The Crime Engine of the World Is Throwing Rods & Smoking

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Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News “When you ‘throw a rod,’ it means that one of these rods has literally broken off. When that happens, one of two things occurs. If the rod breaks while the piston is on its way up, the piston keeps going up until it jams itself permanently into the cylinder head. If the rod breaks while the piston is coming down, the broken rod can pierce a hole right through the engine block (like a compound bone fracture breaking through the skin). Either way, the engine is instantly ruined, and you’ll have to ‘blow a wad’ to get the car back on the road.”

The big picture … the long story:

About 20 years ago, I wrote an essay, “Seven Cartels That Run the World.”

A cartel = a syndicate seeking monopoly over its territory of operation.

I presented a picture of power groups that both compete and cooperate. Over time, they cooperate more and compete less.

There are more than seven major cartels. For example: military, intelligence, medical, money, religion, education, energy, media, mega-corporate, government, technological mind control …

Their functions tend to overlap.

You can look at each cartel as a slice of highly organized human endeavor. As time passes, each one integrates horizontally across nations. Medical, for instance, becomes, more and more, international medical.

The pure goal would be: each cartel swallows up all relevant activity in all countries; and then all cartels join at the hip.

That would be the crime engine that runs the world.

One global military force; one global intelligence agency; one global energy authority, and so on … and then all these cartels connect to each other.

From that perch, you could see all sorts of crime sub-groups operating at different levels. Banks, street drug cartels, mob families, human traffickers, the FDA, WHO, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Gates Foundation, CIA, the Rockefeller Group, the Vatican, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, social media platforms, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, and so on.

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The task of building out each major cartel AND taking over the present governments of all nations is, obviously, far from easy. Two steps forward, one step back. Sometimes, two steps forward, four steps back.

Independent investigators expose various elements of the sub-groups and the major cartels.

People with fragmentary knowledge argue over which cartel is the dominant one; but in the end, if this long-term plot succeeds, there would be a board or committee or council that oversees the operation of the connected cartels.

The cartels represent an elite obsession to organize and control.

—The obsession to create a system—combined with the perception that the technology exists to succeed.

Labels like Communism, socialism, totalitarianism, fascism, monarchy, democracy, the corporate state, dictatorship, technocracy, and so on, have become loose names for the advancing cartelization of the planet.

The media cartel seeks to obscure and hide evidence of this major cartelization; instead, it promotes the notion that all protests and rebellions against any fragment of this Power are crimes, insurrections, terrorist acts.

The media cartel’s job is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. It associates protests with former “heinous events.” “This is 9/11 all over again.” “This is worse than the 1918 Spanish flu, and the protestors are endangering public health.” “The break-in was the most evil act since Pearl Harbor.”

The media cartel now has a problem, though: other competing voices. Those voices, advocating in one way or another for freedom, are becoming stronger.

When you’re the media and you shoot fish in a barrel for a hundred years, and it works like magic, you develop a smug complacency.

Freedom is a monkey wrench applied to the crime engine. The wrench doesn’t have to do precise work. It creates domino effects.

From a strategic point of view, the whole COVID operation was a cartel overreach. It wasn’t the time-honored invisible step by step accumulation of more control and power. A few manic fruitcakes jumped the gun.

The army of COVID enforcers then exposed their flank.

The brutal lockdowns; the saturation bombing of national economies; the phony scientists with their absurd (and changing) declarations; the vaccine causing huge and visible harm; the admissions that the vaccine doesn’t prevent illness, doesn’t stop viral transmission, doesn’t prevent hospitalization, and must be boosted with more injections, necessitating an impossible re-injection of the whole planet every few months …

This was an amateur production. Evil to the core, but amateur.

You could take all the scandals of all the Presidencies since the assassination of JFK, and they wouldn’t mount a sum anywhere near the up-close and personal impacts of the fake COVID pandemic on the citizenry.

And then, the first wave of lockdowns across the world was not enough; there had to be second and third waves. Just to rub slavery in people’s faces.

The whole GRADUALIST strategy of cartelization was dumped in favor of Crazy Apeshit.

Thereby unleashing what we’re seeing now—building protests for FREEDOM all over the world.

THIS is exactly what cartelization can’t handle.

Because freedom lifts all boats.

The media cartel, which earns their keep promoting and dilly-dallying about phony conflicts and meaningless adjustments to policy and minor scandals … suddenly has to deal with covering for a hundred Hitlers who want to throw the world into camps and deny every human right in the law books.

It was as if Switzerland suddenly decided to send planes over England and drop canisters of poison gas.

“What?!?! You want us to explain away THAT on the nightly news??”

All the CIA assets in all the US newsrooms in the country can’t keep the lid on that.

The crime engine running the world has thrown rods and is smoking.

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Right about now, the sober cartel heavy hitters, who never wanted the COVID op, are casting their very angry eyes on Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and a few other loons in their Club, who are the impatient ones, the maniacs, the amateurs.

Make no mistake; in the cartel scheme of things, Bill Gates IS a rank amateur, an out of control jackass.

Could a titanic piece of stupidity—COVID—smash the cartelization of Earth?

It’s quite a long shot, to be sure. But as the crime engine is replaced with a working model, hundreds of millions of people are looking at the smoking heap on the side of the highway.

They’re looking harder; they’re believing what they’re seeing; they’re marching; they’re driving big-rigs; they’re gathering at government headquarters.

And that THEY is getting bigger and turning into a WE. And far worse, that WE is composed of individuals who know they’re individuals and they’re supposed to be free.

So why not take that freedom and leverage it to the sky?

Throw wrenches into every replacement of the crime engine.

Take back more and more cartel territory and make it free.

Corner and surround and blockade the non-humans posing as humans.

More rods will break off and punch holes through engine blocks, and more pistons will plow into cylinder heads.

It’s Christmas.

This article, republished with permission, originally appeared here.

Copyright © Jon Rappoport. All Rights Reserved.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for thirty years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS HEALTHWATCH, LA WEEKLY, SPIN MAGAZINE, STERN, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails here. To read about Jon’s mega-collection, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, click here.

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