“One of Those Rare Books That You Will Want to Reread Again & Again”: CALI THE DESTROYER

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Rachel Smith, Entrada Publishing

CALI THE DESTROYER is a fantasy novel full of humor and lightheartedness … Author Sol Luckman has created a story that has something for almost every reader.

Juice and Cali are best friends, and they are learning that they have been lovers since the beginning of time. The mythological entities have a purpose but are they in time to help save humanity? CALI THE DESTROYER takes place in an Orwellian future which traces its roots back to our dystopian present.

The Archons are attempting to control every aspect of life, and resistance is fading. Suddenly the Goddess and her consort appear. The scene is almost straight out of ancient Gnosticism and the mythological beings are taking control of the matrix on the Fatherland. To save humanity the Luminous Child must awaken, but will it be in time?


“You sure you’re up for this, Cali?”

“Up” was the operative word in Juice’s well-meaning question posed in his resonant bass voice. The two teenagers sat astraddle his idling, jerry-rigged motorbike way up, up, up above the Nolihana at the entrance to a seemingly endless levitrain trestle spanning the great river in cascades of gleaming steel.

Trembling, Cali stole a panicked glance down through the morning mist at the water’s mercurial eddies that seemed as far below as the pastel autumn trees on the mountainsides rose far above. Gripping Juice’s muscular midsection and breathing in his comforting natural scent, she whispered (none too convincingly), “I’m sure.”

Luckman has created a vivid new world full of engaging characters. While the fantasy, science fiction novel has plenty of laugh-out-loud scenes, it is also a cautionary tale. The Orwellian future Cali and Juice are familiar with may also be what ours looks like in several years. CALI THE DESTROYER shows readers what can happen when evil is allowed to thrive.

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It’s also a book about hope and love. CALI THE DESTROYER shows us how we can create a world where everyone can thrive.

Readers new to fantasy books will find Cali’s story fun and exciting, while those familiar with the genre will find similarities to other stories and new ideas to follow. Spend an afternoon with the lighthearted book. It’s sure to chase any dark feelings away. It’s one of those rare books that you will want to reread again and again.

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