Alignment in the New Consciousness

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[SL: I originally published this inspirational piece several years ago in my popular free ezine, DNA MONTHLY. It remains very relevant right now, IMHO. Enjoy!]

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Shirley Knapp

At times it seems as though our lives are a bit challenging, perhaps frustrating and, in our darkest times, fearful. You may ask yourself, How do I live a more balanced life? When we have set our goals for truth, and are living the life of unconditional love, we must remember that such a state will always take us to the next steps of our spiritual journey.

This must be done without fear of change or resistance to growth. Others who watch you gradually shift and change need to understand that you embrace unconditional love as your choice in life. Whatever lessons this brings to you, you need for your growth.

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It is important for you to understand that you have what you truly need to take the next steps into alignment. You are being guided by your intuition to go exactly where you need to go.

There is no need to fear the unknown. When you release fear and develop trust, you will take your next step in spiritual growth. Your inner soul-searching is powerful and takes you where you need to be. It doesn’t support you to skip over your lessons, or go around them. It’s the next rung on the ladder of your spiritual path.

Support each other through these times; hold each other’s hands and embrace each other’s hearts emotionally because this isn’t an easy exercise for any of us. The joy comes in knowing that you are clearly provided for, taken care of, and never alone. This is how you will make the next shift in your consciousness and in making some shifts you’ll feel more joyful and lighter.

This particular shift into alignment has the quality of a deeper, inward, soul-search—deeper than you’ve ever gone before. But that’s the beauty in the depth of which you are searching. It takes you into a new place in life. You are not ever without support and you must hold tightly to your truth. In essence, you must understand that very few people on this earth live in this particular way and walk in two worlds. What you are doing here is walking with a foot in two different worlds, gathering strength from both dimensions. It’s a very supportive place, and you will feel self-empowerment in walking in both worlds.

As you learn to do this, you’ll teach others because, as consciousness shifts, others will ask, “How do you live in this fearful world without falling apart?” Your world is shifting very quickly, and what is not aligned with you, cannot remain.

The alignment of consciousness is the most important thing for us to focus on at this time. It’s not what you do; it’s how you feel when you do it. It’s not whom you connect with; it’s how you feel when you connect with them. The alignment in the very core of your soul needs to be shifted and tuned until you can feel the balance. This next piece is to feel aligned on all levels, whether it is how you work, how you relate to others, or how you live. This is how you help yourself and others shift into this new time.

You will notice the earth also shifting and changing. What is not aligned is being released. Let go. Those who walk the earth that are not aligned with the consciousness at this time are also being released with these changes. But the beauty is when you release, let go and open, newness will be brought to you in a greater level of comfort. There are no gaps between the two worlds. They overlap. Choose joy and alignment in your life. Joy is your choice!

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Shirley Knapp is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher and author of SUSTAINING JOY. She leads individuals and groups in personal growth and has been in a holistic private practice since 1986. Shirley’s goal is to empower people to move beyond personal barriers and limitation to lead a more joyful life. For more information visit

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