POTENTIATE YOUR DNA: Next-level Regeneration (Sol Luckman Interview)

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Sol Luckman is the international bestselling author of CONSCIOUS HEALING and POTENTIATE YOUR DNA as well as several other highly acclaimed works. He is also co-developer of the Regenetics Method—a revolutionary genetic repatterning approach utilizing key linguistic codes, sound, light, and intention.

In this wide-ranging interview, Luckman and Diane Hudock kick the door wide open to deeper considerations and insight regarding many pressing topics—from the power and technology to self-heal and reclaim our inherent potential to the current possibilities of next-level “Era 3” meta-genetics to seal what Sol aptly terms the “Fragmentary Body.”

Filled with unique wisdom, potent information and enlightening query, this interview is a fantastic resource for all seekers and anyone wishing to step on higher ground.


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