Anti-bodies Again

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This article by Tracey Northern is a fine contribution to the debunking of the fraudulent (and dangerous) germ theory, virus and vaccination narrative.


But what ARE antibodies really? Do they even exist or do what they say they do? No they don’t.

We all know that the whole science of vaccines is built on antibody production. That is how they measure their effectiveness too. So if they are wrong about antibodies then they are wrong about immunity and vaccines have no place in medicine.

They ARE wrong about antibodies….

Northern Tracey's scribblings

  1. Antibodies are very important for our immune system in getting over viral and bacterial diseases. We make non-specific IgM Antibodies (Ab) initially then specific IgG Ab later. Once we make IgG we are immune for life against that pathogen.
  2. An example of this is with mumps, mumps is caused by a virus, we get the disease once, make IgG antibodies and are immune for life.
  3. Another example is measles, we test for IgG and prove we are immune for life, well except that in a Supreme Court case in Germany it was shown that the measles virus doesn’t exist, never mind.
  4. Another example is chickenpox, we get chicken pox once and never again due to IgG antibodies, except if we get shingles which is also chickenpox, but well that’s different.
  5. If we have AIDS we test for the presence of Ab, if we have them we know for sure that…

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    1. Perhaps trust your research by always taking the other side and questioning, use intuition and your gut, and finally learn then use discernment. Do not look to others, trust yourself.

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