Healing with Sound: Wave-genetics, Solfeggio Frequencies & Regenetics

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Mary Desaulniers

New theories on the holographic nature of living organisms suggest that man is comforted and healed by sound waves.

Ancient cultures understood the power sound has on the human body. Through chanting and drumming, ancient man used sacred music to balance physical, mental and spiritual energies.

While modern man has lost this knowledge of the power of sound, he is in the process of rediscovering it through new developments in physics.

One such development is the idea that matter is energy encoded as holograms and that DNA functions as a holographic projector translating energy patterns into forms.

Since these forms behave as acoustic waves, sound becomes a focal avenue for writing and decoding genetic information.

The power of healing sound can be seen in recent theories of wave-genetics, the recovery of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies, and the new discipline of Regenetics.


Wave-genetics points to the dual nature of all living organisms, which are composed of a material body and an energy-information body.

While classical genetics focuses on the currently understood two percent of DNA, wave-genetics is open to the possibility that “junk” DNA contains the specific language that gives rise to our genetic codes, seen as gene-holograms capable of a dynamic exchange of energy-information between the physical body and its energetic counterpart.

This exchange is replicated in three virtually identical experiments conducted in Russia and Canada.

Diabetic rats with a dysfunctional pancreas were exposed to healing wave information scanned from the pancreas and spleens of healthy newborn rats.

Within weeks, ninety percent of the ailing rats were healed; their pancreatic glands were restored; and their blood sugar levels normalized.

Solfeggio Frequencies

If healing information was once accessed through sound and chants, might one be able to retrieve these healing codes from ancient music?

Such was the question posed by Dave Hulse, who—recognizing resonance as a basic principle of health—began studying how sounds and frequencies, functioning like healing codes, could activate DNA.

He discovered that biochemists used the 528-Hz. frequency to repair DNA and learned that this specific frequency forms part of the ancient Solfeggio scale, a six-tone scale that was used in Gregorian chants, including the medieval hymn to St. John the Baptist.

One feature that intrigued Hulse was the root vibrational numbers of these frequencies—3, 6 and 9—which he learned were the mystical markers connected to electromagnetic technologies and harmonics.

He claims that scientists like Nikola Tesla and musicians like Mozart and Hadyn worked with the concept of the inherent power of threes, sixes, and nines.

Using tuning forks to produce the Solfeggio frequencies, Hulse developed his own practice (SomaEnergetics) of healing with sound.


Sol Luckman’s Regenetics healing modality also is based on the principles of wave-genetics.

With his partner Leigh, he discovered that each of the body’s auric, or bioenergy, fields corresponds not only to a chakra, but to a third-dimensional sound octave as well.

This discovery suggests that the human form is a three-dimensional holographic matrix connecting a vertical series of light-responsive chakras with concentric bioenergy fields that are acoustical or sonic in nature.

“At the genetic level,” writes Luckman, “sound gives rise to light.” The human form is a quantum hologram that is itself a “translation” between sound and light holograms.

The Regenetics Method works by “resetting” bioenergetic systems damaged by trauma and toxicity. It also stimulates bioenergy and creativity.

Man as hologram has made healing with sound through the Solfeggio frequencies and Regenetics viable options.

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Mary Desaulniers is a retired teacher whose passions are writing and running. She has been pursuing both for over thirty years and sees both as avenues to self-knowledge and balance. She has published articles and stories in GRAIN, NINETEENTH CENTURY LITERATURE, THE LONDON MAGAZINE, and various online publications. She has a Ph.D. in Nineteenth Century English Literature and has published a book on Thomas Carlyle with McGill-Queen’s University Press. Her most recent publication is DEAR SEBASTIAN: RECLAIMING THE POWER OF METAPHOR (2009).


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