Ignore the “Virus” Fearmongering

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Dawn Lester, Dawn’s Writings

It cannot be sufficiently emphasised how absolutely vital it is to continue to focus on the complete lack of evidence for the ‘germ theory’.


Because this ‘theory’ remains the key tool of the ‘would-be controllers’ to keep people in a state of fear.

The consequences of the fear-driven belief in ‘pathogenic germs’ – and ‘pathogenic viruses’ in particular – have a profound and devastating impact on people’s lives – with the greatest impact on the most vulnerable; our babies.

It’s encouraging that so many people have begun to realise that there is ‘something wrong’ with the Covid-19 narrative – an understatement of immense proportions, but at least it’s a start!!

The key problem from my perspective, is that very few of these people have extrapolated their realisation about ‘Covid’ to every other so-called ‘virus’ – although even this is only part of the problem. Bacteria, fungi and parasites are equally blameless with respect to their ability to ‘cause disease’, but they are not the focus of this article.


Despite the herculean efforts for almost 3 years of those of us on ‘team no virus’, the mainstream media continues to promulgate stories about various ‘viral diseases’ that they claim are on the increase, as can be seen by a BBC article entitled Concern over flu and winter viruses but Covid levels unchanged, which states that,

“Covid infections remain fairly stable across the UK, but other viruses such as flu, norovirus and RSV are increasing, latest data shows.”

The main thrust of stories like this is obviously to promote fear of allegedly ‘dangerous viruses’ and encourage people to accept the suggested ‘solution’ that invariably involves pharmaceuticals, such as antivirals or vaccines, neither of which has the ability to prevent disease or to restore a person to health.

The most despicable tactic is to encourage parents, especially those with a newborn, in the belief that they need to ‘protect’ their offspring against a whole slew of allegedly ‘dangerous viruses’ with such pharmaceutical products.

An example of this can be seen from a recent BBC article entitled Antibody jab approved for common winter virus RSV. In this article, RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) is referred to as,

“…a common and potentially dangerous winter virus…”

The purpose of the article is to promote a new treatment, called nirsevimab (who dreams up these unpronounceable names?), that is being studied to discover whether it should be ‘offered’ to all babies!!

It is described as ‘a single antibody shot’, which,

“…helps stop infants getting chest infections, such as pneumonia, for about six months.”

The BBC article calls for parents to sign up for the study. This is clearly intended to make parents, especially those who are first-time parents, feel that they are contributing to ‘medical research’ and helping ‘scientific progress’ by allowing their babies to become guinea pigs for Big Pharma.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The HARMONIE Study web page for those parents who choose to participate in the study contains this comment,

“Antibodies are found in the blood and are part of our immune system, which helps our bodies fight infection and illness. The antibody dose in the HARMONIE Study acts in the same way as the antibodies within our own bodies, but it is targeted specifically to fight RSV.”

For anyone unfamiliar with the lack of evidence that antibodies are or do what they are claimed to be and do, I would recommend my article on the topic.

Not content with poisoning young babies, the vaccine industry is trying to also poison the expectant mother; as can be seen by a Reuters article entitled Pfizer says maternal RSV vaccine prevents severe infection in infants, which states that this vaccine,

“…was found effective for preventing severe infections in infants after being given in a late-stage study to expectant mothers in the second half of pregnancy.”

It should be noted that the article also states,

“An effective shot should generate billions of dollars in sales upon approval.”

The greed of Big Pharma, although despicable, is not the key issue to focus upon.


The main point to emphasise is – and I make no apology for repeating myself – that there is no evidence for the existence of any ‘pathogenic viruses’ and there never has been. There is therefore no reason whatsoever to participate in any suggested ‘solution’ to the non-existent problem of ‘viral diseases’.

The pharmaceutical products, especially antivirals and vaccines, that are claimed to ‘protect’ you and your family from such diseases are toxic. This is demonstrated by the recognition that all pharmaceutical products are associated with ‘side effects’ and by the existence of the phenomenon known as ‘iatrogenesis’.

The particles called ‘viruses’ cannot harm you; however the fear-mongering messages certainly can damage your health and there is more than adequate evidence to corroborate this; a subject I will return to at a later date.

The safe and effective solution? Ignore the ‘virus’ fear-mongering!

What Really Makes You Ill?


Concern over flu and winter viruses but Covid levels unchanged


Antibody jab approved for common winter virus RSV




Pfizer says maternal RSV vaccine prevents severe infection in infants


This article, republished with permission, was discovered here.

Copyright © Dawn Lester. All Rights Reserved.

In collaboration with David Parker, Dawn Lester spent more than ten years investigating the real reasons that people become ill using an unbiased and logical approach that enabled them to follow the evidence with open minds. The results of their investigation are revealed in their ground-breaking book, WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU ILL? WHY EVERYTHING YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW ABOUT DISEASE IS WRONG.

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