Former Canadian Defense Minister: ETs Walk among Us

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Sol Luckman

In this fascinating interview, former Canadian Minister of Defense and author Paul Hellyer confidently asserts, based on personal experience and knowledge, that we’re not alone. Indeed, according to him, we haven’t been alone on earth for a long time.

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Based on my own research and intuition, I believe he’s right more than he’s wrong. Specifically, I believe most ETs are basically benevolent, with only a few “bad apples” working with the Cabal against humanity.

Hellyer’s most important point, in my view, is that because of something akin to the “prime directive,” the good ETs won’t help us out of the mess we’re in unless we collectively invite them to do so.

As I understand it, this has nothing to do with a formal invitation and everything to do with an internal openness on the part of a majority of the people to move into a new paradigm of peace and prosperity for all.

Begging the question: What on earth are we waiting for?

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