26 Questions Intelligent People Should Be Asking about Coronavirus

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Brendan D. Murphy

[SL: Although I’m choosing to post this important article on April 1st, this information is definitely no joke. Please share by linking to this valuable information on social media and via email. You might also appreciate my similar take on what some are astutely calling a “plannedemic” in this recent article.]

In a time of mass hypnosis and hysteria, one thing that can help break the collective spell cast upon us is getting into the habit of asking some fundamental questions and scrutinizing foundational assumptions about the current COVID-19 virus narrative propagated by the media and governments of the world.

Below is a list of 26 questions that speak to the core beliefs fueling the fear-driven situation playing out before us.

These are questions about the core assumptions driving the “pandemic” narrative which are uniformly glossed over by the vast majority of news outlets and commentators—whether mainstream or alternative.

1. What is a PCR test and how does it work? What is the test actually looking for? How does the PCR test measure supposed viral load in a human and derive a positive/negative result?

2. Are there differing values for cutoff points in the PCR tests that purport to identify viruses such as corona? What are the implications if there are arbitrarily chosen cutoff points between different labs searching for “COVID-19?

3. What is the rate of false positives? How is this calculated, and why is it important that many people might be falsely diagnosed as “infected/infectious”?

4. Has the so-called virus been proved to be pathogenic? (In other words, can we prove it causes the symptoms the media and mainstream of medicine associate with it?)

5. Exactly where have virus particles been properly purified and definitively isolated proving a “virus” is present? (And if this was done, how did they show it was not endogenously produced?)

6. What is the definition of the “disease” and what are its symptoms? Are they unique or are they virtually indistinguishable from familiar conditions? What would this mean?

7. Is there a diagnostic or classification bias occurring where people are carelessly being “diagnosed” on the basis of common symptoms as having COVID-19 when they should not be?


8. What treatments are being used? Have they been tested objectively? How do we know they are safe? How do we know they are effective?

9. Just because there is an association between elevated levels of RNA and illness, does that therefore prove the RNA is from a virus?

10. What’s the definition of a “confirmed case”?

11. Are deaths being attributed to COVID-19 erroneously and padding the statistics? What if mortality rates are, overall, still low, as UK governments recently acknowledged on March 19 2020, when they deemed COVID-19 no longer considered to be a “high consequence infectious disease” (HCID) in the UK?

12. What exactly proves this is a “new disease”?

13. If the definition of the “new coronavirus” is open-ended and generic, what impact might this have on the playing out of this scenario?

14. Are healthy people being tested as a control against suspected carriers?

15. What proof is there that a sick person’s symptoms are really caused by the “virus“?

16. If cells produce their own endogenous viral fragments out of DNA and RNA, how are researchers distinguishing those endogenous “viruses“ from those they believe to have been “caught“ through external transmission? Can they even demonstrate any such material has been obtained externally as opposed to internally generated?

17. How is it possible to be infected/uninfected/infected on consecutive days, as some people have? What does this suggest about test reliability?

18. Does the quantity of RNA detected in a test indicate illness?

19. How is it proven that any RNA detected in a test comes from a virus and not other sources?

20. What evidence is there for proof of transmission of the “virus“?

21. Is there really a “pandemic“ or could this be a cover story and distraction strategy while other geopolitical and economic agendas are enacted?

22. If no one has been able to definitively demonstrate that a “virus“ (such as AIDS, SARS, corona) can be infectiously transmitted between people, do self-quarantine and social distancing rules make any sense? What is their true purpose?

23. If experiments have been done where sick people with “contagious“ conditions tried—with consent—to infect healthy people, and they all failed, what does this suggest about so-called “contagious viruses“? Should we really be afraid of each other?

24. If nurses in hospitals are admitting to some patients that they have no specific test for COVID-19 how can they diagnose anyone as “positive for COVID-19“? What exactly ARE they testing for?

25. Are telecommunications companies using the “pandemic“ to accelerate the 5G rollout while we are looking the other way?

26. To what extent is the nocebo effect contributing to the incidence of symptoms and overall mortality rates? Are people in some cases literally believing and stressing themselves into illness and death psychosomatically (hardly a new phenomenon)? Is part of what we are seeing the result of “medical voodoo”?

To be sure this is a list that could be expanded on easily, but if we engage with this kind of thinking—and seek answers—it should help to dispel the collective fear and the myth that planet earth is currently under siege by a “deadly new virus“ which should have us all cowering at home under a blanket and viewing each other askance when we do have to leave the house.

As David Crowe writes, “The world is suffering from a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus, a virus that has emerged from wild bats or other animals in China, supported by the [W]estern assumption that Chinese people will eat anything that moves.“

By far the most dangerous virus here is the mind virus that has turned almost everyone into a vector of fear and paranoia, providing governments (Australia’s especially) with the justification to take even more Draconian measures against us, stamping out even more basic rights and freedoms, such as freedom of movement, freedom of association—and perhaps eventually the freedom to refuse unwanted medical interventions like vaccination.

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What’s next to come from the corona hysteria? Husbands and wives are not to share a bed lest they risk a fine?

The real sickness is the collective mental illness arising from a false and pathogenic meme (the “COVID-19 pandemic“) which has rendered far too many people into neurotic, infantile creatures seeking “protection“ by their surrogate parent figure (government), while fostering a dibber dobber culture that would make kindergartners blush. We are now being encouraged to report someone to the authorities merely for standing “too close“ to a friend they might be having a private conversation with (as if it’s anyone’s business!).

It’s pathetic—and it’s already happening.

Didn’t we get the memo that Orwell never intended 1984 to be an instruction manual for living?

If people grasped the idea of living from their center instead of being totally externally referenced and always needing instruction from an outside authority/parent figure, this global psyop would never have been possible in the first place.

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This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading Australian author, researcher, activist, and musician. His acclaimed nonfiction epic THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE & SPIRITUALITY is regarded as essential reading by many students of the physical and metaphysical sciences. Visit his website here.

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