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As usual Mike Stone of ViroLIEgy is on point, this time where the current “monkeypox” charade based on fraudulent or no science at all is concerned.


The bottom line is that there is no reason to fear monkeypox today any more than there was before the drill and the ensuing fear-mongering headlines. Monkeypox is nothing but the reclassification of the same symptoms of disease that belong to select group including smallpox, chickenpox, shingles, measles, etc. They are all varying levels of the same detoxification process. Could there be an increase in the amount of people suffering these sets of symptoms? Sure, as a vast amount of people have repeatedly subjected themselves to experimental injections over and over again during the last two years. Eventually, the body must rid itself of the toxic overload which may result in a similar set of symptoms as seen in cases of so-called monkeypox. However, as always, there is no need to fear any “virus” nor any infection. There is nothing to this monkeypox business other than a well-orchestrated fear-campaign. The only thing to fear regarding this media blitz in need of a poster child is this:


If you have been paying attention to the (fake) news recently, you may have heard a little something about a crop of monkeypox cases popping up around the world. Normally, most people wouldn’t bat an eye at any headlines concerning the monkeypox yet the mainstream media is making a strong push to ensure that these headlines catch your attention. As can be seen, the usual suspects such as President Biden, the CDC, and the WHO are all involved in sounding the alarm over what is considered to be a mild and relatively hard to transmit “viral” disease.

Cue the FEAR propaganda.

It makes one wonder what (or who) could possibly be behind such a push to strike fear into the minds of a populace already on high alert over the emerging “6th wave of Covid-19.” It’s not like they have these things planned out well in advance now, do they?

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