Tuning the Human Biofield

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Eileen Day McKusick

Introduction to Sound Balancing

Sound Balancing is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body. It is a process that has been evolving since I first picked up a set of tuning forks and began incorporating them in my massage therapy practice in 1996. The sound acts like sonar—it bounces off the structure of the body and the field and comes back with information.

Over the years, I learned to interpret this information, which led to what I call the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis. The Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis is the premise that our biofield—which extends approximately five feet to both sides of the body and three feet above the head and below the feet and is shaped like a torus—contains the record of all of our memories, embedded in standing waves within this structure. It is what we might call our mind, both conscious and subconscious.

Just as the brain is compartmentalized with different areas responsible for different functions, so is the biofield, with specific areas holding information related to specific emotions, states of mind, and relationships. In addition to our memories, the biofield contains the blueprint that the physical body organizes itself around.

I encounter two fundamental phenomena in my work in the biofield, which I refer to as energy and information. The information is the record (memories) of everything that has occurred in a person’s life, laid down on the torsion or aetheric level in what I perceive as standing waves. The energy is the charge or resistance associated with those memories.


While combing the area around the body with a vibrating tuning fork, I have the experience of encountering what appears to me to be charge, or electrical resistance, in the field. These pockets of charge seem to follow the tuning fork in a way that is reminiscent of iron filings following a magnet. Once returned to the closest nerve plexus/chakra along the spine, the charge appears to be absorbed and “digested” by the body, implying that the charge prefers to be in the body rather than frozen or stuck in the field. I call this process of locating and moving charge “click, drag, and drop.”

These charges appear to relate to a trauma in a person’s life. Periods of trauma, whether mental, physical, or emotional, often recede in time and space without ever being completely processed by the person. These memories seem to live on as charged incoherent oscillations, or noise, within the biofield, exerting a nonbeneficial frequency pattern within the person’s body and mind. These areas of resistance have corresponding areas of tension or lack of flow within the physical body, and as a consequence, over time, they can cause breakdown in the order, structure, and function of the physiology (i.e., entropy).

Sonic Soul Retrieval

This apparent resolution of incoherent oscillations and integration of the charge associated with them back into the body is a process somewhat similar to the shamanic practice of soul retrieval. Shamans say that during a traumatic experience, parts of the self get split off and left behind in the past. The shaman enters into a trance state in order to locate and restore these lost pieces.

When I first began employing the click, drag, and drop method within the field, I called it sonic soul retrieval. The outcome of locating, de-differentiating, neutralizing, and integrating these disturbances in the biofield can be immediate and profound, on all levels of functioning.

Using sound this way in the biofield allows us to locate traumas at their source point in the historical record. For example, one client, a woman in her forties, had the experience of debilitating anxiety her whole life. She had been to various psychiatrists and been on and off meds, but had not found any relief from her symptoms.

Within five minutes of having her on my treatment table, I was able to determine that she had had a very traumatic birth. I located a highly discordant and charged energy pattern at the outer edge of her biofield off of her right knee (an area that relates to “obstacles to moving forward”).

A coherent frequency, such as that produced by a tuning fork, inserted in this precise location, gives the body the opportunity to resolve the incoherence, modulate the distortion, and settle itself down. Returning the following week, the woman reported that her anxiety had diminished by about 75 percent and noted that since she now understood the origin of the feeling, she was less upset by it when it did arise and that it moved through much more quickly.

These sorts of immediate and profound outcomes are very common in Sound Balancing, which has also been used to successfully treat not just anxiety but also pain, depression, PTSD, digestive disorders, vertigo, and much more. Using sound through the biofield to change the way the body expresses itself, from dysfunction to function, whether through DNA, emotions, or physical functioning, represents a profound leap forward in the way we approach healing.

Distance Sound Balancing

Sound Balancing can also be performed at a distance. This is a rather curious experience that begs for an explanation. How can a sound session performed in my office in Vermont affect a body in another part of the world? Interestingly, the energetic patterns that show up around a body in what I call the bioplasmic biofield appear on my treatment table exactly as if the person were really there.

I am able to determine, with great accuracy, the periods of stress in a person’s life, the quality of their relationship with and personality of their parents, whether they have spinal subluxations and where they are, if they have ever received a concussion and at approximately what age, the status of their digestive processes, and much more. Additionally, I am able to effect change on these levels, at a distance, through sonic manipulations of these energetic patterns.

The answer to this mystery may lie in the concept of aether—the deep, connective, holographic medium that is present everywhere throughout the universe, though missing from our contemporary cosmology, which subscribes to the modern notion that aether was disproved in the late 1800s.

While the term aether has been tossed out of our popular lexicon, the phenomenon persists, and has been given a great many other names, including the zero point field, the source field, the torsion field, the field, and, more recently, the Higgs field, whose definition, “an invisible energy field that exists throughout the universe,” sounds an awful lot like the definition of aether.

Information travels through this medium at much faster than light speed, or perhaps even instantaneously due to its holographic nature (meaning the information of the entire field is instantaneously accessible at any point). This holographic quality can potentially explain the mechanics of how distance healing works. Just as I can place my awareness now in my left foot, now in my right hand, with no sense of that awareness having to travel in a linear way through my body, so I can place my awareness on a client 1,000 miles away and use my subtle energy field to influence it at a distance.

Scientific Evidence of Distance Healing

Numerous experiments have been conducted that demonstrate that qi gong masters using a form of energy healing originating in China can create healing in one petri dish versus another over great distances, with tremendous precision. Whether we place our awareness in a specific finger of the body or a specific petri dish faraway, it is fundamentally the same action. But how does it happen?

It has generally been ruled out that conventional electromagnetism plays a role, for several reasons. Healing has been successfully conducted in EM-shielded rooms, and over great distances instantaneously, which would not account for the time involved for EM energy to travel.

For this reason, aether is concluded to be the medium through which this energy travels. However, I have read that in EM-shielded rooms where there has been a biophoton multiplier, an extremely sensitive device that can count the number of biophotons (quanta of low intensity visible light) being emitted by a life-form, “bursts of biophotons” have appeared while the distance healing is being conducted.

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This would imply that consciousness (light) can “go under” in the aether in one spot and “pop out” in another instantly, through intention alone, without having to travel linearly to get there, in much the same way I can be conscious of and energize my right toe and then do the same with my left thumb, without that energy and awareness having to “travel.”

As the nonlocal interconnective medium that unifies us all in real time, aether is the missing link in so-called paranormal phenomena such as remote viewing, distance healing, synchronicities (i.e., meaningful coincidences), and telepathy.

That we can use sound and intention in this instantaneous and powerful way, both locally and at a distance, intimates profound possibilities for healing and expansion of human consciousness in ways that we have yet to fully imagine.

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Eileen Day McKusick has researched the effects of audible sound on the human body and its biofield since 1996. She has a master’s degree in integrative education and is currently pursuing a PhD in integral health. She teaches privately and at Johnson State College and maintains a sound therapy practice in Stowe, Vermont. Visit her website at www.eileenmckusick.com.




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