” (and congratulate Brian Deer on a [hatchet] job well done).

You can never overestimate the value of a good scapegoat, and the pharmaceutical industry has its Chosen One. This is also part of a distraction technique used to attract attention away from the MANY other doctors and scientists who are highly critical of vaccines for various different reasons. The illusion of a “consensus” must be maintained.

Doctors have fought against vaccine fraud and mandatory vaccination since Jenner’s time, for well over 100 years before Andrew Wakefield was even born, but don’t let that stop you from blaming him for every SINGLE doubt or query ever raised around vaccines. He’s the DEVIL and can bend space and time to his will, deceiving those whose faith is found wanting!

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

2(d). Blame Virtually All Disease Contracted by Anyone Anywhere on the Unvaccinated Population

Corollaries to this are as follows.

Ignore the high frequency of instances where primarily or ONLY the vaccinated get sick, and especially ignore the numerous examples of outbreaks that follow directly in the wake of vaccination campaigns. Failed vaccinations that result in the recipient/s developing the very condition they were vaccinated against are to be re-categorized and swept under the carpet. Vaccines simply cannot cause disease. Why? Because they aren’t supposed to, okay?! Because polio, mmkay?!

Absolutely disregard FDA and CDC and equivalent agencies’ admissions that certain vaccines produce vaccinated people who can shed and spread the disease.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Also do NOT read vaccine inserts that list side effects including the very disease they are meant to prevent, along with encephalitis, autism, seizures, death, and much more. Because they wouldn’t sell products that could harm us, right? (See: “cigarettes are safe,” “thalidomide is safe,” “DDT is safe,” “amalgam fillings are safe,” etc., etc.) The good old “they wouldn’t do that to us” is simply a fallacy born of misplaced trust. This is also known as misjudging the moral compass (or competence) of those in authority.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Especially ignore open admissions of there being no trials carried out that demonstrate effectiveness of, for example, FLULAVAL in reducing rates of influenza. Who needs evidence that vaccines actually work? They WORK, okay?!

“Shut up and get your flu shot because you’re putting my family at risk if you don’t!”
“But the insert states no controlled trials exist adequately demonstrating a decrease in the flu after vaccination.”
“You and your tinfoil hat conspiracies, crackpot! Stay away from my children!”

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Find further examples here.

Don’t talk about the Cochrane assessment of flu vaccine efficacy. Ever.

2(e). Manipulate (and Also Use Bizarre) Statistics to Enhance Apparent Vaccine Value and Downplay Harm

This is an ancient strategy—an oldie but a goodie (with too many examples to cite here in this limited space). Has your patient just developed polio-like symptoms following the polio shot? It can’t be vaccines, they’re “safe and effective”— Priesthood of Medicine said so! Better report it under another name! This is a vital card in the pro-vax house of cards.

Think I’m joking? In 1960 the 120th Annual Meeting of the Illinois Medical Society featured a panel discussion, during which one of the medical experts named Dr. Bernard Greenberg (who would go on to testify in Congressional hearings)

revealed how data had been manipulated to hide the dangers and ineffectiveness of the (polio) vaccine from the pubic. Dr. Greenberg explained that the perceived overall reduction in polio cases was achieved by changing the criteria by which polio was diagnosed. Prior to 1954, all that was required was an examination on admittance and another 24 hours later; if the classic polio symptoms were discernible, the patient was considered to have polio. No lab test, and no residual paralysis were required to establish a paralytic polio case definitely. When the new criteria was established in 1954, for a case to be reportable as polio, residual paralysis had to linger for 60 days or longer. From this time onward, all cases in which paralysis lasted less than 60 days would no longer be classified as polio! Overnight, the majority of cases that would have been diagnosed as polio, were now shifted into a new disease category, cocksackie virus, or aseptic viral meningitis.

In Canada, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics issued an official bulletin in June 1959 titled Poliomyelitis Trends, 1958. “It may be noted that the Dominion Council of Health at its 74th meeting in October 1958 recommended that for the purposes of national reporting and statistics the term non-paralytic poliomyelitis be replaced by ‘meningitis, viral or aseptic,’ with the specific viruses shown where known.”

2(f). Introduce Bizarre Statistics to Sell More Vaccines (or Combine Flu Deaths with Pneumonia) 

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.” (emphasis added)

Oops. The above quote is from Peter Doshi’s report in the 2005 BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL. The CDC had been claiming that a whopping 36,000 deaths per year were caused by the flu. As you can see, there’s only a very SLIGHT difference between 18 and 36,000—only a few orders of magnitude or so. No big deal, right? We must convince the public they need to be jabbed using any means necessary. If we lie it’s only for their own good.

Why does the CDC combine these two conditions? Apparently, according to Jon Rappoport, they assume that the pneumonia deaths are complications resulting from the flu! It certainly makes flu sound a lot more threatening if you can connect it to 62,000 deaths rather than the meager 18 that actually were confirmed. It certainly sells a lot more batches of product if you can beef the numbers up with a little bit of reality warping.

Disregard the fact that this is the same organization that binned powerful evidence (see: William Thompson) that vaccines can and sometimes do cause autism. You can trust them. Got your flu shot yet?

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

3. Use Guilt and Shame as Techniques for Emotional Manipulation to Foster Acquiescence and Subservience

This technique rests on a pyramid of distorted and false information, i.e., the false narrative touted by the establishment about how vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread and how dare you question it! Questions kill babies, you Satanic bastards!

Basically, society (the brainwashed portions at least) inculcates into parents the baseless notion that they are delinquent in their parental duties if they are so much as a day late on the vaccine schedule with their child. Of course, parents who practice due diligence, and, after months or years of study, choose not to vaccinate are painted outright as child abusers—the evidence they cite is not worthy of study or discussion. Alternative methods of safely supporting health and immunity are taboo.

This is little more than another bullying tactic, a coercive technique consisting of low level psychological violence (with sometimes very high level resultant biological damage).

It’s the vaccine way or NO way. Thou shalt not worship false idols.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

4. Maintain Blanket Amnesia and Ignore History

The shorter your memory is the better. History provides a plethora of uncomfortable and embarrassing material that is not flattering to the pro-vax paradigm (to put it mildly). For example, Edward Jenner—the founding father of vaccination—was a liar and charlatan. He also became the most famous “refuser” of the early era of vaccination: his mentally retarded eldest son (who had been vaccinated for smallpox at 10 months of age) died in a sickly and weakened state around the age of 20 after having been vaccinated multiple times. Jenner chose not to vaccinate his second son.

The undeniably crude and unscientific practice of vaccination was opposed from day one by eminent medical men of the time on the grounds that it was dangerous and due to the observable carnage that followed vaccination wherever it went. (Did you know there were anti-mandatory vaccination leagues and societies in the 1800s driven largely by concerned doctors? Is Andrew Wakefield to blame for those too? Does he have a time machine?)

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

The Jennerian notion that people would not develop smallpox if they were inoculated with cow pox was ALREADY observed to be untrue before he started promoting this idea (which he “borrowed” from the local dairy maids!). Doctors at the time ridiculed his claims due to their observably false nature. People got cow pox AND small pox and this was common knowledge at the time. Thus, popular vaccine mythology is built on a foundation of sand/fraud.

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

Big Pharma, of course, was yet to exist, corporate hegemony over the education system (and research centers) was yet to be established, and thus, doctors in the 1800s were not all blindly indoctrinated into the pro-vax mythology—nor were their careers threatened if they did not toe the line. Times have changed drastically since then. However, while doctors today receive strong indoctrination into the vaccine mythology both via social osmosis and during their time in medical school, their curriculum features almost no factual information on vaccines, their ingredients, what those ingredients do in the human body, whistleblowers, disasters resulting from vaccination campaigns, vaccine history, general harm and risks, Big Pharma’s influence over the whole system (obviously), and so forth.

4(a). Ignore Chronology and Causality

Claim vaccines eradicated diseases that were ALREADY being controlled, declining, and/or virtually wiped out by the development of sanitation systems, improved hygiene, and better eating (and other developments like antibiotics). Don’t mention diseases that were conquered without any vaccines being developed for them at all. (See “scurvy” above.) Vaccines are our medical messiah sent from on high—from them all good things (and ONLY good things) come. (Amen.)

11 Golden Rules of Militant Vaccine Pushers - Part 1

4(b). Ignore ….

…  crop of new vaccine-created conditions and diseases that arose in the wake off mass vaccination (especially the current autism explosion which is so dramatic that it simply cannot be attributed to genetic origins—because it’s EPI-genetic!). Don’t talk, for example, about how vaccine-induced polio has basically replaced wild polio. (And don’t mention the carnage left in the wake of the Gates’ oral polio campaign in India. Ssshh …)

To be continued …

Copyright © Brendan D. Murphy. All Rights Reserved.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading Australian author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed non-fiction epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY is regarded as essential reading by many students of the physical and metaphysical sciences. Visit his website here.


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