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[SL: A client recently called to my attention to this review from 2013 of my bestselling book on health and wellness, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. I felt readers might find this information relative to the Regenetics Method insightful and inspiring. I also include an excellent video introduction to this potentially life-changing work by acclaimed author and Regenetics Facilitator, Brendan D. Murphy.]

POTENTIATE YOUR DNA is a book I recently read and found both hugely challenging and massively enlightening. Some may be put off by the scientific language used and I felt the need for a glossary or translator at times, but it’s worth reading all the way through.

I wanted to share my experience of reading the book because I felt it had a huge impact on my awareness about the human body-mind-soul continuum plus the extent to which our body has the potential to heal itself …

I recommend the book to those who are open minded, curious about the human being and able to accept a book which is both scientific and spiritual in nature. It’s packed full of useful resources which will help you shift your perception of who you are in the frame of our wonderful universe.

“Just as there are many types of people, there are many varieties of wake-up calls to our greater life in spirit.” (p.32)

Sol has a brilliant way with words and on numerous occasions I felt he managed to eloquently describe the whole of humanity in a nutshell. He makes connections and through his own personal journey discovered a way in which humans can transform their experience of life through Potentiation …

POTENTIATE YOUR DNA is a must read. Many times I have now read about Torsion Energy (chi, breath of life, universal energy) and also the concept of having an innate Blueprint, but POTENTIATE YOUR DNA puts these concepts into a brilliant context including DNA, vowels, sound/light domain …

Read more here.


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