Dr. Thomas Cowan on Natural Detoxification & the New Biology of Water

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Thomas Cowan, MD

[SL: Enjoy this update from Thomas Cowan, one of the world’s most cutting-edge holistic medical doctors. Dr. Cowan’s fascinating research, culminating in Dr. Cowan’s Garden, “nutritionally powerful and playful vegetable powders,” serves as a tremendous inspiration to aspire to more natural and effective ways to heal and fortify ourselves.]

As I describe in my new book on cancer, CANCER AND THE NEW BIOLOGY OF WATER, virtually ALL natural cancer remedies work directly on the watery environment in our bodies and in our cells. One of the most prominent and well-researched natural substances for cancer is the turmeric rhizome.

Hundreds of studies show how turmeric and its main flavonoid, curcumin, protect us against cancer. Most of them miss the simple fact that one of the main things that distorts our intracellular gels and therefore produces a distorted intracellular and intranuclear environment is the introduction of toxins into our tissues and cells.

Turmeric has the well-documented ability to detoxify our cells because of its ability to stimulate the flow of bile out of the body. Bile is the carrier of these toxins to be excreted, so more bile flow means fewer toxins in the body. This is why turmeric is such a foundational medicine for all of the disease conditions that result from cellular toxicity—basically, almost all diseases.

As I have repeatedly stated, the best way to use turmeric is to eat it as a food. This means using the best quality turmeric, such as our Turmeric Powder, which is grown on small, beyond-organic farms on the island of Maui and stored in Miron jars to protect its energetic qualities.

Dissolve in ghee or coconut oil as the base for cooking meats and vegetables. A small pinch of black pepper added at the end also improves absorption. Turmeric is most effective when used daily and in significant amounts, at least 1 teaspoon a day.

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