Why Is the Deep State Destroying Our Food?

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Liberty_Lady, Rumor Mill News

The Deep State really is in a panic. Their plans to take over the world and kill as many of us as they can manage, didn’t go as planned with the pandemic. Many of us refused to take any of their poison vaxxines. Others, who took it, began to get suspicious as people were dropping dead and developing permanent health issues, so they refused to take any more. As a result, they weren’t able to accomplish killing 13 out of 14 people they had so hoped for.

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There are enough pod casters blowing the whistle on their various attempts to destroy our world, that the average person is becoming alarmed and are paying attention, finally. Just in time, I’m hoping. It will take all of us to fight these Globalists and their minions.

Americans are far too friendly and trusting. If you see strangers or strange vehicles in your area, pay attention. They could be just nice folks traveling from point A to point B. They could also be a couple of terrorists posing as a family unit. There have been any number of food processing or storage buildings that have burned down recently in America and other countries. Why?

I would say because they are behind on their schedule to take America down to a third world level. But they are also behind schedule to kill off as many of us as they can. Anyone who has checked out the Georgia Guidestones will see that is their stated goal. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. Bill Gates’ 2010 TED talk was pretty explicit. What was it he said? Paraphrasing, he said, “We can reduce the world’s population with the judicious use of food distribution and vaccines.” Does that sound like someone who is trying to save people with his vaccines? Really?

With the weather, inflation of food prices and disruption of food deliveries, how long will it take for people to begin rioting in the streets, attacking others who have food and especially those who try to take any food they have away from them?

Many of us have been raising the alarm for some time and probably most people thought we were just being alarmists. But, I for one, have better things to do than make up scary stories. It is time to fully wake up and pay attention to what these so-called Elite are doing to our world.

It may be depressing when you read about some food storage place burning down half way across the country, because there is nothing you can do about it. But you can be more vigilant in your own area. Any facility that has anything to do with food storage or production should be set up with motion lights and cameras that work … not dummies to scare people off. It would be a good idea to hire extra security. It will be money well spent.

There are things that the individual can do. Farmers, don’t leave your farm equipment out in the field for the next day. It might take extra fuel to drive it back to the equipment shed every night, but it is better than leaving it somewhere that would be easy to sabotage or cannibalize for parts that are next to impossible to get now.

Grain elevators, storage bins, any facility that houses animals, food production facilities, warehouses where food is stored, all need to have extra security. And local people being more alert than they would normally be. The grocery stores in my area have hired armed security, just in case. And, even though my husband and I are armed, we still only shop in daylight hours. Our neighborhood watches out for each other.

There are other facilities that need extra eyes on them. Water treatment plants, water towers will need extra guarding too. Bridges and overpasses are especially vulnerable to sabotage. We are all going to have to be alert if we are going to win this war. And what the hell is up with planes flying into food storage buildings? We now have kamikaze airplane pilots? Are they Japanese? WTH?

The World Economic Forum members are very disappointed that their plans have been delayed. That doesn’t mean they will just stop trying. They may have money on their side, but they don’t have time on their side. President Trump really threw a monkey wrench in their well-laid plans when he beat Hillary in 2016. No wonder she was so incensed that night that she couldn’t even come out and talk to her supporters. She had to send top weasel John Podesta out in her place.

They went into high gear at that point. But, it won’t be enough. Hopefully people around the world have listened and prepared for this time. If not, do it now. Plan to grow your own food if you can. And be prepared to defend it. We are in for some difficult times ahead, but I truly believe we can win this war and then we can watched the 21 century Brown Shirts get the same “reward” for their efforts as Hitler’s did. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving people.

This informal comment posted at Rumor Mill News is shared here in the spirit of fair use.


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