Are Crows the Ultimate Problem Solvers?

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Sol Luckman

Followers of my work may already know that I have a long-time connection with Crow Medicine. In a related article adapted from my book, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, I explained that

in many native wisdom traditions, Crow is the totem animal, or “medicine,” that “knows the unknowable mysteries of creation,” guards holy texts, and upholds the sacred laws of being.

As keeper of the Creator’s linguistically-based knowledge of creation, as recorded in sacred texts, Crow is gifted with the special ability to modify universal rules and “shape-shift,” both personally and collectively.

In other words, Crow’s innate talent involves knowing how to manifest new ways of living and being.

When shortly thereafter I was prompted intuitively to read a magazine article (featuring a crow graphic) on vision questing, I realized in an epiphany that for months I had been receiving visits from my totem animal!

Apparently, Crow was trying to tell me through its repeated cawing that my calling involved recalling that I knew something important about creation, holy texts, and sacred law.

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Humorously, I visualized myself as a phoenix-crow hybrid, a jet-black bird engulfed in indigo flames, hugging the tree with my wings alight as I stood pooling chi in the middle of my ashes. I actually painted a little watercolor close to this description.

The only problem was, while the phoenix imagery was crystal clear, it was years before I was able to grasp the meaning of the crow part of the picture.

But eventually, as I came to fathom the true nature of DNA—which you will not find in biology textbooks, but will learn more about shortly—while developing Potentiation, I understood why Crow had come to me so insistently.

DNA is the language-based holy text, the sacred law of creation that Crow guards and shape-shifts by calling out its inherent potential through linguistic means.

In fact, as I explain in detail in CONSCIOUS HEALING, the Regenetics Method very well may be an example of a type of ancient healing speech applied to genetics referred to in the Koran as the “Language of the Birds.”

With this background, I hope you will enjoy as much as I did the extraordinary video below featuring a crow engaged in solving a difficult puzzle.

I felt rather as I were watching myself confronted by the riddle of DNA and how to activate it for healing and transformation.

To your potential!

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Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author. His books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING and its popular sequel, POTENTIATE YOUR DNA. Sol is also author of the BEGINNER’S LUKE Series of seriocomic novels characterized by Reader Views as a “modern-day ALICE IN WONDERLAND” and by Apex Reviews as a “mind-bending journey through the mind of the ultimate iconoclast.” His latest novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, set for release in 2014, is the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams. View Sol’s paintings, read his blog and learn more about his work at

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