True Free Energy & Real Health Secrets Exposed

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The Alex Jones Channel

Award-winning journalist and author Jon Rappoport breaks down all the ways the government is suppressing free energy and stopping medical advancements.


  1. Interesting video… thanks for the hilarious article in DNA monthly which led me here… I also heard on the grape vine that there are engines that can run on ONLY water and that if we master geothermal energy then we’ve done well… in any case thanks for sharing food for thought and have yourself a great day!

    1. Yes that is one H20 car among many, that technology has been available for way too long not to be used en-mass… it seems that only the genuinely committed bother doing their own conversions to benefit mother nature and her children… although I see many companies making great strides such as the QUANT concept car that runs on salt water and looks mighty fine too (not just great for the environment!)… some really positive signs that humanity reached the tipping point and chose the load less travelled of enlightened consciousness, the future looks bright 🙂

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