The Power of a Good Quote

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You can add this treasure chest of truth memes challenging various aspects of contemporary “science” to my own found at …


A quote can be the heart of a compelling article. Good quotes help to tell a story and enhance the credibility of a press release, news story or speech. Words that are crafted well can leave a lasting impact on the world.”

The saying that the pen is mightier than the sword has always rang true to me. Words have power. The right words can completely change how we look at things. They can shape our perceptions and challenge us to rethink that which we hold as truth. I have always been a sucker for great and timely quotes, especially regarding the fraud that is germ theory. Collected below are an assortment of quotes from medical professionals on germ theory, “viruses,” science, HIV/AIDS, smallpox, vaccinations, pharmaceuticals, and healing. I intend to update this section as I come across more relevant quotes. Please read the words of these many influential…

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